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White spines… make me lose my mind.

A bunch of contemporaries on my TBR I’m desperate to make some time to read. Which pick do you suggest I start with first?

According to the Boy Scout Law, “a Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.”

But does a Boy Scout have to be a boy?

Sydney Ireland has been involved with scouting since she was four years old, when she began tagging along with her older brother to Cub Scout meetings. Since then, she has been an unofficial, but enthusiastic, member of Troop 414 in Manhattan.

Now she is 16, and she’s pushing Boy Scouts of America to allow girls like her to become official members.

Meet The Teenage Girl Who Wants to Be A Boy Scout

Photo: Yasmeen Khan/WNYC

So the raven cycle is getting a tv show and all I am seeing is ‘prepare for the cast to be white lmao’ and like, yeah that sucks that Maggie wrote them white, but hats how they were written?? (Now if they want to make every poc then please let them for the love of god) but ppl are only specifying Ronan??? And like I know Maggie made his post about how it feels like stereotyping when you make only Ronan (the fighty Boi) poc??? At least make blue and Adam poc (cause they are from Virginia, it would make sense!) ALSO CAN WE MAKE SURE THAT THE ACTORS PLAYING THEM ARENT 20+ LIKE THESE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TEENAGERS LET TEENAGER PLAY THEM PLEASE

Game of thrones is not that bad. These two are my favs


Yes for gay marriage ad in Ireland. Everyone should watch this.

King James II before the gates of Londonderry, 1689. James’s Jacobite army besieged the Protestant-held town in April, when the king rode up to Bishop’s Gate and demanded its surrender. He received a volley of musket fire, accompanied by shouts of “no surrender,” an act which outraged the king. The ensuing siege lasted 105 days and cost the lives of 8,000 of the town’s defenders and inhabitants, but was ultimately broken by the arrival of three supply ships sent by King William III, Prince of Orange.

When James and all his rebel band,

Came up to Bishop’s Gate,

With heart and hand, and sword and shield,

We forced him to retreat. 

The cry was ‘no surrender,’

But come when duty calls,

With heart and hand, and sword and shield,

We’ll guard old Derry’s walls.”