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Why is it, whenever an Irish person becomes famous, the British media want to claim them? Fuck off, you have your own people. Ruth Negga is Ethiopian-born, Limerick raised to Irish and Ethiopian parents, and calls herself Irish/Irish-Ethiopian. Literally, none of this involves Britain, she moved there for work, but does not hold citizenship, nor is she married to a Brit, is is not British! 

They always do this, Katie Taylor, Michael Fassbender, Saoirse Ronan, Chris O’Dowd, Dara O’Briain, Conor Mc-Fucking-Gregor(is the Irish flag not a big enough hint for you!?!?!?!), Walking on Cars, Cillian Murphy, Hozier, Richard Harris, to name a few. I mean, I know we’re fabulous, and everyone would want to be fabulous, but you’ve been stealing our shit for 900 years, it is literally time to fuck off.  Then again, you love stealing African sports people and calling them British *cough* Chris Froom *Cough* Mo Farrah, so it’s not like it’s news. 

You’re like that clingy ex that still rings at 3am saying you love us, we know, we love us too, but we dumped your abusive ass in 1922, so fuck off. It is getting to the stage now we are going to steal your good actors and sports people as Irish.

And before anyone tries to say it, no we are not part of the United Kindom, no the term British Isles no longer includes Ireland and we are absolutely fucking not the same. We are neighbouring countries who were once oppressed and killed for our lands by the Brits, we are not them!!!! 


DeLorean DMC-12, 1981. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the DMC-12 was the only product of the DeLorean Motor Company though it was intended to be the first of a range of DeLorean cars. Thanks to a £100 million subsidy from the UK government via the the Northern Ireland Development Agency the cars were built in  Dunmurry, Northern Ireland. Despite building around 9,000 cars (making it the most popular gullwing production car in the world, to date) production was halted in early 1983 after the DeLorean Motor Company went bankrupt

Coming Out To My Grandad

Okay, so. Last night I went to see a certain Marvel film with this girl I really, really like. We had coffee beforehand and ate afterwards, spending ages just talking to each other about our lives and families etc. My grandad just recently got a new car so insisted on dropping me home. He arrived, met the girl and told me that she was very polite and pretty. In the car, I managed to tell him that I had a crush on her. He said, “Really? Are you going to grow up to be a lesbian?” (laughing in a nice way). After five minutes or so, I blurted out “I’m gay.” to him. My heart was beating so much, I wanted to vomit. He then said, “I could kind of tell judging from the way you were looking and smiling at her.” And started to tell me that his niece - a cousin I haven’t met - was a lesbian who got married last year after Ireland’s marriage referendum. He then asked me how I realised I was gay which then brought me to having a twenty minute conversation with him about my ex boyfriend, my first girlfriend and about the girl I was crushing on. Basically, my elderly grandfather took my coming out better than I did. If this little anecdote helps even one person come out to their grandparents, I’ll die happy. 💕