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Because I know Tumblr likes to be politically aware but doesn’t always know where to look to find injustice outside the US:

In Northern Ireland, there are 2 main parties. The DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) represent the loyalists, those who identify as British only. Then there’s Sinn Féin (translation: We Ourselves) representing the republicans, those who identify as Ireland. 

The DUP and their supporters believe Northern Ireland should remain forever a part of the United Kingdom. Sinn Féin and republicans hope one day to see the 6 counties returned to Ireland to unite the island.

Why should you care?

Care because of what these parties stand for beyond their front-office policy. If you are not from these parts, you probably don’t spare much thought for whether we feel Irish or British. I’d wager you do care about the rights of the LGBT community; about whether politicians accept evolution as a theory as opposed to not believing dinosaurs ever existed at all; about the handling of taxpayer money by the First Minister and her party.

Most of all, I’d hope you’d care about hypocrisy.

Simon Hamilton, MLA for the DUP, has said his party “will not accept cultural supremacy for one section of our community” while discussing Sinn Féin’s request to see the Irish language given the same support in NI as Welsh is in Wales.

Let that sink in. 

Simon Hamilton - who supports British ownership of the 6 counties in which English is spoken by 99.9% of the population - thinks allowing for a state-sponsored Irish language TV channel and some Irish painted onto road signs will somehow threaten the existence of the English language there.

The DUP are taking to the British media to paint Sinn Féin as enemies of the political process over this act, as well as Sinn Féin’s request for the First Minister to stand down for the duration of an enquiry into her conduct during a major financial scandal. It’s the Irish Language Act that’s getting the most abuse though, and has throughout my teenage life.

Seriously lads, all the Irish Act wants is protection for those in NI who still want to learn and practice the language of their ancestors and their relatives in the Republic. It doesn’t want to dominate English. It doesn’t even want to force loyalist children to learn any non-English language at all if their parents lean that way. It wants a position on official documentation that’s granted the same respect as Britain grants its other kingdom’s tongues.

I come from a Gaeltacht, so maybe I’m biased, but is it really too much to ask of a government not to deliberately mislead the public so as to maintain strong divisions?


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‘Philomena’, Stephen Frears (2013)

She told four people today that they’re one in a million. What are the chances of that?


Photos of Ireland’s game vs Georgia earlier today. Ireland won 49-7. Felix Jones had a great match scoring 2 tries. Simon Zebo, Stuart Olding, Dave Kilcoyne, and Richardt Strauss scored tries. Ian Madigan was in good form today kicking 5 conversions and 3 penalties. Dave Foley got man of the match in his debut for Ireland.