Ira/Rikka - 10 ( this was a request from a friend on my plurk )

Ira found himself standing just feet away from pajama-clad Rikka when she stopped him, to his surprise, by calling out to him. She had rushed through her empty home and out the front door while shoving her arms through a sweater. The air was on the cool side and yet he hadn’t noticed. From behind her he noted that her blue fairy was flying after her.

She had spotted him from her window, despite his attempts to remain out of sight and that night had since fallen on the city.

There was no emotion to be found in his golden eyes despite her offering him a smile. It was a gentle one, but he knew she was anything but relaxed at this very moment. Her guard was up, as to be expected.

“Why are you here, Ira?”

He didn’t have an answer. How could he when he had no idea himself? The hand of the arm that was once bandaged clenched suddenly, aggravation washing over him. At himself and at her.

In the blink of an eye he was suddenly behind her, hands snatching her wrists and pinning them at her sides. She tensed up instantly and struggled to pull away. But the moment didn’t last long. He leaned forward so that his forehead was against the back of her head. Her hair was brushed to the side, over her shoulder, making it so that when he spoke his lips brushed the back of her neck. Raquel was making a scene but he paid the fairy no mind.

“Don’t you dare let Leva or Gula beat you, got it? The last thing I want is to be made a fool for being defeated again and again by someone who can’t handle those jerks.”

Rikka felt her cheeks warm over and her eyes widen. And when she felt him release her hands, she whirled about, flustered but ready to face him. But all she saw behind her was air.

( I tried to write fluff and it just did not happen. Whoops. I’ll continue to ship this anyway pffft. )