Confession time, I have a slight obsession with buying make-up! I cannot go to Target or Walmart without buying at least on new make-up item.  Its become a problem, but on the bright side i have gotten to try a lot of new make-up that i can now tell you guys about. Last week i decide i needed a new mascara because I have been using Scandleyes by Rimmel for the past couple months (which is very good and i definitely recommend) but i wanted to mix it up.  So i heard everyone taking about Covergirl’s Clump Crusher Mascara and decided its time to try this stuff out.  Best decision ever! It is magical mascara! there are literally no clumps at all! and it is easy to layer.  I got brown/black because i am blonde and i know during the summer i am going to be wearing lighter make-up.  I also recently purchase Maybeline’s new Baby Lips tinted lip balms.  i have the orange and the like bubble gum pink and so far i love them!  They keep your lips moist but they still add a pop of color and im just in love. #ireallyrecommendit -Katie