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About the Commission Charity Drive

Just a couple of announcements:

Announcement 1: 

With tension rising in the Middle East, a lot of persecution and violence has been affecting many families. While the commission drive is committed to sponsoring victimized children and their families, I ask that you keep in your thoughts and prayers the others who are also affected by this terrible tragedy.

If you have any spare change, please check out this website and donate what you can to help feed and protect them:

Announcement 2:

Thank you to everyone who has already donated. However, only one of the commissions has actually been submitted. While I will not be able to finish the pictures for a while (Assignments are piling on my desk), I ask that you think about it, and get back to me when you come up with your stellar idea :)

Thank you guys, hope to draw for you all soon!
Iraq: Look Back to Look Ahead on Pinterest

In order to keep the memory of Iraqi cultural sites alive, this collection will showcase photographs from before the ISIS invasion, in addition to articles related to Iraqi antiquities. Please also look at our Flickr page,, and upload your own photos!

Not all is what it seems: 5 Inconvenient ´truths´ of the Iraqi crisis

Not all is what it seems: 5 Inconvenient ´truths´ of the Iraqi crisis

The capture of Tikrit from the Islamic State (IS) by Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in early April – with the help of US airstrikes and Iranian advisors – appeared to simultaneously preserve and undermine the Iraqi state. In addition to representing a significant territorial victory in the fight against the IS, media reportsindicated that the group’s expulsion was followed by a wave of looting,…

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Bodies of 25 Yazidis found in Iraq mass grave

Bodies of 25 Yazidis found in Iraq mass grave

Yazidis fleeing the Sinjar area in northern Iraq following an ISIS offensive.


Iraqi Kurdish forces have uncovered a mass grave containing the remains of about 25 members of the Yazidi minority believed to have been killed by the militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), local officials have said.

“Peshmerga forces discovered a mass grave yesterday (Sunday) containing…

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World leaders vow to help fight IS

From a Paris-based conference, thirty countries pledged to help fight the Islamic State (IS), “The summit closed a few hours later with a joint statement saying the participants were committed to supporting the new Iraqi government in its fight… by any means necessary, including appropriate military assistance. Earlier, France said it had begun surveillance flights over Iraq. Britain revealed in August that its aircraft had been gathering intelligence over Iraq.”