A huge THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by our booth at @wakuwakunyc We had a great time & a lot of art left us!

Visit my Go Fund Me gofundme.com/kawaiiINKPLAYshop) for the latest update featuring an interview from @otakusandgeeks.com! 💗 FUN!
Thanks again guys! Your support is more than appreciated!!

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Hey hey! I am competing to become a kawaii leader :) Hopefully it will give me the needed boost to start doing more kawaii art & crafts workshops! (Yup! That’s the goal- to spread the spirit of kawaii through art) ^^

If I may ask, please visit these links & vote for my looks. Also if you can share it with people so that they can vote as well, that’d be AWESOME! ^^ The more votes the better. I want to introduce DC to kawaii! 😸

Here are the links for voting ❤ head shot- http://woobox.com/kkk7gk/vote/for/8310531

full body - http://woobox.com/kkk7gk/vote/for/8310532

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Soooo much going on & I’m super overwhelmed. But I can’t say this build won’t be worth it 😸

Feel free to check out my tattoos over at @littleinkplayshop as I push for my private studio space. (though it’ll be serving a far greater purpose ☺️)

Want to get to know my dreams &/ or donate to them? … Please go here ↓


Thanks for your cheers along the way & be sure to paint your day BRIGHT!
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