My Mask (Submitted by: irebzbreathemusic)

I wear a mask every day.
I wear a mask to hide my pain.
A mask everyday,
Keeps your worries away.
Such a beautiful mask,
To hide a hideous truth.
I am hurt, scared, and confused.
But you see a smiling face.
A perfect mask.
No chinks or flaws.

Only to be removed in solitude.
But it has fallen off before.
Each time I learn a little more,
About how to keep it on.
So many masks.
Which one to choose?
All pressing down on me.
This mask I can’t take off.
A permenant lie.
I see it in the mirror.
Who am I anymore?

irebzbreathemusic  asked:

Xtian!!!!! =) When am i see'n u again?/? (Tho next time ill try not to go to sleep early. I missed the part where the fish didnt freaking DIE)

Lmao! =) hopefully soon! I was ready for Wednesday but I know the weather kinda made it difficult, maybe this coming week…so we can tell you all about Emily’s horrific tale of surviving back to back near death experiences lol…

Everything ever written

By the “special” pen held In my hand

Are small pieces of me.

Some are written with happiness

Some are written with much anger

Or every other emotion In between

Most are words I don’t say out loud

But In writing, they can be seen.

anarchyofthemind replied to your audio post: My cover or (3mix as I call them) of Fort Minor’s…

I like it a lot!

thoughtenterprise replied to your audio post: My cover or (3mix as I call them) of Fort Minor’s…

Great work, man. I really like this.

bradafer replied to your audio post: My cover or (3mix as I call them) of Fort Minor’s…

I love the original song… and this was beautifiul. Amazing. I’m speechless. Very nice job!

treyvisions replied to your audio post: My cover or (3mix as I call them) of Fort Minor’s…

Loving this, something I think we can all relate to in one way or another. Good work.

irebzbreathemusic replied to your audio post: My cover or (3mix as I call them) of Fort Minor’s…

OH WOW CHRISTIAN!! WOW!! =’ ] That was some GOOD STUFF!! ODEEEE!!!!

All of you have damn near made me cry. I tend to make music from the bottom of my heart, using everything I experience in life as the fuel behind my words…So when it is acknowledged and enjoyed this much and appreciated for all that it is…It just means so much to my heart. Thank you all again, from my soul.

DAD {Reverie #1}

I had a dream once

Where I saw you

Laying On the floor

I was right beside you.

The feeling was nexplainable.


I stared at you for quite a while

Tears dropping

I felt empty

Little did I know

That dream was soon to come true

In exactly a year


May 11, 2001

Without a warning

you vanished from my life.



How could I live if you’re not here?

How can you leave me with all this fear?

Why did you just leave without a goodbye?

You left me just looking to the sky.

I know it was your time to go but,

I don’t understand, why so soon?

I need you here to hold me tight

I feel alone and cold in the breezy night

I cry each day in defeat

Awaiting the day that next we’ll meet.


Oh Dad,

Why the hell did you leave?

You left me here to grieve.

I am trapped now Alone,

In this crazy place

Though I still can’t wait to see your Face…


Although I must say..

I was blessed to have such a wonderful dad.

You were my hero

You were the reason I looked forward to my future.

You built a strong foundation

No one can ever take that away.

What you taught me

Will be taught to mine

Yes. And it’s all because

You live in me

Even after you’ve gone…


My Punishment

Stood strong
Stood proud
Through my smile
Crying out loud
Sit in my chair
Try to pretend
It’s the beginning
Not the end
No longer tall
No longer strong
Stomach aches
Things I did wrong
Paying for my sins
Know it must be
Sorry to my family
There is no glee
Race against time
Already lost
No playing with kids
Cold as frost

In the end
Sins paid in full
No longer livin’
And still unforgiven.