FBI Warns Art Dealers About Islamic State-Stolen Antiquities From Ancient Sites

Art dealers and collectors can consider themselves officially warned: Artifacts and antiquities from the Middle East may have been stolen from ancient sites in Syria and Iraq by the Islamic State group, the FBI said in an alert issued Wednesday. Reports of the Islamic State group’s involvement in looting such sites and selling plundered artifacts emerged as far back as a year ago.

“We now have credible reports that U.S. persons have been offered cultural property that appears to have been removed from Syria and Iraq recently,” Bonnie Magness-Gardiner, manager of the FBI’s Art Theft Program, said in a statement. The stolen pieces range from coins and pottery to stones, jewelry and bowls, and are laid out in detail in a Red List by the U.S. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

The alert came just days after the Islamic State group – also known as ISIS or ISIL – said it destroyed the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria, a Unesco World Heritage site dating back millennia. Read more.

Don’t Let Them Forget Iraq

They don’t talk about it. When it’s mentioned they look shifty and hurry to change the subject or retreat behind a stubborn barricade of denial. They keep their ex-president (whose name must never be spoken publicly) hidden away in fortress Texas, far from the campaign trail. But it won’t go away.

However much they pretend it’s not there, these desperate and depressing Republican hopefuls scrabbling for the brass ring of the 2016 presidency, the lingering stench of Iraq still hangs around them like a ripe dog turd that’s been trodden into the carpet. They try their best to ignore it but we mustn’t let them.

Don’t let them forget how deliberately and repeatedly a Republican President and members of his administration lied to the American people.

Don’t let them forget that there is no doubt now these were lies. Not misunderstandings, not faulty intelligence, not matters of opinion, but great big, dirty, self-serving lies that have been exposed many times for all to see.

Don’t let them forget that it is beyond question the war they still refuse to apologize for had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11, Al Quaeda, or ‘WMD’.

Don’t let them forget the thousands of American service men and women who gave their lives or were wounded in this War of Lies for absolutely nothing.

Don’t let them forget the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians slaughtered and the millions made refugees, the worst man-made disaster the middle-east had seen in living memory. All completely unnecessary.

Don’t let them forget that the economy and infrastructure of a whole nation was brutally smashed while corporate cronies of the Bush administration made obscene fortunes out of the wreckage.

Don’t let them forget the vile Bush-sanctioned regime of torture, the horrors of Abu Ghraib and the other CIA hell-holes where men, women, and children were sadistically abused.

Don’t let them forget the massacres and war crimes and the lethal legacy of toxic waste that is still killing and deforming children in places like Fallujah.

Don’t let them forget that the criminals and sponsors of torture in the Bush regime all got off scot-free, exposing a rotten American political system more concerned with self-interest and expediency than law or what is right.

Don’t let them forget that the world is still waiting to see justice done.

Don’t let them forget Iraq.

Internet Writer

(cartoon by Stuart Carlson)

Photo of the Day: The Way Back

Edited photographer note: The most beautiful zone in the south of Iraq. It’s called “Al-Chibayish Marshes.” In this zone, life is so simple and sometimes so hard.

Photo by Mohammed Sattar (Basra, Iraq); Nasiriyah, Iraq

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U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning could face indefinite solitary confinement for having an expired tube of toothpaste, an issue of Vanity Fair in which transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner describes living openly as a woman, the U.S. Senate report on torture and other “prohibited property” in her military prison cell.

“Manning is being threatened with torture,” First Amendment attorney Carey Shenkman told Democracy Now! “There is an international consensus that indefinite solitary confinement is torture.”

Tune in to the discussion at DemocracyNow.org.

“Let’s defund Planned Parenthood! It will protect life!” say the same fuckwits who want to nuke all of Iran, are fine with the NRA running amok and profiting from the deaths of little kids and never ever give a second thought to those one million dead Iraqi civilians dead in an unnecessary war. Dear God. How do you people live with yourselves? I assume Satanic rituals, Latin hymns and hypnosis are involved.
Canadian man dubbed 'Jewish Schindler' for saving Yazidi sex slaves from ISIS - Jewish World News
Steve Maman has paid for the release of 130 girls and women in war-torn Iraq, to the tune of $1000 - $3000 per slave.

Haaretz reports:

Montreal-based Maman says his Jewish tradition motivated him to take action and establish CYCI in January this year.

“The Talmud says one who saves a life saves a world. It doesn’t say one who saves a Jewish life, it doesn’t say one who saves a Christian life, it talks about a life,” he told Canada’s CBC Radio.

“What motivated me is very simple: being Jewish, being part of a people that actually survived the Holocaust…we for six years waited for people to actually answer the call and come and help us.“

Holocaust remembrance: you’re doing it right.

Iraqi Jews in front of Ezekial’s Tomb in Al Kifl, Iraq; 1932.

Iraq was one of the historic centers of Jewish thought in the world.  Through Nazi propaganda coupled with the rise of Pan-Arabism, minority groups such as the Jews in Iraq - but also the Kurds and the Assyrians - were increasingly ostracized.   This had led to a pogrom known as The Farhud in 1941 which caused the deaths of up to 780 Jewish Iraqis with a thousand injured and spelled the beginning of the end for the Iraqi Jewish community.  Through their flight out of the country years later, Iraqi Jews left behind billions of dollars in property and assets and are fighting the Iraqi government for reimbursement.

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There are series of major events happening in the world at the meantime. The protests Iraqis are doing to raise their voices and clarify their demands to have an epic change in many parts of the government. Though the government of Iraq has had actions in the past years to gain the Iraqi people’s suspicious: money corruptions, lack of services, fake promises for future developments, carelessness towards the war going on in Iraq and etc. Therefore, the people of Iraq has had enough of all of this, and are going out in almost daily-weekly protests in most of Iraq’s provinces.
Now, the thing that is unfortunate and shocking, is how almost no arabic TV channel is viewing or giving out news about those protests, then how would non-arabic TV channels view the protest? The protest is being spread through Facebook social website. I am writing this to let the world know that the people of Iraq have a voice, and that voice is strong. That they do never stand still watching corruption with happy smiles. They do not fear any character leading any army. That’s how we face our wars, against Isis, and against the government.


Let the world know, let yourself know Iraq by its overwhelming people!
Don’t believe everything TV channels show (or don’t show) about us.
Let the truth be cleared, we are alive and we want our lives!