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do you mind me asking what your icon is? its a very pretty dress :)

Not at all! It’s Romola Garai from Daniel Deronda.

I randomly chose it as my first icon aaaaages ago. I’m not particularly attached to the show or the character, but now I’ve had it so long I can’t imagine switching to anything else. 

Ok but can you imagine Phil staying up late the night before dans birthday trying to make him a cake. And the absolute mess he would make and the non-stop clatter of bowls falling and spoons and dan just gets up at 1am thinking “wtf” and he goes into the kitchen and phils just covered in flour and cake batter and cAN YOU JUST IMAGINE THE SMILE ON THAT MEME LOVING FUCKS FACE


Today, 19th May, 1536, Anne Boleyn was executed.
Good Christian people, I have come here to die, according to the law and thus yield myself to the will of the King, my Lord. And if ever in my life I did offend the King’s grace, then surely with my death I do now atone. I pray and beseech you all to pray for the life of the King, my sovereign Lord and yours who is one of the best princes of the Earth, who has always treated me so well. Where for I submit to death a goodwill, humbly asking for pardon from all the world. If anyone should take up my case, I ask them only to judge it kindly. Thus I take my leave of the world and of you, I heartily desire all of you to pray for me.

The news has come out today that Josh Harding is expected to retire this summer due to his ongoing battle with multiple sclerosis. Even though I knew it was coming, it’s sucked so much more than I thought it would. I've been a long-time Harding fan, and Josh has been with the Minnesota Wild for eight seasons and never really got a chance to be a starter, though he showed so much potential. It would be easy to mourn his career, a young man forced away from hockey in his prime, to grasp at ‘what-could-have-been’s. But maybe we should take a happier approach.

Back in late 2012, when Josh was first diagnosed, he said, “Even if it changes one person’s life to show that I’m not letting (MS) come between me and my goals, that would be awesome.” And I think Josh has changed the lives of so many. Just fearlessly battling the odds, no excuses, showing everyone that life is what you make it, and you can overcome anything.

I hope the best for Josh and his young family. And I hope he’ll always be remembered for what he is, a warrior and an inspiration.

I’ve seen so many posts with characters unwittingly admitting their feelings by talking aboutwht they smell when they sniff amortentia.  But what if it was the other way around?

Like I imagine Remus walking into Potions one day and seeing Amortentia written on the chalkboard.  He just thinks oops already know who I’m gonna smell.

And then when Slughorn calls on him and asks what he notices his first instinct is to lie.  But he sees Sirius’ face, and poor Padfoot looks a little nervous, and kind of sad?  So Remus just thinks fuck it and says “I smell leather, and sugar, and dried grass,and wet dog.”

Sirius is already looking dejected, but then he’s like wait… WET DOG DAMMIT MOONY WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!!! THE SNOGGING WE’VE MISSED OUT ON!!!!

And he just lights up, and Remus knows he made the right call.

And then they snog and date and get married and never die.