irak war

Photography by Mauricio Lima

Two US soldiers Pose in front of the giant stone statues of deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in Baghdad in November 2005. The war in Iraq has been the first in history to have been fully documented before the cameras, from count-down to invasion . From the quick conquest to misery after the occupation.

Members of Operation IMPACT carry the flag draped casket of their fallen comrade, Sergeant Andrew Doiron, onto a CC-177 Globemaster for the final journey home during a ramp ceremony in Kuwait on March 9, 2015. 

Photo: OP Impact, DND

Des militaires participant à l’opération Impact portent le cercueil recouvert d’un drapeau de leur camarade disparu, le sergent Andrew Doiron, vers un CC177 Globemaster à bord duquel la dépouille sera rapatriée, lors d’une cérémonie d’adieu au Koweït, le 9 mars 2015.

Photo : Op Impact, MDN

The only show where you come to find some cheesy musical in the middle age, just to see this actor you like in armour, and you end up watching a show unicorns and pirates and lizard-Dragon and pyscopaths falling in love and a gay ba and a critic of the Irak war and kickass female leads and NO FOURTH WALL. None. they don’t give a fuck anymore, they will talk directly to the camera.

Also, the last episod had a new version of “summer night” with zombies.

Grease. with zombies. in the middle ages.

Wtf people why are you not watching?

I am usually reblogging about nice stuff and such. I’m not a politic, social justice or whatever blog. I usually tend to avoid that. 

And for people who have blogs like mine, this is totally understandable. Keep on reblogging stuff that makes you happy, hell knows we all need this.

But I follow people who tend to have “SJW” oriented blogs. And I see a lot of posts. A lot. Some that I perfectly understand, some that I don’t, some that annoy me. 

But what annoys me right now ? It’s what I don’t see. 

Interesting how this website is so freaking US-centered I have yet to see anything about the human disaster happening at Europe’s doors. 

I don’t want to see pictures of dead children, that’s not what I mean (am I the only one to think it is indecent ? because I do. Did we need to see this to realize that ? Maybe. Yes, for a lot of people. As for me, no.) 

Anything about the people stuck in trains in Hungary ? nothing

Anything about the 70 people found dead, and that had been for a long while, at the back of a truck at the Austrian border ? nothing

Anything about the fact that Europe’s been building something like a new Iron Curtain to contain migrants while there’s a war in Syria and Irak - wars that we, Europeans, or rather our governments, either helped make it happen or condemn but do nothing about ?  eeeehhh nothing

Not that it’s new eh. 

So yeah, thank you tumblr, but if I see any of those SJW blogs talking about other things while bragging that tumblr is not that US-centered, I’ll probably reblog and comment angrily. 

Because I am angry. Because I can’t do anything. 

Though SJW wouldn’t be alone ! My country ? France closes its eyes, France doesn’t want to add a new political crisis to the one we’re living, because French people are 56% TO BE AGAINST THE WELCOMING OF REFUGEES; refugees that here are called “migrants”, to help us swallow that a part of the country doesn’t want them, you know. 

This is the biggest “war migration” since WWII, but us, us who lived it 70 years or so ago, we turn a blind eye and we talk about something else. And it infuriates me. 

But what can I do ? Me, a little person ? I have no idea and it pains me so much. I can give money to the Red Cross, but not much, and what else will it change other than relieve my fucking guilt of living in such a fucking terrible country ? 

We used to be the country of Human Rights. Les droits de l’Homme bordel.  

Where are these rights now ? 

I’m so fucking tired of this.

First of all, I just want to apologize for the bad grammar or wrong thins that you would find in the post because I’m not a english speaker… and can read it but its no the same stuff as writing.

So… getting to the point. Why is this people bashing all over SasuSaku stuff and NaruHina and all the canon couples? I really don’t get it. And not just this things about the pairings in NF (that i quite understand… somehow at least) but… what the heck with the characters? I was reading all the tag in SasuSaku and they’re spreading hate on Sasuke! What? Just… the fuck is wrong with all of you people? Let me understand this. 

Kishimoto wants to develop his own character in a mature way.

And the only thing that you’re seeing in this is that Kishi is ruining his own character.

I’m asking you… what kind of writer ruins his characters? I just cant figure out this way of think. I dont know. I’m a writer and I know when my characters need something different to make their change. It’s like everybody in the world, we change, we improve or get us worse because life happens. 

So Sasuke:

You see those panels? Yep, I bet you are. They’re all showing how Sasuke conceived the world. He wanted revenge because that’s what they taught him. They (The Hokages, Danzo, Itachi, Orochimaru, Konoha, etc) created a person, not a monster, full of hatred and rage because they couldnt get their shit together. They (Kages and the others) made the world safe, yes, but they sacrificed a lot of people, they created victims and that’s ok. Thats how the world goes because sacrifices are necessary if you want change (lets admit it, if werent any victims the people didnt realize any stuff like the first and second world war, like irak war and all the shit the humanity has done before, the civil and human rights didnt appears just because God told us or something like that, it was built after all the massacres and sacrifices).

And im not gonna let you guess who character know this at its best… ‘cause its really obvious: Uchiha Sasuke. Lets face it.

He was a normal child who has a loving family who loves him back. He had parents and a brother who love him, maybe not like he wants to but they cared for him, especially Itachi (and not just because his parents told him to take care of his little brother). He was growing up like most of the boys at his age ‘till the massacre happened. 

Sasuke saw how his beloving brother killed all the people he loves with no reasons. BECAUSE THERE’S NO REASON TO MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Nobody wants to kill their family, its something you just cant think but Itachi did it and you know what? He did it because it was the right the decision.

When I was in school, one of my teacher taught us about moral philosophy and how its designed. To know whether an act is right or wrong, there is three things you need to think of: virtue ethics (greeks and their stuff), consequentialism and deontology. The firs one, virtue ethics, the greeks was always talking about the virtuous person… Socrates said that virtue was something that humanity (as a race) has in common and there was any circumstances where they’re didnt show up in its form… like justice, bravery or selfcontrol. But there was this guy, Aristotle, who said something i really like the most: human actions are born from three statements: volition, deliberation and decision. So, you want something, you think about it and you act about it. But thats not the only thing: its the way we act and the decisions we made to fulfill it what makes us a virtuous person. Aristotle thought that our will follows the good itself and the problem with be or not to be is because the means we chose. So we ask… what would the virtuous person do? what kind of decision would they make? 

But i think we all agree: a virtuous person would do what makes a live worth living. The right thing for others. Something that would bring pain but no suffer (because this two are pretty different), so Itachi chose the path that would be less painful for Konoha: the lives of his clan against the lives of all the people in his country. What you would chose? Sakura said it once: 

When you’re a shinobi, emotions cant decide your actions. You dont let feelings take over yourself. You dont do what its the best for you, you do what its the best for all the people that sorround you. And when a whole country is in your back, would you chose your family and let millions of people die (incluiding your family in the process)? No, Itachi wouldnt (and didnt) choose it because he was right, he loved all this people, this country even without knew them at all. He wanted to build a better place by sacrificing all he had because he was that kind of person. It was selfless. And his choice is supported by utilitariansim what said acts are moral if they lead to the most hapinnes for the most people. 

Most people = Konoha, fire nation.

So he was right when he chose kill his entire clan over spread a war with no ends that would cause just pain and suffer. And Itachi accepted the consequences of his actions and let his little brother, Sasuke, grow up in hatred and revenge.

What a price to pay.

After that, Sasuke focused on the pain and the revenge, the only thing he thought was real because in his current state of mind, he couldnt see the world around him. He couldnt see the good in his life because it wasnt a life. What kind of living it is to be surrounded of hate, pain and suffer? It is not. He tried so hard to just erase the feelings by becoming an avenger. He thought killing Itachi would make the suffer go, but to fulfill his dream, he needed to become stronger than his brother.

So he left Konoha. He left Naruto, Sakura, Kakachi and all the people who was in his heart already. BECAUSE HE KNOWS IT.  

Dont matter what he said before, no matter what his actions were. This panel shows what his real thoughts were. He loves his teammates, he loves his sensei and all the people in Konoha but to become an avenger. A truly one, bonds with others just make you weak.

Thats the reason why he wanted to kill Naruto, why he tried to kill Sakura so many times. Because everytime he thought of it, he faced the reality: he was hurting himself and the people who loves him. He knew his way were killing all the goodness that was in his heart and he wanted it. To destroy everything what makes him human. Sasuke wants to become a monster because it was the only way. At least, in his mind. Thats why he started to flirting with darkness and let himself be consumed by it. 

Lets explain in the best way possible:

Sasuke was already taken by his own revenge. He was ready to kill Sakura, Naruto and destroy Konoha for gods sake. But all we know (at least who read the same manga as me) that he changed. He changed so much. Like people should do. Its like he thought about his ways, about what life started to mean for him and by the time he got his fight with Naruto, he already knew it.

He was redeemed and finally freed from hatred and suffer. Do you know how hard it is to make this possible? Do you really understand the character we had here? Do you really see it? Because this is not just something who happen in sixty chapters, this is something that began slowly and take place in 700 chapters! This is a life making. Kishimoto didn’t just show us how the characters developed, he tried to make it sure we could feel what his characters were feeling. Its not about put words that they said in a conversation or thoughts they were thinking. It was in their faces and you can see already.

They become something different. Because, that’s right they’re not even real but they’re humans in their own fictional world and like everything, they had their rules, their values, their ways and the thing is in their world, they become adults. They grew up for better or worse, they did it.

And thats what Gaiden is about.

Just cut the thing with plot. Its not the big deal right now. The most interesting is how Kishimoto is writing his characters. And you know why? Because they’re all grown up. They’re adults and should act like old people act (in their own world, dont twist my words).

And what fathers do when something bad and big is going after their world and all their beloved ones? They protect it! Parents make bad decisions like normal people (because they’re freaking humans) but what children think its bad or good, its not the same as parents think. You just cant judge Sasuke because he’s acting like he thinks he should because the least you know the most you’re safe. Its not something from a nin world, its just like a universal law. Ignorance is a bliss. You’re not afraid because you dont know the danger is coming for you. 

Thats how Sasuke thinks. Why would he tell his daughter that someone who almost destroy the world as they know is going to appear (or worse, someone most powerfull than this already is going to make an army and destroy the world or the fuck they’re gonna do). 

And think for once. We’re NOT reading the same character and its not because Kishi screw it, its because Sasuke matured. And you can see in this panel:

A bright future is always better?

Would the old Sasuke say something like this? No. He who once wanted to destroy the village and all people around the world just to rebuilt what he thinks its the right decision would not think about a bright future. Probably he would say something like: lets find it and kill it and take over its power and rule the world. Or something like that.

Because old Sasuke was an avenger, he wanted power to control people and destroy. Old Sasuke didnt think about a bright future for others. He didnt care what others would feel or think. He just acted by his own desire.

And just let me finish with this:

Kishimoto did it well. Not the stuff with Gaiden and the whatever plot he’s making. Not with the SSS family. He did it well with his character. With Sasuke in the ways that feel ok with him. Because he’s not simple, he’s too complicated even by his own creator. He has rough paths, tough feelings, harsh ways. 

But he is still human and he becomes a wonderful human being. Because he’s doing the same as the best shinobi we all know.

He’s doing what Itachi did. 

Sasuke is not the worst dad (either the best). He’s just the most admirable ninja of his kind. Because he sacrificed his own happiness with his family to make a better world (a bright future) for all of them. Even if he’s not sharing it with Sakura and Sarada.

And you know what? Minato and Kushina did it too, they sacrificed for the village, for Naruto and left him alone because it was the right thing. He would enjoy a better world (and he did it and still do it). And im not hearing: Minato and Kushina are the worst parent ever. Kishimoto did so wrong with Minato. 

So lets go fuck with another character. Not with my baby.

He’s too precious for this world.