One thing that people are all disturbed about is sex… I said “That’s how I’m going to attack the audience; I’m going to attack them sexually. And I’m not going to go after the women in the audience, I’m going to attack the men. I am going to put in every image I can think of to make the men in the audience cross their legs. Homosexual oral rape, birth. The thing lays its eggs down your throat, the whole number.”
—  Dan O'Bannon, screenwriter of the 1979 film Alien


The first thing that makes a woman beautiful is righteousness.

So that means, real beauty is more than just fancy clothes and expensive shoes. A woman’s heart is far more important than her appearance. She’d rather use her time reading and meditating on God’s words than spending the whole day in a salon. You will often see her in the church passionately serving the Lord. She is a well-respected woman and everyone loves to be in her company.

The desire of her heart is not focused on herself. Her hands are open to embrace a lonely soul and she extends her hands to help the needy. Words of encouragement are what you will often hear when she speaks. And note that she talks with great wisdom and confidence. She’s strong and courageous enough to finish all the tasks given to her. She works with a cheerful heart, she’s full of dedication to her job and she’s appreciative to the works of others as well.

That makes her highly desirable!

No wonder, men want to have someone like a Proverbs 31 woman in their lives.

But an incredibly loveable Proverbs 31 woman will not settle for just any ordinary man. She will absolutely wait for a God-given prince..

Like the man in Job 29.

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ME: God, I’ll be honest with you. Many times I feel totally unworthy of Your love. There are these days that no matter how hard I work, I still feel unproductive. Oftentimes, I will use my laughter to hide my pains. Whenever I close my eyes at night, all i can see are my past sins, my shameful life, my disappointments, the carelessness of my words and actions. I feel so far from You. I can’t even let go of my selfish ambitions in life and my prideful heart. I have a difficult time in forgiving those who have hurt me and still hurting me. I am angry and being impatient with these people. I let these temptations crawl over me again and again. There are days I am afraid to share my faith or belief to others. I let the words of others destroy me instead of listening on what You have to say. My body is weakening. And my mind is tired. So tired of the thoughts like “You do not deserve to be loved; You are causing too much pain to the lives of those that are around you; You are absolutely a burden!” These are lies. I know that! But I still let these thoughts consume me and I can’t do anything with it!

Oh yes! Definitely! I carry a sinner’s heart.

And that is heartbreaking!

JESUS: Daughter, I just want to remind you that I am here for the exhausted. For the prideful. Selfish. Unproductive. Unlovable. Unforgiving. Hurtful. Afraid. Weak. Impatient. Can’t you see? I am here for you. I didn’t came for the perfect. I came for a sinner like you. I am all you need. I so love you that I can turn your weariness into strength. Your fear into courage. Your disappointment into hope. I can heal your bleeding heart. You can find rest in my arms. I can remove your heart of stone if you will just let me. Can’t you still see? I can be everything you can’t be! So give it all to me. You need a Savior! Now, do not be ashamed of your bad works. Because I do not care about your past mistakes. I am here to love you completely!

(After that conversation with God, tears suddenly fell. And I felt loved again!)