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“I noticed that the only times Walter seems to let his guard down and uses “touch” to evoke emotion is when he is either with Paige and / or Ralph.

He didn’t like it when Drew lightly smacked his shoulder nor felt comfortable when Rebecca hugged him. However, it would seem, with Paige and Ralph, he needs to ruffle Ralph’s hair or hold Paige’s hand.

Even if he does not have a high EQ, Walter still has feelings. He may not be able to register them, but in his own, unique Walterian way, he does have empathy and shows sympathy towards the people he cares about.

And that, my friends, is what makes our favorite 197 IQ genius,

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I really can’t stand seeing phans hate on Cat. Obviously, I’m not saying everyone in the phandom does this, but Cat definitely gets more hate than she deserves. She’s super sweet and we’ve gotten a lot of great moments from her vlogs. Don’t hate her just because she’s friends with them and some people ship her with them. That’s not Cat’s fault.