New Grimoire/Magic Book!

This has been my project for the past few days! I have been turning part of their book into a secret compartment, and it’s going to be my magic book. This book was originally supposed to be the hold for my engagement ring - but my now husband didn’t quite know what he was doing and he said he messed it up.

So this book with a random almost ring sized hole through 1/3 of the book has been collecting dust for almost 2 years. He said I could do with it what I wanted - so I turned this half complete project into something of use! And isn’t that what cottage witchery/hearth craft if all about? Taking the mundane and making it into magic? I am very happy with how this came out and I can’t wait to start adding to my new book!

For those just tuning in, self-proclaimed and proud Hufflepuff Neo has just been sorted into Slytherin by Pottermore’s JK Rowling-approved sorting test! 

More semi-incoherent yelling about the unfairness of this sorting is sure to come, so stay tuned!

No te voy a pedir que te quedes, si quieres vete y no, no es porque ya no te quiera, pero, si tú no me quieres yo no te puedo detener, todos debemos buscar nuestra felicidad y claramente yo ya no soy la tuya.
—  No me olvides.