What happened to my weekly reviews?

I’ve really dropped the ball during the last few weeks, and I’ve decided to just let things slide until the new year. With the calendar turning over, I aim to start again with a fresh slate, to fill to the brim with ideas, tasks, and all sorts of other wonderful things that will keep me busy (but hopefully not overly stressed).

Chris 2012 begins with a DayRunner two-page-per-day planner. I unfortunately bought the slim binder for the planner, so I’m only able to hold two or three months at a time (the latter quite uncomfortably), but I’ll take that over a one-page-per-day planner, as I really need that entire second page for journalling moods, tasks, and activities.

The second step is a new phone and hopefully IQTELL’s new GTD service. I plan to get a WP7 handset before the end of January (preferably, as early as Saturday). I had hoped that Telus would have had the new Mango era handsets out by now, but it seems all I can do is pick up the old LG Optimus 7. Hopefully by the end of the year, the new sets will be out, and I’ll have the money to buy one outright.

As for why “hopefully” for IQTELL? While mobile apps for Android and iPhone are in the pipe for them, so far there’s no word of a Windows Phone app. Perhaps if they paid me, I could help them with that, but it seems they’re more likely to do one in-house or not at all.

The third, and probably most important step, is maintaining a positive outlook on everything, and maintaining focus on the here and now at all times. A lot of the problems I have with my projects is that the stress from other things in my life bleed over and prevent me from concentrating and putting all my energy towards what I want to work on. This of course leads to more stress, bleeding over even more into everything else… A vicious downhill cycle. In 2012, I need to redouble my efforts to manage my workload, my stress, and my attitude. Without that, the rest means nothing.

I hope that in the coming year, I will be a far more happy, effective, and organized person. Wish me luck!