Oh that?. Yeah, so he hangs out with a few Nazis sometimes. And then there are those votes, and newsletters, but whateves! He’s totally not racist, and neither are they! They just really really like being white people.. and only want to be around white people… and maybe they want to get rid of anyone who isn’t white… - So.. Oh who cares about the Jew thing! Everyone knows they control the banks and the media and the moon anyway.. THAT DOESN’T MEAN STORMFRONT OR THE KKK OR RON PAUL ARE WHITE SUPREMACISTS!

Paultard logic.



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Last night my sister puked at dinner and after my dad cleaned everything he was like, “You guys wanna play a game on the Wii?”

And I said, “Sure. what game?”

And then he said, “Wii Puke.” I was laughing so hard I was dying. 

But then, later, he was like, “Hey, you know that game Hailey (my sister) was playing earlier? They have it for Apple products.”

And I said, “What’s it called?”

And then he said, “iPuke.” And oh my god. I spit out my soda because I was laughing so hard.

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