Bewear my Sun and Moon-related rant

I don’t understand why there’s hate for Bewear and their pre-evolution like both of them are cute and cuddly; one hates hugs and one loves giving hugs even though it can crush your bones like sugarcane

What do people have against them

Like is it the name pun

It’s the name pun isn’t it

I was talking with Scribe last night about Mabel’s future art career. Thinking mostly of the “do you need an agent? I am now your agent” moment from Mabel’s Guide to Art.

And I was thinking, when Mabel’s freelancing she’s gonna have some bad clients. First of all everyone has bad clients. Second of all if Pacifica is her hookup for a lot of them she’s undoubtedly going to be working for some rich assholes who are friends of the Northwests.

And I just imagine some afternoon when Mabel has driven up to the Shack to do a big portrait job for a client who lives near Gravity Falls, while the Stans are there just visiting for fun.

Mabel’s flopped over the couch complaining about this guy, how he calls her outside of the schedule they agreed on expecting her to drop everything for a sitting, and he’s always getting up and looking at what she’s working on and complaining about it while she’s still sketching. He talks down to her and generally treats her like a jerk and she’s just so burned out on working with this guy!

And Stan’s sitting there listening like “uh huh, uh huh.” Like he’s only half-listening. When Mabel’s done venting he gets up and roughly pets her hair, and says “okay, guess what. I’m your agent again. You sit here and watch some TV, I’m gonna go renegotiate your contract.”

He reaches behind the couch and pulls out a baseball bat, then heads towards the door. And Mabel’s like “noooooo, Grunkle Stan, I don’t want you to get in trouble!”

“Relax, princess.” Stan smiles “I can make it look like a self-inflicted baseball bat beating.” And Mabel’s like nooooooo, staaaaahp.

Ford comes in from the other room asking “what’s all the commotion?”

“Grunkle Ford, talk some sense into him, please!” Mabel says.

“What is it this time, Stanley?”

“Some rich asshole is giving Mabel a hard time.” Stan replies.

“Ah, that explains the bat.” Ford says calmly. “Do you need backup?”

“Couldn’t hurt.”

“You guuuuys! This isn’t even what an agent does!

Zutara Week- Memories

“Another nightmare, Katara?” Zuko wraps his arms around the traumatized Katara. 

“Not a nightmare; a memory. Of my mother’s death. Her birthday is soon. She would’ve been forty three,” Katara’s voice breaks as well as her resolve as she buries her head into Zuko’s arms.

As sobs run through her body, he holds onto her and never lets go.

After the storm, management had the lobby completely redone. In the newly furnished lobby was a beautiful piano that Simone would stare at whenever she walked through. She made a few puppy dog eyes at the receptionist on duty and they nodded their head to tell her it was okay to play it. Simone sat on the bench and let her fingers glide over the piano keys as a favorite song of hers came to mind. “But tell me, did you sail across the sun? Did you make it to the Milky Way to see the lights all faded? And that heaven is overrated?” She sang softly, before feeling someone standing directly behind her. She stopped singing and turned to face them, a small pout on her face at being interrupted. “Um, yes?”