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Red Hot Chili Peppers are featured in the April 1991 issue of SPIN with Angelo Moore of Fishbone and Dick Rude of Too Free Stooges; among others. The feature is called Fashion for Peace. After Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait and USA’s subsequent attack on Iraq, the magazine staff “wanted to respond to the war and the simultaneous cry for peace meaningfully”; so they asked fashion designers and artists to create T-shirts, celebs to model those T-shirts and the readers to purchase them. All the profits went to USA Red Cross.

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How I view "The Axis of Evil" *Iran*: a young friendly adult with old-man complexes, used to be more western, now he has a shitty fashion police. *Iraq*: A child who is being manipulated by Iran and who most likely suffers from ptsd. *North Korea*: A naive infant that acts tough but is actually a little baby that can't stand the thought of something bad happening to their glorious boss... I want to hear more (non-canon) nation headcanons from other anons please.

ehhh, I need to do more research on Iran and Iraq before I share my own views on the personification! 

But please do share your ideas for non-canon characters! If you really want send your OC over here! I love looking at OC’s!

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