Bin Laden Raid Documents: Iran Worked with Al Qaeda
Iran Worked with Al Qaeda, Suppressed Bin Laden Raid Documents illustrate collusion between the government of Iran and al-Qaeda, including Iran’s assistance with attacks on Americans.

“There are letters about Iran’s role, influence, and acknowledgment of enabling al Qaeda operatives to pass through Iran as long as al Qaeda did their dirty work against the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, tells the Weekly Standard. “What Congress should demand is to see all the UBL [Osama bin Laden] documents related to Iran and all the documents related to intentions of AQ into the future—they are very telling.”

As if we needed another reason to hate the Iran deal, but the Obama Administration makes it too easy.
Iraqi refugees dying under extreme heat – report

“Iraq’s government has ordered a four-day weekend and urged citizens to remain indoors and drink plenty of water as an extreme heat wave rolls through the region.

Temperatures on Thursday reached 52C (125.6F) and are expected to remain above 50C (120F) for at least the next week.

The government order comes as some three million internally displaced Iraqis fleeing the fighting between militias and the Islamic State (ISIL) are forced to find water and ways to cool off in makeshift camps throughout the country.

The consistent power and water outages since the US invasion in 2003 exacerbates the impact of the heat wave on the young and elderly.

Raad Al Dahlaki, head of the Iraqi parliament’s Committee on Immigration and Displacement, told Kurdish media that at least 52 children had died in refugee camps in the past week.

“After the deaths of these children due to high temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, the government is trying to provide 24-hours electricity and coolers for refugees to save them from heat waves of summer,” Al Dahlaki told Erbil-based Kurdish weekly Rudaw.

On July 20, the UN warned that “Iraq is now contending with one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world, with over 8 million people in need of humanitarian assistance”.

But severe lack of funding has forced the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to shut down critical assistance programs to these refugees.

“Provision of an effective [water, sanitation and hygiene] WASH response across the country remains severely constrained by lack of funding. 28 per cent of WASH programmes have already closed due to lack of funding,” an OHCA report said.

“An additional 12 per cent will close by the end of July.”

OCHA says it has received less than six per cent of the $95 million needed to fund its humanitarian assistance programs in Iraq.

It also warned that nearly all humanitarian health programs will be terminated by October 2015 if it does not meet its funding target.

Last week, demonstrators protesting the lack of electricity clashed with police in the southern Iraqi city of Basra. One protester was killed when a gun battle broke out between protesters and security forces.”


In northern Iraq, where soldiers are battling the self-declared Islamic State, or ISIS, one fiery singer is on a mission to stir up patriotic sentiment.

Crimson-haired Iraqi performer Helly Luv has a recording contract in the U.S., but she didn’t want to shoot her latest video in Hollywood.

Her track, called “Revolution,” is a tribute to the ethnically Kurdish soldiers known as peshmerga who are fighting against ISIS. So she took a video team to a front-line village, as bullets flew and battles raged.

“Yeah!” she tells me. “We shot the video right there, and it was so crazy.”

The video features a bejeweled Helly Luv — herself Kurdish — dancing in a traditional peshmerga outfit, and in a tank firing a shell.

“Rise up, ‘cause we’re so much stronger as one,” she sings in English. “Breaking the silence as loud as a gun. Brothers and sisters, we all come from one. Different religions, we share the same blood.”

In Iraq, A Kurdish Warrior-Diva Sings Against ISIS, Despite Threats

Al-Mustansiriya University - Baghdad, Iraq

The university was established in 1963 on the site of the Mustansiriya Madrasah which dated back to 1227 CE


Almasjid Alaqsa this morning after The Zionist forces have entered the mosque 
They hit women , they are not allowing to men under 50 age to enter the mosque only men who slept yesterday at the mosque are now trying their best to protect our mosque 
المسجد الأقصى صباح اليوم بعد أن إقتحمته القوات الصهيونية بذكرى خراب الهيكل المزعوم ، ضربوا النساء وحراس المسجد ، لم يسمحوا لمن عمره أقل من خمسين عاما من الرجال بالدخول للمسجد ، فقط من إعتكف من الشباب ليلة أمس يقوم الآن بحماية المسجد الأقصى المبارك 

I know Eid is a time of celebration, but I ask you to pray for the 200+ innocent Iraqis killed by Isis bombings on Eid and the dozens more that were wounded. As usual they targeted Shi'a majority areas. I don’t really care if you’re still in denial when it comes to Shi'a genocide and targeted killing, but I ask you to pray for their souls as human beings and for my entire country because everyone is suffering.