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As The Hunger Games trilogy approaches part one of Mockingjay, and the civil war build up of the series; remember the images you’re seeing on screen are very real.

The things you will be seeing in this movie are happening to people every day in many countries. It isn’t just a Sci-Fi movie, what we’ll be seeing in the next installation is what reality is for many…

Please don’t forget the sufferings of real people as we get caught up in the fiction…

Don’t forget about Syria, Libya, Gaza, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, and Ferguson. Don’t forget about Hong Kong.

Don’t forget that what you’re seeing in these movies is reflecting what’s happening in the world now.

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These things are real and they’re actually happening to people.

I know this is Tumblr blasphemy and the opposite of what most people are saying, but if any of my followers supported or voted for Trump, you don’t need to unfollow me. I’m sure you know where I stand. But whatever you believe, if anything on my blog gives you a different perspective or just makes you think about something you wouldn’t otherwise think about (no matter how seemingly trivial or apolitical), then I’m happy for you to be here. Please be respectful, but read away.


No, you misunderstand.

It is not awkward,

because there ARE NO situations in which a German-speaking person would ever be expected to be “gentle” or “kind” or anything ridiculous like that

For us, communication is limited to loudly rolling our Rs and making demonic “cchchch” noises at each other, regardless of age or emotional state

The first thing a German/Austrian child hears is a chorus of loud, intimidating shrieks of “RAUS!!! RAUS RRRRAAAUUSS” from the surrounding doctors and nurses

As it grows older, its vocal chords begin to adapt to making the guttural noises our language is made up of, and before long it will be able to scare off large predators simply by reading its favourite poems aloud!

Once the child has found a mate (traditionally, either by engaging everyone it meets in hand-to-hand combat until they find the one whose strength matches theirs exactly, or through a dignified and subdued yodeling contest), their first kiss is preceded by approximately two hours of romantically screaming and growling at each other across the dinner table

In other words, I think you may be confusing German with Klingon, there.
Common mistake to make. Don’t worry about it.

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