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Name: R
Age: 20
Country: Philippines

Hi. Sorry, I don’t know how to introduce myself. I’m 20 y/o. I saw this blog months ago and I thought why don’t I give it a try. I graduated college just this year. I was an engineering major and I’m currently preparing to get my license.

I love movies and TV series, like a lot. :) I’m in to any form of communication. Any gender. If you’re shy and not so friendly like me, we’re so matched.

I’d like to learn about the cultures of different countries especially in Europe like Ireland, but I’m not necessarily looking from this places. Any place would do. Just message me. Thank you.

Talk soon. :)

Preferences: 19+

Rear subframe assembled and ready to go in. Quick note: the IE subframe bushings are upside down in this photo, so if anyone is using it for reference now or in the future, be aware of that.

You can barely see the Ground Control lower control arms here. I’ll go into more detail on the rear suspension at some point soon, but for now it’s crunch time - I need to have the car assembled, smogged and ready for the track by Thanksgiving.