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Shahnameh For Kids - New books about Rostam and Gordafarid!
Children's book series inspired by Ferdowsi's Persian Epic Myth, The Shahnameh. Featuring THE MIGHTY ROSTAM & THE BRAVERY OF GORDAFARID

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These books are based on Shahnameh, a long epic poem made by the Persian poet, Ferdowsi. It features a lot of great characters and creatures from Iranian mythology with a mix of action, drama and intrigue. For more information about it, feel free to check out our Kickstarter page!

oh my god

i was looking up iranian mythology, and i found this:

Zahhāk (pronounced [zæhˈhɒːk]) or Zohhāk (in Persian: ضحاک‎) is an evil figure in Iranian mythology, evident in ancient Iranian folklore as Aži Dahāka, the name by which he also appears in the texts of the Avesta. In Middle Persian he is called Dahāg or Bēvar-Asp, the latter meaning “[he who has] 10,000 horses”.

Mount Damavand, the tallest peak in the Middle East visible from Tehran

Mount Damavand is an important mountain in the Iranian mythology. It is rarely visible from Tehran most of the times due to pollution.