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It was a blizzard outside the other day, but I though it would be the perfect setting for my wool Viking dress and hood made by the the most talented Midgaarb (etsy) and @lykosleather 🌿🙌❄️ I was surprisingly warm as well! Wonderful quality and craftsmanship. 😌💕

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Woman who bought abortion pills for daughter can challenge prosecution
Judge allows judicial review in case that is set to focus attention on Northern Ireland’s abortion legislation
By Amelia Gentleman

“The girl found out she was pregnant in the summer of 2013, after a relationship with a boy a year older than her and who she said was physically abusive. In written evidence submitted to the court, her lawyers said he threatened to kick the baby out of her, and to stab it if it was born.”

I notice no charges for the boy. 


Regardless of bus strikes and the rain pouring down, an estimated 20,000 made it into Dublin for the march for choice. It is absolutely absurd that if a woman is going to die from pregnancy in this country she can not have an abortion to save her life. The government can not ignore us anymore post about this as much as you can, share this and anything related as much as you can. Together we will repeal the 8th.

We need to talk about what’s happening on the @ireland twitter account

Each week a different person who lives in Ireland takes over the account. This week it’s Michelle Marie, a blogger and black plus-size model.

Within hours of taking over the account, Marie was beset by trolls mocking her weight and race.

First she brilliantly addressed the fat shaming:

Then she responded (as graciously as she could) to the racism:

Thankfully, many have spoken out in support of Michelle.

But the hate just kept coming and clearly it had taken its toll. Michelle wrote a heartbreaking yet powerful statement to all the haters.

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Recently I found out why I was always fascinated by Süskind’s Grenouille: the fanatic search to find a way to conserve a vanishing thing the way (specifically) you see it.

It’s probably the search of my life. Always striving to let the unique mood, feeling and light of a moment from my world live on in the frame of my photographs.

Shot for Sky Arts Master of Photography in Ireland.

The Best And Worst Places In Europe To Be Trans

Transgender people might be more visible than ever, but across much of Europe having their gender identity recognized by law remains either impossible, or beset by obstacles.

The map above, produced by the human rights organisation Transgender Europe, shows which countries offer a basic right to trans people: to have their gender identity legally recognized.

The countries in blue – which include the UK – are those where the state will recognize the sex you have transitioned to. The countries in brown offer no such recognition at all. And those in red demand that in order to get such official recognition, you have to be sterilized first – and then provide evidence of the procedure. Without that, you may have (for example) been living as a woman for years, but as far as the state is concerned, you are a man.

In total, of Europe’s 51 independent states, 37 legally recognize the gender identity of trans people, but 23 of those demand proof of sterilization first. A further 12 will only recognize the sex assigned at birth, forever disregarding the gender of a trans person.

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Trans Ireland : Community, advice, and support for Irish trans people

Trans Ireland is a blog for Irish trans people to find community, advice, and support from other Irish trans people. 

We’re new so any support would be greatly appreciated! Please reblog this post, even if you aren’t Irish or trans, some of your followers might be!
Another woman is going to be prosecuted in the UK on abortion charges
A second woman is to stand trial in Northern Ireland charged with breaking the abortion ban. The woman, who has not been named, appeared at Belfast Magistrates Court yesterday charged with helping her daughter to access abortion pills. The woman faces up to life in prison under the country’s abortion ban which makes it a criminal offence to have an abortion or help someone else to do so except in extremely limited circumstances.

Yes, another woman. What’s her crime? Helping her daughter to have an abortion. 
“The woman faces up to life in prison under the country’s abortion ban which makes it a criminal offence to have an abortion or help someone else to do so except in extremely limited circumstances.”

I’m not entirely convinced that we’re living in a first-world country.

So, after being inspired by a tweet tonight, I spent the past 3 or so hours created a Powerpuff Girls parody, featuring a team that’s leading the charge in the WWE Divas division.

Becky Lynch, the feisty lass kicker from Ireland! Charlotte, the woman born genetically superior, and the scream queen herself, Paige!

Tweeted about it here, so hopefully the ladies do see it!