iraq love

In memory of children in war zones. I pray that one day they will wake up to the sound of singing birds, music and to the sound of other children playing outside instead of bombs, panic and fear. 🙏🏼💞 🕊

Eid mubarak to y'all! Enjoy this blessed day in good company and with lots of foood, and remember the oppressed-one in your duas wherever they are and pray for a better world. ❤️🙌🏼😇🎉


Hayv Kahraman “…is an artist from Iraq. Spanning drawing, painting, and sculpture, her practice engages with very difficult issues surrounding female identity in her homeland – how women are victimised within their own culture, made subservient to men and often suffer the most from the effects of the war. Kahraman tells these tales of horror with a demure grace through her stunningly beautiful paintings.“ - saatchi gallery

بغزل عراقي، تخجل و لمّن تبتسم دافنشي ما يرسمها

She blushes and when she smiles, da Vinci couldn’t even draw her.

‘Liberal values: it doesn’t mean you don’t have a core. It means you are open to inclusivity and tolerance. We have to be prepared to defend those things and when we’re called on those values by the likes of T***p, we need to stand up for them.’
—  Ralph Fiennes, 2016, in The Evening Standard 

سيعبر بك شخص واحد فقط، ولن يتكرر مهما حاولت، هو الوحيد الذي تشعر به وهو يناديك بأنه يعزف أجراس إسمك كاملة

You will encounter only one person in life who will never be repeated (replaced) no matter how hard you try, you will feel with them only as though he/she is singing every melody in your name just by calling you.