The great Union buster. Creator of trickle down economics which strangled the middle class, the working class, and the poor. Voodoo economics, he knew nothing about the presidency except to smile for the camera.

Illegally sold weapons to Iran while they were fighting Iraq to the death. Used the profits to fund the Contras, a Central American revolutionary group he supported. Marine Lt Colonel Oliver North was left to take the fall and was punished for lying to Congress to protect Reagan.


The Art of Mehdi Ghadyanloo

Mehdi Ghadyanloo (b. 1981) is an Iranian artist known for his utopian and philosophical paintings that interrogate universal human precepts such as fear, hope and loss. Through the portrayal of minimal heterotopic environments, surreal architectural arrangements, and the repeated use of symbolic elements such as stairs, balloons and aeroplanes, Ghadyanloo invites us to consider new realities and the shared universality of our existence.

Ghadyanloo has always lived in Iran and grew up on a farm during the Iran-Iraq war. The uncertain experiences of war and sanctions had a lasting effect on his psyche. Through his works Ghadyanloo subconsciously encapsulates and expresses a sense of suspension for an entire generation living in Iran. Although at times somber, Ghadyanloo’s work conveys hope that change can be effected, and it speaks with joy of what remains glorious in gloomy times.

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Things in modern history we should’ve learned in school, but didn’t:

Things in modern history we should’ve learned, but didn’t:

  • The Troubles, a series of violent conflicts between the Irish and English over who would control Northern Ireland that lasted about 30 years.
  • The UK’s economic slump in 1980-1 that led to riots
  • Margaret Thatcher’s policies led to unemployment and a housing crisis that persists to this day
  • The Falklands War
  • The Iran-Iraq War
  • Canada’s separation from England in 1982
  • Kwangju Massacre in South Korea following an uprising over military leader Commander General Chun Doo-Hwan declaring martial law and seizing control of the country. An estimated 600 people died.
  • Indira Gandhi’s assassination following Operation Blue Star, which lead to damage to the most sacred Sikh shrine and deaths of innocents
  • The Chechen Wars
  • The Rwandan Genocide
  • The Oka Crisis between Canada and the Mohawk nation in 1990
  • Afghanistan falling under Taliban rule in 1996
  • The LA Riots over the acquittal of four police officers by an all-white jury in the Rodney King police brutality case
  • The Somali Civil War

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Persian Gulf. May 17, 1987. A view of the guided missile frigate USS Stark listing to port after being hit by two Iraqi Exocet missiles within 30 seconds. 37 sailors were killed. Though exact details remain unclear, the Iraqi government at the time stated that the attack was in error, that the Iraqi pilot had thought the Stark was an Iranian tanker, and officially apologised to the United States. The incident took place two miles outside an exclusion zone enforced during the Iran-Iraq war.

Photograph: U.S. Department of Defense

So, now that the Syrian government has finally recovered control over its border with Iraq, there’s a very real possibility that in the following months we will see:

Russian T-90s fighting alongside Iraqi M1 Abrams

Iraqi Mi-28 Havoks and soon-to-be-delivered AH-64 Apaches fighting alongside Russian Havoks and Ka-52 Alligators

Not to mention

Syrian, Russian and Iraqi Hinds working together!

And if Iran joins them, well

This will only get much, much more interesting. 


Monument in Tehran commemorating Jewish soldiers who died defending Iran during the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988)

During the Iran-Iraq war Saddam Hussein had the Iraqi government publish a book titled “Three Whom God Should Not Have Created: Persians, Jews, & Flies”. Being both Persian & Jewish, Iranian Jews were especially hated by Saddam.