Jelena One Shots About

Selena Getting Hate / Being Insecure…

Don’t Touch Her by writtensingold

Anything by writtensingold

I Will Fight and Defend by urmy1love1heart1life

That’s What Makes You Beautiful by urmy1love1heart1life

All Of Me Loves All Of You by urmy1love1heart1life

Beautiful by selenamarieunconditionally

Break Down by rainyjelena

Break Down by thatcarolkid

Insecurities by jelenaissocute

They Don’t Know by difficultbutreal

They’re So Mean by canadianmaries

Protecting The Love by justninbiebs 

Shining Armour by biebersmamacita 

Stop The Hate by jelenaswagging

Nothing Can Break Us Down by its-jelenuur

Unstoppable by kissablecheeks

Wounded Time by underthestrs 

MET Gala Time by underthestrs

Overdosed by alexerusso -

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5

Selena Self Harming/Suicide Attempt

Depressed by a-jelena-lover

Still The One by justninbiebs

Tighter by imheretoswags 

Hidden Sickness by biebersmamacita

Nobody Knows by ipromiseyoustories

I Can’t Take It Anymore by justlovejelenasomuch

Part 1 I Part 2

Overdosed by alexerusso -

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5

Selena/Justin Drunk/Clubbing and Being High

Got Your Back by a-jelena-lover

Drunk On Love by hearmylittlestory

Drunk In Love by jayscalvins

Drunken Mishap by gottafight

Falling In and Out by losemyminds

I’ll Be Home Soon by backintomyarms

Rude by tangledupwithwords

High Five by rightherestories

Drunken Mishap by gottafight

Take Care by stratfords-boy

2 Seconds by diamondb0y

Push by fordrew

Don’t You Love Me Anymore? by justinselenacrew

Drunk On Love by justinselenacrew

I’m Only Yours by jameslafertys

What Is Love by jameslafertys

Part 1 I Part 2

Selena/Justin Sick

Food Poisoning  by rebelwithhalo

Sneezy Sunday Part: 1, 2  by gottafight

Ill  by stratfords-boy

Everything Feels Better  by urmy1love1heart1life

Greatest Boyfriend Ever  by rightherestories

Sick  by rightherestories

Sick Day by sheshislatingirl

The Bieber Treatment  by justninbiebs

Chicken Noodle Soup  by writtensingold

I’ll Always Be By Your Side  by jelenalovestoriesxoxoxo

I’ll Always Take Care Of You by jameslafertys

The Sniffles by trulygomezsgerk

In Sick And Health  by fordrew

Soup With A Side Of Selfredo -Part one, two by dreaminglikeselena

Selena/Justin Break Up

Nothing Like Us by jelenaissocute

What Happened by losemyminds

Irreplaceable by jameslafertys

Deserving by jameslafertys

Figuring You Out by getting-luckyy

Love Will Remember by yourjelenawriting

The Heart Wants What It Wants by jaggedwires

Broken by 4everwithselena

Selena/Justin Getting Back Together

Still Not Over You by angelicskys

Jealousy by angelicskys

He/She by rainyjelena

Selfish by rainyjelena

Selena/Justin Being Friends After The Break Up

Your All That Matters To Me by sexyjelena

Heart Finally Full by jelenacruiser

Comfort From You by jelenacruiser

Still Not Over You by angelicskys

Selena/Justin Arguing

Because I Love You by backintomyarms

I Hate How Much I Love You by bealrightcominhometome

Overcoming Pride Time by underthestrs

Beautiful and Charming by backintomyarms

Scared by backintomyarms

I’m So Done by slayselmarie

Forgotten by queenselenuuur 

Australia by forgothot

Reassurance by canadianmaries

My Everything by jameslafertys 

Forever by jameslafertys

Tears by sweptaways

Comfort From You by jelenacruiser

Stay by difficultbutreal

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5

Chronic Struggle by gottafight

Part 1 I  Part 2 I Part 3 I  Part 4 I Part 5

Balance by jelenaissocute

Part 1 I Part 2

Selena/Justin Cheating

Still The One by justninbiebs

Pressure by justinsel

How Could You by jelenadiaries

Doesn’t Need To Know by jelenaswagging

We’ll Always Get Through It by jameslafertys

I’m Only Yours by jameslafertys

Not Just You by justinsel

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3

The Life Of The Party by difficultbutreal

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3

Selena/Justin/Barbara Incident

The Rumor Consequences by writtensingold

We Stand Strong by loveontheninthcloud

Do You Feel Stupid Now by canadianmaries

Twisting With Barbara by selena-slays

Those Damn Angels by jelenadiaries

Forget Forever by yourjelenawriting

Right Here by justninbiebs

Rumors by jelenaissocute


Jealous of Hailey by a-jelena-lover

Jealousy by angelicskys

Set Fire To The Pain by rainyjelena

Undercover by rainyjelena

Overcoming Pride Time by underthestrs

The Use of Fame by getting-luckyy

All That Matters by nckimnj

Truth Hurts by a-jelena-lover

Part 1 I Part 2

Selena/Justin and Lil Twist/Lil Za/Khalil


Twist by selenamarieunconditionally

One And Only by hearmylittlestory

Honesty by tangledupwithwords

Sick and Insecure by bealrightcominhometome

My Everything by jameslafertys 

Way Too Far by justlovejelenasomuch

You Don’t Mess With My Girl by jelena-a

Twisted Mind by nileyjelenalooover

Won’t Let You Get Hurt by difficultbutreal


It’s Serious by biebersmamacita

Arrested by jelenalovestoriesxoxoxo

Lil Za

No Matter What by urmy1love1hear1life

Birthday Wishes by love-on-cloud-nine

Birthday Woes by rooneyh

What The Hell by justlovejelenasomuch

Right Here, Right Now by urmy1love1hear1life


Pushed To The Side by ipromiseyoustories

Story Of Us by jameslafertys

You Always Take Her Side by togetherforeverjelena

Always Have Your Back by urmy1love1heart1life

Period by rebelwithhalo

Trick or Treat by togetherforeverjelena

Don’t Do This by forgothot

In The Studio by victorialovie

The Break Up by victorialovie

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3

Selena/Justin and Mandy/Pattie/Jeremy

In Loving Memory by togetherforeverjelena

Unconditional by urmy1love1heart1life

In Sickness And In Health by fordrew

Couch Love by gottafight

Keep Quiet by nileyjelenalooover

Selena/Justin and Jazzy/Jaxon

Unprepared by justninbiebs (Jazzy gets her period)

Proud Of Jazzy by selenamarieunconditionally (Jazzy defending Selena)

Blame The Boredom by hearmylittlestory (Jazzy and Selena prank Justin)

Surprise by tangledupwithwords (Jazzy and Jaxon surprise Justin with Selena)

Babysitting by rebelwithhalo (Jazzy and Jaxon playing with Justin and Selena)

Disney Valentine by rebelwithhalo (Jazzy and Jaxon at Disneyland with Justin

and Selena)

Jazzy’s Birthday by justlovejelenasomuch (Jazzy’s Birthday)

Jazzy’s Birthday by rebelwithhalo (Jazzy’s Birthday)

Embarrassed And In Love by difficultbutreal (Jazzy’s 18th birthday)

Crazy Biebers by togetherforeverjelena (Jazzy and Jaxon being goofy)

As Long As You Love Me by nileyjelenalooover (Justin leaving for Believe tour)

My Two Favorite Girls by 4everwithselena (Jazzy and Selena play with Justin)

Little’s By rainyjelena (visiting Selena and Gracie)

Fruit Loops by gottafight (Jazzy and Jaxon being all cute)

Playing Parents by selenamarieunconditionally (Hotel Transylvania Premiere)

Broken by 1donedirectionperfection1d (Jaxon and Gracie Movie Premiere)

Play Day by jameslafertys (Selena playing with Jaxon and Jazzy)

Merry Christmas by jameslafertys (Selena at Christmas with the Biebers)

Selena/Justin/Gracie Teefey

Gracie, The Porcelain Doll by loveontheninthcloud

Little’s By rainyjelena

Welcome To The World by urmy1love1heart1life

She’s Here by jelenadiaries

Rock by selenamarieunconditionally

Indecisive Weekend by i-wanna-be-selena-g

Somewhere In Forever by i-wanna-be-selena-g

Part 1  I Part 2

Selena/Justin and Friends/Crew

Never Let You Fall by backintomyarms 

Caught In The Act by backintomyarms 

Scandalous by backintomyarms

Intimidation by backintomyarms

Right Here Right Now by urmy1love1heart1life 

Road To Forever by urmy1love1heart1life 

I Need You by Urmy1love1heart1life

Moments by jameslafertys

They Don’t Know by jameslafertys

Double Date by rainyjelena

Selena Meets Esther by rainyjelena

Implied Infatuation by gottafight

Bedside Fling by gottafight

Pool Love by gottafight

I’m Sorry by jelenaissocute

Sexual Romancing by imheretoswags 

The Love of a Lady by imheretoswags

Gonna Get Caught by jelena-hotness

Lost and Found Justin by biebersmamacita

Well That Wasn’t Awkward At All by justinselenacrew

Selfredo by forgothot

Part 1 I Part 2

A Rough Patch by jameslafertys

Part 1 I Part 2


Little Secret by hearmylittlestory

I’m Sorry They Hurt You by putyoudowwn

Hate Goes Too Far by jelenalovestoriesxoxoxo

Proud Of You by backintomyarms

Shining Armour by biebersmamacita

They’re My Favorite by victorialovie

Selena/Justin Birthday Celebration

Birthday Surprise by justninbiebs (Selena)

Birthday Surprise by anotherblessings (Selena)

Birthday Call by writtensingold (Selena)

Make A Wish by jelenaissocute (Selena)

Birthday Wish by ohyeahyeahjelena-fanfics

21 by rebelwithhalo (Selena)

Happy Birthday Babe by jameslafertys (Selena)

Happy Birthday Baby Boy by canadianmaries (Justin)

21st Birthday by jaggedwires (Justin)

Happy Birthday Selena: Part 1  Part 2 by nileyjelenalooover

Selena/Justin being Jealous

Jealousy by justninbiebs (Ethan Hawke)

Love Song by kissablecheeks (James Franco)

Meant To Be by difficultbutreal (James Franco)

My Fault by jelenaissocute (Alfredo Flores)

A Jealous Swim by jameslafertys (Alfredo Flores)

I Fucking Warned You by biebersmamacita (Romeo Miller)

Selfish by rainyjelena (Hit Boy)

The Only One by difficultbutreal (Chaz Somers)

Jealous by backintomyarms (Cameron Dallas)

Jealous by a-jelena-lover (Zedd)

Jealous of Hailey by a-jelena-lover (Hailey Baldwin)

Jealousy by angelicskys (Hailey Baldwin)

All That Matters by nckimnj (Kendall Jenner)

I’m Sorry by drummerboydrew (Caitlin Beadles)

The Fight by justninbiebs (Random Guys)

Jealous and Protective by jelenaissocute (Beach Guys)

Accusations by jelenaissocute (Mariah Yeater)

I Love You, Not Her by a-jelena-lover (Yovanna Ventura)

Part 1 I Part 2

Selena/Justin and Paparazzi/Media

I Won’t Give Up by jameslafertys

Feel Better by jelenaoreos

Rumors by jelenaissocute

Paparazzi Trouble by arayofjelena

Wait For A Minute by biebersmamacita

All That Matters by jelenalovestoriesxoxoxo

I Will Fight and Defend by urmy1love1heart1life

Instincts by backintomyarms

Always, Always And Always by backintomyarms

Maybe Those Rumors Won’t Be Rumors One Day by putyoudowwn

Selena/Justin Surprising Each other

Surprise by loveontheninthcloud

I Thought I Lost You by loveontheninthcloud

Just Justin and Selena by nileyjelenalooover

Home Sick by nileyjelenalooover

Insanely In Love by backintomyarms

Not Long Enough by backintomyarms

Surprise by rollrcoastrs

Birthday Wish by ohyeahyeahjelena-fanfics

Out Of The Blue by tangledupwithwords

Selena/Justin In The Future

Feelings by jameslafertys

VMAS Surprise by jameslafertys

Maybe In The Future by forgothot

He/She by rainyjelena

Selena/Justin Pregnant

Part Of Me And You by difficultbutreal 

Selena Giving Birth by jelenamypride

It’s Time by beauty-andabieber

Away And In Labor by togetherforeverjelena

Unexpected Push by gottafight

Yes She Is Ellen by jelena-a

Selena Giving Birth by jelenamypride

It’s Time by beauty-andabieber

Pregnant by jelenaissocute

To Come Time by underthestrs 

Surprise by arayofjelena

I’m Pregnant by jelenasaid

First Kids by myapaapaya

Selena/Justin With Their Kids

I Wuv You Mummy by jelenaissocute

A Nice Surprise by togetherforeverjelena

Special Birthday by togetherforeverjelena

A Nice Surprise by togetherforeverjelena

Too Soon by togetherforeverjelena

Accidental Swap by gottafight

Bitter Departure by gottafight

Embarrassing by its-jelenuur

All Grown Up by me-and-you-just-us-two-xoxo

Little Protector by jelenasoreos

Selena/Justin Songs

Death Of Me by difficultbutreal

Slow Down by myapaapaya

Love Will Remember by yourjelenawriting

Love Will Remember by rebelwithhalo

Love Will Remember by tofallforjelena

Love Will Remember by urmy1love1heart1life 

All The Love In The World by urmy1love1heart1life

The Love Of My Life by thatjelenafanfic

The Heart Wants What It Wants by jaggedwires

The Heart Wants What It Wants by urmy1love1heart1life

Never Alone by rebelwithhalo

Good For You by a-jelena-lover

Good For You by jaggedwires

Unconditionally by trulygomezsgerk

Boyfriend by jameslafertys

Die In Your Arms by jameslafertys 

In Your Arms by difficultbutreal

Be Alright by gottafight

We Can Make It Through Anything by nileyjelenalooover

Let Yourself Fall by nileyjelenalooover

Learned To Love Again by urmy1love1heart1life

Nothing Like Us by jelenaissocute

Nothing Like Us by jelenarulestheworld

Wait For A Minute by biebersmamacita

All That Matters by selenamarieunconditionally

All That Matters by biebersmamacita

Confident by jelenalovestoriesxoxoxo

I Still Believe In Us by urmy1love1heart1life

Heartbreaker by biebersmamacita

All Bad by jelenasoreos

Selena/Justin Touring

Tour Troubles by jayscalvins

Spontaneous by righttherestories

Moments by jameslafertys

Stars Dance by arayofjelena

Lovesick by rebelwithhalo

Come And Get Me by jelenaissocute

Homesick by nileyjelenalooover

Surprise Baby by jelena-a

Stars Dance Surprise by jelenaoreos

Surprise Family Reunion by arayofjelena

I Can’t Do This by simulatesthelove

One Last Time by loveontheninthcloud

To Come Time by underthestrs

Everything I’ll Ever Need by urmy1heart1love1life

Selena/Justin Singing To Each Other Or With Each Other

Cheesy by fordrew

Spontaneous by righttherestories

A Well Deserved OLLG by togetherforeverjelena

Everything I’ll Ever Need by urmy1heart1love1life

Selena/Justin Interviews

Someplace Quiet by backintomyarms

More Than Amazing by backintomyarms

The Real Thing by backintomyarms

Along The Way by losemyminds

I’m So Done by slayselmarie

Telling The World by jelena-a

Hopelessly In Love by jelena-a

Love Will Remember by tofallforjelena

Selena/Justin Movie Premiere/ Award Shows

Jelena Movie Premiere by loveontheninthcloud (Believe Premiere)

Believe 3D Premier by biebersmamacita

Never Say Never by difficultbutreal (Never Say Never Premiere)

Part Of Me by jameslafertys (Part Of Me Premiere)

Much Music Video Award’s by beauty-andabieber (Much Music Awards)

Kids Choice Awards by rebelwithhalo (Kids Choice Awards)

TCA Surprise by gottafight (Teen Choice Awards)

Were Even by backintomyarms (MTV Video Music Awards)

VMAs by jelenarulestheworld (MTV Video Music Awards)

Rewinded by rainyjelena (MTV Video Music Awards)

Surprise by rollrcoastrs (MTV Video Music Awards)

Breaking The Rules by backintomyarms (MTV European Awards)

Coming Out by justninbiebs (Awards Gala)

Better On You by tangledupwithwords (Awards Gala)

MET Gala Time by underthestrs (MET Gala)

Looking For Her by rainyjelena (MET Gala)

Not What I’ve Planned by difficultbutreal (Billboard Awards)

Billboard Awards 2013 by urmy1love1heart1life (Billboard Awards)

Backstage Peck by gottafight (Billboard Awards)

Billboard Music Award’s by justinsel (Billboard Awards)

Part 1 I Part 2

EMA’S by ipromiseyoustories (MTV European Awards)

Part 1 I Part 2

Sick At The Grammys by jelena4everandaday

Part 1 I Part 2

Secret Encounter at MET Gala by justlovejelenasomuch (MET Gala)

Part 1 I Part 2

Masterpost of Jelena Fanfictions with Children

This masterpost has been very highly requested and we’re very sorry it’s taken so long to do it. Hopefully you guys will find it useful. All stories are put in a certain order, either by storyline or by the age of the children. We tried to include ages and names as far as possible to make it easier. As we are not perfect, please make sure to message us if there’s a fanfic we forgot and should put onto the list! Thank you all for your patience <3

Keep reading

Favorite Jelena Fanfictions

(Note None of These Are Mine)


Something Like Destiny by rollrcoastrs - 

It’s been 8 years since Justin and Selena last saw or spoke to each other. After an emotional end to their roller coaster relationship, both superstars have found themselves unable to move on from each other. Jaxon Bieber and Gracie Gomez are now both 10 years old and have been put into the same class at school. It didn’t take them long to decided it was time to bring their siblings back together.

Recovery by urmy1love1heart1life -

Selena goes to a party with Taylor who wanted her to get out and do something  since Justin was away in New York doing promo. While she is left alone at the party for second she is taken upstairs and is raped. She struggles with recovery and can’t bring herself to tell Justin why the changes in her personality have changed, but something might force her too.

Begin Again by bocasmaries (used to be igomezfever) -

Selena Gomez is a 22 year old fresh out of college and ready to begin a new life with her four year old daughter Kaylie. So she decides to leave the windy city of New York, and move back home to Boca Raton, Florida with her family. She is all excited to be back home to her roots with her family, and her best friends, the only downside running into Justin. Justin Bieber is the father of Kaylie but Justin doesn’t know that. When Selena was only seventeen, she fell pregnant with her ex-boyfriends child who was planning on going to an early college program in St. Louis. Selena had planned on telling Justin many times, only to be put down when she found out he had moved on quickly quicker than she had planned. So her solution?She kept it a secret from him. She cut off all contact with him and told everyone that knew to keep it a secret. Now that she’s moving back home would Justin be smart enough to do the math when it comes to Kaylie?

Thought Of You by 4everangelsfly -

This is a story of Justin and Selena they have known each other since they were kids, but at 15 years Old Selena is discovered and moves away from Canada just after they kissed for the first time and after a while they loose contact, 2 years later Justin moves in with Selena and her family with his 8 year old brother Jesse because Pattie and Jeremy was in an car accident and they put Selena’s family as first contact and legal guardian because they were best friends.

The Mistake by 4everangelsfly -

Sequel: The Secret  -  Be Alright 

This story is about a stalker that follows Justin and Selena, and a lot of bad stuff happens.

Forbidden Thoughts by jelenaswagging -

Selena is being a very dirty girl recently. She’s madly in love with no other than Justin Bieber. She knows she needs to stop thinking about him but she can’t. The lust and the desire she feels for him is stronger than anything. Its not gonna stop until she gets him but there’s one big problem… He is her sister’s boyfriend

Better Than Revenge by flrstdance -

Justin and Selena are both on summer vacation. They’ve both known each other since they were young and grew up together being best friends. Nothing could come between them. Selena felt herself developing feelings for Justin over 3 years and she was finally ready to tell him how she felt. She had a lot of things going through her mind. But she doesn’t want to risk their lifelong friendship. Everything was about to go smoothly in her head, when one of the girls in their friendship group also has a keen eye on Justin. Selena is aware of this but she thinks she has nothing to worry about…. She was definitely wrong.

Don’t Leave Me by jelenaloveslays -

Justin is on tour and missing Selena while she is promoting her new movies. While getting ready for one of his shows Justin gets a phone call about his girlfriend being in an accident, and he completely breaks down. But the accident isn’t the only thing that happened to Selena. But when Justin finds out it will change their lives forever. But For the better or For the Worst.

Wrong Turn by gottafight -

Selena ends up in rehab where she is diagnosed with a plethora of mental disorders and tries to cope with her depression.

Unforeseen Affliction by gottafight

This story revolves around Selena’s mental health while helping care for her new baby sister.

Wishful Pursuit by gottafight -

Selena and Justin have been broken up for a year while Justin has been busy with his drug and alcohol addiction. Will they ever get back together again?

Falling Down by baebur -

Justin has been doing drugs and alcohol and Selena wants to help him 

In Too Deep by kissablecheeks -

Selena and Justin fixing their relationship

Way To Yourself by jelenaforlife -

In this story Selena and Justin are both famous. Selena has nightmares about her past, the past that Justin has no clue about. Read the series to find out what happens.

This Is Us by alwaysforeverjelena -

When the test revealed Selena would be having a child of her own, both her and Justin must figure out how they’ll raise the child.

Little Miracle by jelenalove-stories -

Selena gets pregnant at 19 with Justin’s Baby 

Streets Of Heaven by rebelwithhalo -

Selena got pregnant 4 years ago then she dropped everything and went back to Texas, now her daughter is diagnosed with leukemia.

Down To Earth by rebelwithhalo - 

Sequel: Streets Of Heaven

Welcome To Parenthood by jelenarulestheworld -

Justin and Selena raising their children and learning the difficulties of parenthood

Two Little Ducks by rebelwithhalo

Justin and Selena are married and have 2 kids.

Radiant Love by gottafight

Sequel: Faithful Grace 

This is a fairly happy and dramatic story about Selena & Justin having a baby and dealing with the hardships that follow being parents. Full of adorableness and some drama.

Time by jelenaissocute -

Justin and Selena have 3 children but just split, will they ever find their way back to each other

The Biebers by selena-slays -

Sequel: Our Family

Family Life of Justin and Selena

Accident by jelenaissocute -

Justin and Selena get into a car accident

I Will Wait For You by selena-slays -

Original fanfic about Justin and Selena, engaged, in their 20s and not famous! Has an interesting plot so read on to learn more!

In Another Life by selena-slays -

New series about Justin and Selena finding their way back after a break up!

Falling For You by selena-slays -

Selena hasn’t completely forgiven Justin, he has to make her fall in love with him again

Promise Me by getting-luckyy -

Justin and Selena are expecting a child but their relationship is really strained… will they last?

Series of Jelena Fanfic by jelenafanfictions -

Justin cheats on Selena and she wants to leave him but she can’t 

Nothing To Lose by jelenaoreos -

Justin cheats on Selena

Mistakes by jelenamamacitaforever -

Justin gets drunk and cheats on Selena

Drifting by jelenaswagging -

Justin and Selena drifting apart

It Was Forever by yourjelenawriting -

Justin and Selena haven’t seen each other in years and see each other by accident… or fate

Uncharted Territory by together-in-the-end -

Selena and Justin do a movie together

Beguiling Desires by jelenaissocute -

Justin and Selena have been broken up for a while and now they have to do a movie together

Waves Of Serependity by jelenaissocute -

Brian and Mandy are in a coma after an accident and Selena has to cope while suffering a mental illness 

Broken by jelenaisbae -

You may know me as the pretty faced sweet girl from Disney or the girl that Justin Bieber fell in love with. But there is more to me than just that, there are things in my life that isn’t shown in front of the camera, not everything is what it seems. This is my story…

I Promise You by ipromiseyoustories -

The life of Justin and Selena in 2011

Much More by ipromiseyoustories -

Justin and Selena in 2011/2012

Unspoken by fordrew -

Two teenagers, the unfamous Justin and Selena, meet again after five years; leaving them to question their feelings. (incomplete)

This Love Is Ours by rebelwithhalo -

Justin and Selena having relationship problems while Justin’s on tour

One Last Chance by justlovejelenasomuch -

Series of Justin and Selena breaking up and getting back together

Fighting by sel-jb-fanfics -

Fight series about Jelena based on 2011 & 2012

Broken Love by urjelenafics -

Drama between Selena, Justin, and Yovanna

Starts Dance by tofallforjelena -

Series based on songs in Stars Dance

Flatline by jelenaflatline -

Justin winning Selena back

Maria by underthestrs -

Selena hears about Mariah Yeater and calls Justin. Did they break up or maybe not? Read more to find out what happened.

Remember Me by underthestrs -

After Selena wakes up from coma she can’t remember anything since the audition for her TV show. She doesn’t even know who Justin is; Justin her own loving and caring boyfriend. Will he be able to make her love him again? Read more to find out!

How To Save A Life by fordrew

Selena gets into a car accident and loses her memory

Battlefield by jelenaswagging

Justin and Selena get caught up with work and drift apart

Behind Closed Doors by writtensingold - 

(1) (2)

The life of Justin and Selena through the media and all the ups and downs in their relationship

Breaking Point by sexyjelena -

(1) (2)

Twisted Mind by nileyjelenalooover -

(1) (2) (3) (4)

Justin calls Selena a bitch.

Overdosed by alexerusso -

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Selena tries to commit suicide and now she and Justin must cope with it.

Never Let Me Go by myjelenastories -

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

Drama between Justin, Selena, and Jasmine

Sick Of It by theonlythinginlife -

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) 

fight series dealing with Justin and Selena growing in and out of love. series is completed. 

My Only One by getting-luckky    

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16)

Heartbreak after heartbreak, Selena still runs back to Justin…no matter who Justin meets, deep down he knows she’s his only one.

Wrong by theonlythinginlife -

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18)          five years after a messy breakup, it looks like Justin and Selena have finally moved on. but history seems to be repeating its self, and the friends might be turning into something more. but this time, there is everything to lose.

Best and Worst by hearmylittlestory

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (10.5) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38) (all chapters)

Justin dumps Selena for Carly but will he regret it? 

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Part 29



Selena’s POV

            “Lovely to have you back.” A deep voice echoed through the room.

I sucked in a breath and turned toward where the voice came from.

“How was the trip?” Alfredo said walking toward me with a smirk on his face.

“Damnit Fredo you scared the shit out of us!” I yelled as a smile spread across his face.

“Sorry, thought id come over and let you guys know whats been going on.”

“Well you could do it in a less creepy way.” Justin said as he came over toward the couches.

“Sorry about that,” Fredo said as we all took a seat in the living room.

“So did they figure out who broke in and stole the key?” Justin asked taking Ella from me.

“Yeah, about that…” Fredo trailed off,

My heart started to speed up as I anticipated the worst,

“Ya see, I thought you heard me ask if I could use the theater room while you were gone on vacation. That get together you had a few weeks ago, I asked about it then & you showed me where the spare key was and gave it too me.”

“I did?” Justin said squinting his eyes trying to remember.

“Yeah, so when you guys were gone I sent over my nephew to check how many seats there were & when he opened the door the alarm went off and he panicked and bolted.”

“Thank goodness it wasn’t anything serious,” I sighed leaning into the side of Justin & playing with the little hair Ella had on her head.

“I didn’t know it caused such a big scene because he didn’t tell me the alarm went off, so when I came over earlier today and the key didn’t work I called Scooter and he explained what happened to me. Then he came over with the new key and let me in and said that you guys were on his way to pick up the keys so I decided to be creepy and stay till you got back.” He laughed reclining back on the sofa.

“You are such a creep bro,” Justin laughed before handing Ella over to Fredo so he could play with her.

“I’d rather have you be a creep than have a real creep breaking into my house,” I said smiling at Fredo as I headed into the kitchen to get something to drink.

“Next time just call us and remind us and we wouldn’t have to worry our entire vacation about whether or not our house is safe to come home too.”

“You got it,” Fredo agreed,

“As long as I can come over and play with this cutie I wont break into your house anymore.” he coed at Ella who cracked a smile as we all laughed.