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Never forget (sristswlit)


“My ()nly ()ther quadrant bef()re y()u was my m()irail. Her name was ()pripy, and her v()ice was the best I’ve ever heard.”

Lirion runs a hand through her hair.

“She died, in ()ur sessi()n. She and I were the ()nly ()nes alive besides Serika, an indig()bl()()d, the Heir ()f Rage, wh() had culled every()ne else. She sh()wed up at my planet, and ()pripy was with me. She was planning t() get rid ()f me. If she did, it w()uld be Just. Instead, ()pripy -”

She takes a deep breath.

“()pripy g()t in the way. Died Her()ically. And I c()uldn’t d() anything ab()ut it.”