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Today we resist. We stand in solidarity with the women who have lost their lives on hospital beds because doctors have refused to remove a septic foetus because it still has a heartbeat. We stand with the thousands of women who have to travel to the UK every year to have an abortion because they face a 14 year prison sentence if they have one at home. We stand together, tall, against those who do not allow us the rights to our own bodies.

With all the new information released about Tuam, we must resist now more than ever against the Catholic Church. They have the audacity to control our bodies, to forbid us our right of abortion when they have murdered over 796 infants and dumped their bodies in a septic tank.

We stand for our foremothers who were forced into the Laundries and Mother and Baby homes, who never had even the choice of travel, whose babies were ripped from their arms and never seen again.

Today we stand for women all over the country who deserve better.


To have a movie like this, which is a really lovely film, entirely about this incredible woman and directed by Susan [Johnson], who is just an amazing director — it’s a fantastic thing. But the fact that it’s even a conversation blows my mind. That it’s not just a given that it’s just a movie about a character directed by a director, which is the way it should be. The fact that we have to qualify that is where the problem is. Women are brilliant, if not more brilliant, than men. It’s about the quality of work that’s produced as opposed to the sex of the person who produces it.

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I stan the right man

Regardless of bus strikes and the rain pouring down, an estimated 20,000 made it into Dublin for the march for choice. It is absolutely absurd that if a woman is going to die from pregnancy in this country she can not have an abortion to save her life. The government can not ignore us anymore post about this as much as you can, share this and anything related as much as you can. Together we will repeal the 8th.

We need to talk about what’s happening on the @ireland twitter account

Each week a different person who lives in Ireland takes over the account. This week it’s Michelle Marie, a blogger and black plus-size model.

Within hours of taking over the account, Marie was beset by trolls mocking her weight and race.

First she brilliantly addressed the fat shaming:

Then she responded (as graciously as she could) to the racism:

Thankfully, many have spoken out in support of Michelle.

But the hate just kept coming and clearly it had taken its toll. Michelle wrote a heartbreaking yet powerful statement to all the haters.

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Hey, do you have any favorite historical fiction? I work at a bookstore and want to order some in

yes i do!

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden (takeas place in medieval russia and has a fantasy element to it)

The Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee (about a 19th century courtesan)

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi (about two sisters in 18th century Ghana, one who stays and the other who is sold into slavery and gets sent to america and about their two branches of family up until the modern day)

Illuminations by Mary Sharat (about Hildegard van Bingen’s lif)

The Steep and Thorny Way by Cat Winters (a young adult novel about a re telling of hamlet in 1920′s oregon with the a mixed race girl as the lead)

The Wolf Trial by Neil MacKay (okay full disclosure this is a horror novel that takes place in 16th century germany about a man who arrested as a werewolf and it is g o r y and really horrible things happen but it’s really good)

The Wonder by Emma Donoghue (takes places in 19th century Ireland about a woman sent to a small village to investigate if the claims made that a local girl can survive without eating)

The Daylight Gate by Jeanette Winterson (it’s about the 1612 pendle hill witch trial in lancanshire)

The Anchoress by Robyn Cadwallader (about a 13th century english nun who becomes an anchorite)

Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin (a series by the late Ariana Franklin about a sicilian woman who is a doctor a moves to 12th century cambridge at the bequest of king henry ii absolute great series and top notch depiction of henry ii)

i have loads more but i’m tired to type it out so just check out my goodreads shelf i u want more (there 200+ books there lol)

Varadkar’s election is important and I do think it’s a big step forward for the queer communities and the immigrant communities in Ireland but I don’t think we should ignore the fact he’s an anti-choice classist who, just before the early 2016 elections, cut €12 million from the mental health budget and called it “necessary”. 

Recently I found out why I was always fascinated by Süskind’s Grenouille: the fanatic search to find a way to conserve a vanishing thing the way (specifically) you see it.

It’s probably the search of my life. Always striving to let the unique mood, feeling and light of a moment from my world live on in the frame of my photographs.

Shot for Sky Arts Master of Photography in Ireland.