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So opposite personality wise–

Daemon: ANGRY. The death of his family made him hellbent on vengence. Closed off emotionally, heavy smoker and even heavier drinker. Solves his problems with violence or booze and steals souls indiscriminately to make himself stronger.

Jacqueline: Made for companionship rather than monetary gain, so more well adjusted. Shy, easily flustered, vanilla AF. Loves love, loves being in love and being close to people. Big into pastels and cute things. Never cut her hair and still has her wings.

Ira: Never given away to a lab, so was never experimented on. Probably named David or something normal sounding. Had a normal childhood and grew up super chill. Likes to party and be surrounded by friends. Probably in a band.

Azazel: Never left heaven. Serious, solemn, and obedient. Blinds himself to the vices of man when assuming “human” form to avoid falling to temptation. Wants what’s best for humanity and tries to lead them to the light.

"The First Lady of Song," Ella Fitzgerald

(April 25, 1917 – June 15, 1996)

Ella Fitzgerald with an infatuated Dizzy Gillespie. New York, 1947
William P. Gottlieb/Ira and Leonore S. Gershwin Fund Collection, Music Division, Library of Congress

Ella Fitzgerald: “How High the Moon” Clip

Ella Fitzgerald- “It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing” 1957
The First Lady of jazz, Ella Fitzgerald, performs one of her signature tunes live in Europe in 1957. Her stellar bands includes Ray Brown on bass, Oscar Peterson on piano, Papa Jo Jones on drums, Herb Ellis on guitar and Roy Eldridge on trumpet. Legends all!

Update on the New Mercy Medal

I’ve already made a post before that you guys should mercy Ava EX [M] if she has a guaranteed feature while Kairi EX does not. Now that Ira EX [P] is released and he also gives an UAU buff and has a guaranteed feature, here is my suggestion for NA KHUX players regarding these 3 EX medals depending on how these EX medals are released.

If Ava EX [M] and Ira EX [P] are guaranteed while Kairi EX [M] is not

I recommend NA KHUX players to save up at least 45k jewels (assuming 15 draws for a guarantee and 3k jewels per draw) to mercy Ava EX [M]. Ava EX [M] is still relevant even if you have Kairi EX [M] since she also gives PSMDU+2 for 2 turns, and will be very useful in fighting raid boss. While I do say 45k jewels is the minimum, I really recommend players to try to save as much jewels as possible. The medals that will be released from now until the Foretellers EX and Kairi EX [M] are not worth getting. The extra jewels you have left if you were able to save up more than 45k jewels or got Ava EX before mercy, set aside a set amount of jewels to spend on Kairi EX [M], Ira EX [P], or both draws, depending on how much jewels you have after spending it on Ava EX [M].

More than 45k jewels/jewels needed for mercy I’d spend the jewels until you are down to 45k jewels, or however many jewels is needed to mercy Ira EX [P], on Kairi EX [M].
If you get Kairi EX [M] before reaching to 45k jewels/jewels needed for mercy, you can spend the rest of your jewels trying to pull for Ira EX [P] too but having Kairi EX [M] makes Ira EX [P] kinda obsolete. 
If you don’t get Kairi EX [M] before reaching 45k jewels/jewels needed for mercy, go spend your jewels on Ira EX [P]. If you are able to get Ira EX [P] before mercy, then you can either spend the remaining jewels on the Kairi EX [M] draw or continue to save.

Less than 45k jewels/jewels needed for mercy Either way, it is a gamble to try to get Kairi EX [M] or Ira EX [P]. I’d personally would keep pulling on the Kairi EX [M] draw until I am down to 15k jewels just in case if there is a sub-par version of Kairi EX [M] that is guaranteed.

I know that most JP KHUX players would tell NA KHUX players to spend all your jewels on Kairi EX [M], especially because she is such a game changer, but you need to take into consideration of what happens if you DO NOT get Kairi EX [M] after spending all those jewels? If I spent 45k jewels on Kairi EX and did not obtain her when I could’ve mercied Ira EX [P], I know I would feel regret.

If Ava EX [M], Ira EX [P], and Kairi EX [M] are not guaranteed

If none of these EX medals are guaranteed, you will be risking your jewels trying to get either 3 of these medals. I would spend my jewels on trying to get Kairi EX [M] since there is no guarantee for any of the EX medals. Just be sure to have at least 15k jewels on you just in case if Square releases a sub-par guarantee of Kairi EX [M].

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I'm not against the idea of many wives, but was just wondering why men get married so many times and why it's allowed just to increase my knowledge and tell my friends it's okay to marry again ! -.-

Salam Elikum

Does Islam encourage polygamy? The answer is No. Islam merely allows it, but does not encourage it.

Firstly, most Muslim men do not get married so many times. Some people incorrectly assume that most Muslim men would have four wives. However, as Huston Smith points out, “multiple wives are seldom found in Islam today” (The World’s Religions, p. 252). Ira Zep p, Jr. says that “less than 2% of Muslim marriages are polygamous” (A Muslim Primer, p.180).

Secondly, Islam isn’t the only religion to allow polygamy. In the words of non-Muslim writers:

‘Although it is found in many religious and cultural traditions, polygamy is most often identified with Islam in the minds of Westerners. The Qur'an and Islamic Law sought to control and regulate the number of spouses rather than give free license. The Qur'an permits a man to marry up to four wives, provided he can support and treat them all equally. Muslims regard this Qur'anic command as strengthening the status of women and the family for it sought to ensure the welfare of single women and widows in a society whose male population was diminished by warfare, and to curb unrestricted polygamy’ 

(John Esposito: Islam the Straight Path, p.97).

‘We have to see the ruling about polygamy in context. In seventh-century Arabia, when a man could have as many wives as he chose, to prescribe only four was a limitation, not a license to new oppression. Popular films like Harem give an absurd and inflated picture of the sexual life of the Muslim sheikh which reveals more about Western fantasy than it does about the reality’

(Karen Armstrong, Muhammad: A Western Attempt to Understand Islam, Victor Gollancz Ltd., 1991, p.190-191).

Thirdly, yes our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did follow this practice. There were reasons for this. This was a practice used to strengthen ties with people of other tribes. By getting married to a woman of a certain tribe or family, the Prophet not only improved but also strengthened his relationships with the various tribes of Arabia (in the era of the Prophet, Arabia was a land where people strongly identified with their tribe and good relationships between tribes often meant military support and peace between 2 tribes – the identification with a certain tribe in the past can be likened to ‘nationality’ in the present day, where ones passport often dictates their chances for success/failure in their life!). Secondly, the Prophet re-married widows to support them and give them the financial protection and safety that a women in that day and age required.  

Fourthly, the Qur'an stipulates that a man is responsible for the maintenance of his wife or wives. If a man has more than one wife, he has to provide separate living accommodation for each of his wives. Multiple marriages are a heavy responsibility on the male. It is not a pleasure trip as some people may assume. Some even imagine all kinds of sexual exploits involving a man and his wives altogether. However, such activity is not permissible in Islam. A man must divide his time equally among his wives. If a man cannot maintain absolute justice in the treatment of his wives, the Qur'an stipulates that he is to have no more than one wife.

Fifthly, polygamy provides a solution to problems faced by women in a war-stricken land. When there is a shortage of men, for example after a devastating war, many women will lose their husbands and become widows. Most women in that situation, given the option, would rather be a co-wife than no wife. Many may argue against the idea of polygamy but go ask a widow sitting in a tent set up for refugees whether she would prefer being a second wife to a man (so that she has the physical and financial protection she and her children need to survive in a dangerous, life threatening environment) or if she would prefer being handed leaflet stating her ‘rights’.

It is strange how today’s society has no problem accepting sex without marriage; homosexuality; same sex marriages; sex without responsibility; children without fathers; and divorces are more common place than the measles or chicken pox. Yet, there is no tolerance for marriage between a man and a woman if it is not on their terms. In many societies it is common for a man to have mistresses and/or multiple extra-marital affairs, in which case, the woman leads a disgraceful, unprotected life. According to some recent researchers, up to 70% of men cheat on their partners. The same societies, however, cannot accept a man having more than one wife, in which women retain their honourable, dignified position in society and lead a protected life.

I hope I was able to answer your question. This answer has been obtained from multiple sources. This is by no means a comprehensive answer so feel free to continue researching and dig deeper on this topic. You may not agree with some of the content in this answer and that’s ok. It’s probably because I am personally not very educated on this subject and the answer above is a result of limited research. Also, if someone asks you about polygamy, a non-muslim for example, its ok to say ‘I don’t know the answer to that’ if you genuinely do not know the answer. It’s ok to not know everything all the time.  

‘And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one or those your right hand possesses. That is more suitable that you may not incline [to injustice].’ (Surah An-Nisa : 2-3)


A maioria das pessoas é relutante em ver a Deus como um Deus de ira. Mas essa é uma das maneiras pelas quais as Escrituras o caracterizam.

Deus, John MacArthur, A ira do nosso Deus, p.111

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thoughts on Charlottesville?

Well the neo- and retro-WNs showed they don’t have their shit together enough to be a self-contained motive force.

They couldn’t discipline their own forces on the march – the “are they saying ‘you will not replace us’ or ‘Jews will not replace us’?” thing isn’t meaningless, it shows them falling down on something the left had down a century ago – coordinating chants to be rhythmic and legible, a bare minimum of coherence for mass action.

And unlike the first or even second KKK with the Democrats, or the (P)IRA with Sinn Fein, they aren’t properly articulated with a political party or even an existing memory of a social order to reestablish. So I’m discounting them as vanguardists.

There’s another way the “vanguard” metaphor might work though and it’s to think of them as skirmishers. In classical warfare skirmishers were irregular troops – poorly equipped, expendable outsiders – who deployed before (in position and time) the main battle troops. Their purpose wasn’t to defeat the enemy on their own but to harass, pushing or drawing them out of position before the main encounter.

And I suspect they did that, that before this the system was coming together to grit its teeth and pass Trump through intact and resume normal operations afterwards without giving too much ground, and that’s been blown open.

There’ll be some sort of revenge attacks somewhere that remind conservatives that any force that tolerates antifa is existentially unacceptable; all the lefties wearily settling in to grind him down will insist something be done now! now! now! and they’ll overplay their hands. At the intersection some of the backlash will fall on formal government institutions – there’ll be plots on Trump, ICE, Republican electeds – that are ringed with existing, pre-legitimized defenses.

People were already like “we need to bring crowds into the street to depose the elected president”, and like, that is (or can be read as) revolution, and at that point they get to use the army against you, etc.


Since Jillian Mercado first came onto the fashion scene as a student at FIT she’s been determined to defy the odds. Diagnosed with spastic muscular dystrophy as a child, the inspiring model has worked past her disability landing landmark campaigns for Diesel, tv spots for Target and shoots for the pages of CR Fashion Book. We talked to the social media model maven about when she fell in love with fashion, the needed push for diversity in the industry, and her hopes for what is next… Read rest of the interview by clicking here:

Photographer – Ira Chernova for
Model – Jillian Mercado
Styling – Lisa Jarvis | Hair – Clay Nielsen (OPUS) | Makeup – Yuki Hayashi (Streeters New York)
Special Thanks to The Renwick Hotel

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Since the foreteller medals are probably coming to NA soon, which one do you recommend getting? Is there one that's significantly better than the others? Because I'm already having a hard time deciding between Gula, Ava and Ira, but because of the Fairy Stars Setup, I'm leaning towards Gula ? Thank you <3

If I had to choose one of those 3 Foretellers EX medals to go for, I’m leaning towards Ava EX [M] because she will be useful in survive attacks in the Hades Cup. 

But, if you can, I’d go and try to get all three of those Foreteller EX medals. Priority on Ava EX [M], and then Gula EX [S] if you have your HD Xion [P] guilted, so that way you have a very strong speed keyblade. Ira EX [P] is a good medal to get too if you want to have a strong power keyblade on Fenrir. If you already have a strong speed medal, and a weak power deck, maybe consider going after Ira EX [P] over Gula EX [S]. And vice versa if you have a strong power deck and a weak speed deck.

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These feelings I can’t take anymore~

The posthuman does not necessitate the obsolescence of the human; it does not represent an evolution or devolution of the human. Rather it participates in re-distributions of difference and identify. The human function is to domesticate and hierarchize difference within the human (whether according to race, class, gender) and to absolutize between the human and nonhuman. The posthuman does not reduce difference-from-others to difference-from-self, but rather merges in pattern of resonance and interference between the two.
—  Judith Halberstam and Ira Livingston, Posthuman Bodies p. 10

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Used all my 50k jewels for Kairi, didn't get her, don't know what to do now. I don't have any especially good medals/ones I'm attached to so I'm tempted to just start rerolling accounts till I get her but knowing my luck it's just not gonna happen. Idk I guess I'm looking for another opinion about whether I should just live with my mediocore medals or reroll?

You will get another 3k jewels from SENA for the Halloween tweet retweet campaign if that has not been distributed yet.

Also, if you make a brand spanking new NA KHUX account, the 6k jewels that NA KHUX players got from streaming aren’t given to new KHUX accounts…so unless you want to go through story quests over and over again, don’t bother making a new NA KHUX account to re-roll.

Live with your current medals and save for Ira EX [P] (UAU+1 for 2 turns) if he is mercy at 15 draws and you do have 45k jewels by then. Otherwise, save for either FF Sora HD [S] and Days Riku [M] because they also give UAU, but only UAU+1 for 1 turn. If you are willing to spend money for VIP medals, Key Art 14 also gives UAU+1 for 1 turn as a buff too.

~ Lucky ★彡