ireland 1960s

why don’t more people talk about A Man of No Importance? you have a young oblivious bus driving Rufus Sewell who gets called Boise by his Oscar Wilde obsessed Albert Finney bus conductor partner, there’s a small community production of Salome in a Catholic Church, Michael Gambon is an asshole butcher and there’s overall themes of sexuality and queer identity in 1960s Ireland,,,,it’s equally heartbreaking and heartwarming and the ending is somewhat unexpected and satisfying (the blonde wig? The declaration of unconditional friendship?) what more could you want really,,,and there’s a musical based on it


Photo Set #2 - 1965

1. Girl on a Scooter, New York, 1965, Joel Meyerowitz 

2. Young Man & His Pregnant Wife, New York, 1965, Diane Arbus

3. Chimney Sweep & Children, from Irish Travellers: Tinkers No More, Ireland, 1965/66, Alen MacWeeney

4. Night Club, Frankfurt, West Germany, 1965, Leonard Freed

5. Self Portrait, Marina City, Chicago, c1965, Vivian Maier 

6. Ruins of the Frauenkirche, Dresden, c1965, Richard Peter

7. Catherine Deneuve, 1965, Milton H. Greene

8. Kamaitachi #23, 1965, Eikoh Hosoe

9. One-room Schoolhouse near Selma, Alabama, 1965, Bruce Davidson

10. Wedding, Budapest, 1965, László Fejes