Finished 10th in the iRacing Indy 500! (Split 5 - Friday)

All I have to say is wow, thanks to everyone in that race for a super clean race, only 4 cautions (15 laps) in 500 miles (200 laps)! I started 31st and made my way up through good green flag pit stops and avoiding what few incidents there were! I wish I were a bit closer to the front at the end but I’ll take a top 10 in my first iRacing Indy 500!

2013 Indy 500

• Title: 2013 Indy 500 

• Event Date & Race Start: Two Indy 500 Start times: 

1. Friday May 24th at 9pm US ET / (01:00 GMT Saturday) 

2. Saturday May 25th at 2pm US ET / (18:00 GMT Saturday) 

Pro - C Oval license holders and D – Rookie Oval license holders will share the same start time on Friday and Saturday 

• Car: Dallara INDYCAR 

• Track: Indianapolis Motor Speedway - IndyCar Oval 

• Practice Sessions: Open practice sessions will begin on May 20th at 8:00PM US ET/May 21st at 00:00 GMT 

• Qualifying: Qualifying will begin on Tuesday May 21st at 00:00 GMT with sessions on the hour (00:00, 01:00, 02:00, etc) and will continue until the event start on Friday May 24th. There will be no qualifying on Saturday, May 25th. 

Qualifying sessions will be four laps, with the average of the four being your qualifying time. You may qualify as many times as you like. 

Qualifying will be open to all iRacing members. Note that you will only be able to qualify for the Indy 500 that you hold the correct license for. 

Drivers will be placed in splits and gridded based on qualifying time. Qualifying is not required. If a driver does not post a qualifying time they will be placed in a split after all drivers who did post times. Then they will be gridded according to their iRating. 

• Warm Up: Warm up will be 15 minutes to allow extra time to join into the event 

• Safety Rating & iRating: This event is an official session and official session rules apply. 

• Race Start, Pit stops, Yellow Flags: The race will begin with a two lane rolling start. Typical pit stop rules will be in effect. Full course yellows will be used. Double file restarts will be used after yellow flags. 

• Race Length: 200 laps 

• Field Size: 33 racecars per split 

• Broadcast: @PSRTV will broadcast the top split of the 2013 iRacing Indy 500. Watch the broadcast live on or 

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