Promise You

Part 82

Selena’s POV

            It was finally quiet, I felt like I could hear myself think for the first time in the last few weeks. Traveling with Justin, my birthday & Justin’s dad & siblings coming to stay for a week or two. I’ve been staying over more & more at Justin’s lately, I’ve almost forgot what my own bed feels like. Things have been crazy around here lately with kids playing & people coming over to hang out, I haven’t had much time to myself. But finally Jazzy & Jaxon were taking a nap & Justin & the boys were out shooting hoops so I got the now quiet house to myself. I poured myself a Diet Coke & grabbed a few snacks & settled in on the couch with the script for the new movie I was starting in a couple days. With out any distractions or noises I quickly became engulfed in the script, as I was reading & retaining the lines a door closing brought me out of my trance.

“Hey Baby, whatcha doin?” Justin asked as he grabbed a few bottled waters, throwing a couple at the guys as they all came in from playing ball.

“Script,” I sweetly said holding up the paper so he could see.

I watched as he took a few gulps of water & walked towards the couch. The guys followed him coming in & plopping down on the couches taking big gulps of their water.  Justin walked over to me & leaned down snuggling his face in my neck.

“Ew ew ew, Justin you’re all sweaty get off me!” I squealed pushing on his chest to get him away from me.

“Aw common I just wanna show my girl some love,” he said as he grabbed my hands pulling me up off the couch even as I tired to get away.

I moved to run around the coffee table to get away from him but his arms wrapped around me from behind & he started rubbing his face all over my neck.

“Oh my god Justin stop! Ahh ew stop, go shower!” I continued to fight his hold as the guys just sat & laughed at the two of us.

“None of you are gonna help me! My sweaty boyfriend is mauling me & all you guys do is laugh? Ew stop Justin!”

Justin chuckled & softened his grip & kissed the side of my neck, then whispered ever so quietly,

“You like it when I’m sweaty,”

I turned & teasingly pushed him away,

“Only to look at,” I smiled.

“So if I get this close…” he said coming within a breath of me,

“You’re okay with it but if I touch you,” he said bending his head down fast to rub his face on my neck again,

“STOP!” I squealed pushing him away.

Justin chuckled a plopped down on the couch picking up his water.

“Ew you guys stink, nasty smelly boys,” I said picking up my drink, snacks & script & walking into the kitchen.

The guys started talking about some game that was going to be on soon & I quietly slipped upstairs to get a little bit longer time to myself. I walked into Justin’s room & snuggled up in the sheets & flipped on the TV & was flipping through channels when Jazzy appeared in the door way,

“Hey Jaz did you have a good nap?” I asked as she made her way over to the bed.

“Mmhmm” she mumbled as she cuddled up to my side, obviously still tired.

I flipped through a few more channels & landed on SpongeBob, I set the remote down & gently brushed my hand through her hair. After a few minutes I could hear her breathing deepen & I knew she had fallen asleep again. Before I knew it I was waking up to Jaxon jumping on the bed.

“Hey buddy did you wake up?” I smiled as Jazzy moved away from me to jump next to Jaxon.

I glanced at the clock & noticed I’d been up here for about an hour,

“Should we go find your brother?” I asked sliding of the bed holding my arms out so they could take a turn jumping off the bed. I grabbed both of their hands & we headed down stairs.

Justin was still in the living room but only 1 of the guys was still there, the sound of Jazzy & Jaxon’s small bare feet running across the kitchen floor made Justin turn around.

“Hey kiddos, did you have a good nap?” he asked as the tackled him on the couch.

I just watched & smiled picking up my script off the counter & sitting down at the bar. Justin let Jaxon play with his phone & Jazzy watched as Justin continued his conversation.

            Justin had just let his friend out & I was still sitting reading my script & the Jazzy & Jaxo were still playing the game when he came up behind me,

“Everything okay?” he asked

“Yeah I’m fine,” I said looking up at him confused.

“You just went upstairs quickly after I was teasing you with my sweaty body,” He chuckled.

“ew don’t remind me, you still need to shower,” I said turning on the stool to face him.

“Ill go do that right now,” he smiled,  “How bout when my dad gets back from being out with his friends ill tell him to take Jaz & Jax out & we can have a quiet night in, alone, since Fredo isn’t here.”

I leaned forward wrapping my arms around his neck & kissed him softly, he always knows exactly what I want without me having to say it.

“I thought you didn’t want to touch me cuz I’m all sweaty,” he teased as he ran his hand up & down my thigh.

“Yeah well I couldn’t resist, but to get another kiss you’re gonna have to go shower cuz you really stink,” I chuckled scrunching up my face. 

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Part 25

Selena’s POV

            I shot up out of bed breathing heavy & covered in sweat caused by a nightmare, I laid back down & reached over to snuggle against Justin but he wasn’t there. Panic rose in my chest as I reached over flipping on the bedside lamp. I quickly slid off the bed heading to the bathroom to see if he was there but there was no sign of him. I rushed into the hall when I heard his voice; I stopped immediately as I looked toward Ella’s room. His smooth angelic voice flooded the hallway with lyrics I’ve never heard. I slowly started toward Ella’s room realizing the words Justin was singing were just his love towards his daughter. I leaned against the doorframe wrapping my arms around my self, watching him cradle our daughter in his arms while singing her back to sleep. I realized I was crying & quickly wiped the tears from my cheeks as he turned & saw me standing in the doorway. The sound of him singing stopped as he saw me & smiled.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered walking toward me.

My heart clenched at his words & all I could do was smile at him.  He stopped in front of me & reached his free hand forward to cup my cheek & let his thumb stroke my cheek.

“Everything’s fine, I heard her fuss & decided to let you sleep.” He said as he stepped away to lay a sleeping Ella in her crib.

I watched him lean down & kiss her forehead & the love I felt for him was overflowing. I took two steps toward him pulled his face to mine & kissed him sweetly.

“What was that for?”  He asked as I pulled away.

“Being the amazing man you are,” I whispered kissing the corner of his mouth again.

Justin’s POV

            We had laid back down in bed & Selena had drifted back to sleep. I laid there running my fingers gently through her hair watching her sleep. Tomorrow was the first day back to working after what happened to Ella. Selena wasn’t going back to work as of right now, she couldn’t do it she couldn’t leave Ella again.  I didn’t know if I could do it, I wanted them both near me at all times, I wanted to be there if anything went wrong. Selena rolled over onto her side snuggling up to my chest & sighed quietly as I draped my arm around her. I let my eyes drift shut as my mind continued to wander about how I was going to keep 2 of the most important girls in my life safe.

            “Do you want something to eat before you leave?” Selena asked her voice still groggy from sleep.

It was almost 7am & I had a meeting at 8 across town,

“Ill just have some granola & an apple.” I said coming over to kiss her forehead.

“When will you be home?” she asked, her voice hinting with sadness.

“late, I have a session tonight so midnight or later,” I tried giving her a small apologetic smile as I moved to put my laptop in my bag.

Selena turned & sat down on the couch watching me,

“What do you have planed today?” I asked as I continued getting everything ready that I needed.

“Nothing,” she whispered leaning the side of her head against the back of the couch.

“You have those scripts,” I mentioned, more to see her reaction to work than to remind her.

“I don’t know,” she said panic showing slightly on her face.

I walked over to her cupping her cheek,

“You don’t have to go back but I know you love it, don’t let what happened take away your passion.” I leaned in kissing her lips softly.

“You’re going to be late,” she said quietly as she pulled away.

I turned & picked up my bag & leaned in once more to kiss her lips,

“If you need anything, call me. I love you,”

“Love you too,” She whispered back with sad eyes.

It was going to take a long time to get back my vibrant, passion driven Selena, but I understood why. 

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Part 29



Selena’s POV

            “Lovely to have you back.” A deep voice echoed through the room.

I sucked in a breath and turned toward where the voice came from.

“How was the trip?” Alfredo said walking toward me with a smirk on his face.

“Damnit Fredo you scared the shit out of us!” I yelled as a smile spread across his face.

“Sorry, thought id come over and let you guys know whats been going on.”

“Well you could do it in a less creepy way.” Justin said as he came over toward the couches.

“Sorry about that,” Fredo said as we all took a seat in the living room.

“So did they figure out who broke in and stole the key?” Justin asked taking Ella from me.

“Yeah, about that…” Fredo trailed off,

My heart started to speed up as I anticipated the worst,

“Ya see, I thought you heard me ask if I could use the theater room while you were gone on vacation. That get together you had a few weeks ago, I asked about it then & you showed me where the spare key was and gave it too me.”

“I did?” Justin said squinting his eyes trying to remember.

“Yeah, so when you guys were gone I sent over my nephew to check how many seats there were & when he opened the door the alarm went off and he panicked and bolted.”

“Thank goodness it wasn’t anything serious,” I sighed leaning into the side of Justin & playing with the little hair Ella had on her head.

“I didn’t know it caused such a big scene because he didn’t tell me the alarm went off, so when I came over earlier today and the key didn’t work I called Scooter and he explained what happened to me. Then he came over with the new key and let me in and said that you guys were on his way to pick up the keys so I decided to be creepy and stay till you got back.” He laughed reclining back on the sofa.

“You are such a creep bro,” Justin laughed before handing Ella over to Fredo so he could play with her.

“I’d rather have you be a creep than have a real creep breaking into my house,” I said smiling at Fredo as I headed into the kitchen to get something to drink.

“Next time just call us and remind us and we wouldn’t have to worry our entire vacation about whether or not our house is safe to come home too.”

“You got it,” Fredo agreed,

“As long as I can come over and play with this cutie I wont break into your house anymore.” he coed at Ella who cracked a smile as we all laughed. 

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