iran 1960s


A tribute to my late aunt. The image is screen printed over hand paintings. I can’t seem to find the original image I used to make the screen, but included is a picture from the same photo shoot her hospital did; she’s in her nurses uniform in 1960s, Iran. The Farsi reads “Noushin”, her name.

tüm katliamlarla beraber
soykırım zamanlarında
mahsur kaldı ölümlerin kokusunda…

Fatma Savcı

Görsel :  A Kurdish woman in Khorasan, Iran, in the 1960s. Wearing magnificent silver jewelry which incorporates Turkoman influences. Photographed by Teresa Battesti, Musee du Quai Branly.

CAMELOT had its Broadway premiere at the Majestic Theatre this day 56 years ago on 3 December, 1960. In honour here is a rare pic of a backstage visit paid by one Queen to another.

“NEW YORK A Pair of Queens: Farah (L) of Iran and Julie Andrews, the Guenevere of Broadway’s CAMELOT, get together backstage after a performance of the hit musical. The Iranian Queen was in New York while the Shah was touring US military bases. Note ‘royal’ similarity in position of hands.” (UPI TELEPHOTO, 15 Apr. 1962).

Former Queen of Iran Soraya Esfandiary and the Beatles. Bahamas, 1964.

یک عکس از ملاقات ثریا اسفندیاری با اعضای گروه بیتلز در سال ۱۳۴۳ در جزیره باهاماس. ثریا از سال ۱۳۲۹ تا ۱۳۳۶ همسر شاه و ملکهٔ‌ ایران بود. گروه بیتلز در دههٔ ۴۰ بزرگترین و مشهورترین گروه راک دنیا بودن و موسیقی‌ اونها هنوز هم روی موسیقی راک و پاپ تاثیر گذاره.