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6-year-old Nooshin* from Iran became fascinated with Jesus after watching a Jesus film for children.

“I am often scared, but now I feel at ease with this Jesus. Is He real? Is He really with me all the time?”, she asked her parents, who only a few months ago became Christians themselves.

Nooshin bravely showed the Jesus movie to her Muslim grandparents as well. They are now starting to become interested in Christ. Pray with Nooshin that her grandparents will get to know her new Friend and give their lives to Him as well.

* name changed and representative image used for security reasons.

Board of Directors of “Society of Patriotic Women” (1922)

Society of Patriotic Women was an Iranian women rights activist group. Their goal was to gain more rights for women and to protect and improve the lives of young girls. 

They published a magazine, They founded school and hospitals for poor women, They held seminars and marched for women rights and they also produced and directed theatrical production in Tehran. 

One of their most famous theater productions was a play called “Adam and Eve”. The play was about freedom of women. On the first day of the show, in Atabak Park of Tehran, 5000 women saw it. The Society of Patriotic Women, made four hundred tomans in ticket sales which they used to pay for the eduction of poor women. The play was banned after much pressure from Mullahs. 

The ladies couldn’t use the Atabak park anymore, so one of the members of the Society of Patriotic Women, Nour-ol Hodi Manganeh, made her house the new location for the play, her house was ransacked by some goons hired by the conservative mullahs the night before the show. Tehran’s chief of Police, Mohmmad Dargahi received a letter from a mullah named, Abdulallah Vaez, warning him of helping the women. The letter warned that if he protected the women, next day he wouldn’t be the chief of police anymore. 

They also famously during a march for women rights, bought all the copies of a sexist pamphlet which was being sold in Iran at the time, written by some mullahs and burned them all in Toop Khaneh square of Tehran.

The society of patriotic women was banned in 1934 by Reza Shah, when he also closed many other left-leaning and progressive Iranian parties and news papers. 

The society accomplished a lot in their short life. Campaigning for the rights of women, Educating women, Improving the life and health of women, especially poorer women. They also helped establish many other feminist and women right activist organizations in Iran, like “Bidari Zanan” (Awakening of Women).

The daughter of one of the original founders, Fakhar Afagh Parsa, Farrokhroo Parsa, became the first female cabinet minister of an Iranian government. She was the minister of education. She was executed by a firing squad after the Islamic revolution of 1979. 

Here are the names of all the women in the picture above,

Sitting from left : Fakhar Afagh Parsa, Molok Eskandari, Kobra Chenani, Mastoureh Afshar, Nosrat Moshiri, Sofayeh Eskandari, Esmat-ol Molok Sharifi

Standing from left  : Mehrangiz Eskandari, Banou Chenani, Hayedeh Afshar, Abaseh Payvar, Ghediseh Moshiri

Happy Women’s day.

Books read in 2011: Iran Awakening

A really good (condensed) introduction to the Iranian revolution, and a fresh take on what life is like for Iran’s women. I can’t say that I necessarily see eye to eye with the author on all of her points, but I admire her strength and courage in the face of a theocratic regime.