From North to South… a very long country in the world… And one of the most beautiful places on earth… Ocean, Mountains, Snow, Fields, Ice, Sky, Desert, Volcanoes, Valleys, Islands, Rivers, Big Cities, high levels of human development, peace and amazing people… heaven on earth…


-PART 2-


Quinta Monroy in Iquique, Chile - Alejandro AravenaELEMENTAL via TED + The Guardian

“Inequalities are not just an economic issue,” Aravena explains. “They’re a cultural issue. The role that cities can play in creating or not creating those opportunities, it’s irreversible.” If designed properly, he says, “cities can be a great tool for the efficient amelioration of quality of life problems”. “They are a great shortcut for creating equality.”

The key, Aravena argues, is that cities, and architects, must not shy away from the stresses created by competing forces like poverty and wealth or public and private construction. Rather than argue about whether to design cities for the needs of their poorest citizens or the egos of their wealthiest, Aravena posits, the answer might be to do both. At Elemental, he says, “we do not fear that, in this initial entry to the problem, we have forces that may seem contradictory. If you trust the synthesis of design, you don’t fear contradictory forces.”


Postales del Norte Grande, Chile

  1. Iglesia San Pedro de Atacama
  2. Cordillera de la Sal en Calama
  3. Plaza de Armas de Iquique
  4. Iglesia de Parinacota
  5. Catedral San Marcos de Arica
  6. Costanera de Arica
  7. Casa de la Cultura de Arica
  8. Museo de la Esmeralda
  9. Llama altiplánica 
  10. Morro de Arica

CHILE, Iquique : People walk along a cracked road in Iquique, northern Chile, on April 2, 2014 a day after a powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake hit off Chile’s Pacific coast. An 8.2-magnitude earthquake hit Chile late Tuesday, killing at least six people and generating tsunami waves that might ripple as far as Indonesia. AFP PHOTO / ALDO SOLIMANO