Huckabee’s Controversial Remarks Undercut By Former U.S. Ambassadors To Israel

Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee hasn’t been discouraged by criticism over his controversial remarks on the weekend which took aim at the Obama administration’s acceptance of the Iranian nuclear deal. Instead, the former Arkansas Governor appears to be banking on the attention it’s brought his campaign by sticking by his words, indicated by a Sunday-afternoon tweet.

Former US Ambassadors To Israel Just Wrote A Letter Supporting The President On Iran

Former US Ambassadors To Israel Just Wrote A Letter Supporting The President On Iran

Republicans were very quick to bash the deal the Obama administration has worked through with Iran. So quick, in fact, many of them did so before it was even completed and released. Just recently, presidential hopeful and former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee ®, compared the Iran nuclear deal to the Holocaust. https://twitter.com/GovMikeHuckabee/status/625398323629797376 To which President…

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No government exists or has ever existed that didn’t ‘care’ whether it was destroyed or not, and no people has ever been indifferent to its own annihilation. To believe this ridiculous claim, one has to view Iranians as something less than fully human. The idea that Iran’s government is a suicidal 'martyr-state’ is entirely unfounded.

Shahanshah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
(6th October 1919, Tehran – 27th July 1980, Cairo)

On this day 35 years ago The Shahanshah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, died in Cairo.

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (Persian: Mohamad Rezā Ŝāh Pahlawi; [mohæmˈmæd reˈzɒː ˈʃɒːhe pæhlæˈviː]‎; 26th October 1919 – 27th July 1980) was Iran’s Monarch (Shah of Iran) from 16th September 1941 after his father abdicated in his favour. He took the title Ŝāhanŝāh (“Emperor” or “King of Kings”) on 26th October 1967. 

From National Geographic Photo Of The Day; July 27, 2015:

Bioluminous Larak
Pooyan Shadpoor, National Geographic Your Shot

While walking along the shore of Larak, Iran—an island in the Persian Gulf—Your Shot member Pooyan Shadpoor came across this luminous scene. The “magical lights of [the] phytoplankton … enchanted me so that I snapped the shot,” he writes.

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In This 1 Minute Statement, John Kerry Gets Painfully Real With Israel (VIDEO)

In This 1 Minute Statement, John Kerry Gets Painfully Real With Israel (VIDEO)

As Israel and her advocates on The Hill continue to poison Obama’s historic nuclear deal with Iran, Secretary of State John Kerry as issued a stern threat: quit undermining the deal, or Israel will end up “being more isolated… and more blamed.” Despite claims that Israel is America’s greatest ally, it is difficult to imagine another…

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