irak war

Photography by Mauricio Lima

Two US soldiers Pose in front of the giant stone statues of deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in Baghdad in November 2005. The war in Iraq has been the first in history to have been fully documented before the cameras, from count-down to invasion . From the quick conquest to misery after the occupation.

Members of Operation IMPACT carry the flag draped casket of their fallen comrade, Sergeant Andrew Doiron, onto a CC-177 Globemaster for the final journey home during a ramp ceremony in Kuwait on March 9, 2015. 

Photo: OP Impact, DND

Des militaires participant à l’opération Impact portent le cercueil recouvert d’un drapeau de leur camarade disparu, le sergent Andrew Doiron, vers un CC177 Globemaster à bord duquel la dépouille sera rapatriée, lors d’une cérémonie d’adieu au Koweït, le 9 mars 2015.

Photo : Op Impact, MDN

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