Facial/head reffs For Afi Ipro and Grandfather glanni for the role reversal au. 

Fun ideas me and my pal had.

Both are in their 80′s. Only glanni actually looks his age while ipro still is as spry as ever. Ipro plays golf while hand-standing so go figure.

Despite glanni no longer being able to walk as much as he used to he can still sneak around and surprise people in his wheelchair. He carries a bag full of grandpa candy ( butterscotch candies, werthers , jollyranchers, etc) 

They both have the Statler and waldorf dynamic going between them. 

I just thought of a way to spread complete Depression™ and the idea is,,,, what if one time Sportacus goes to save Robbie (like usual) but this time, because he is late or some other inconvenience gets in the way, he doesn’t save him in time. This creates major problems for Robbie, his anxiety levels go through the roof and he has physical issues too (from Sport not saving him in time.)
Because Sportacus had never really experienced failure that bad before, he constantly blamed himself for it and cried when Robbie was in a bad state in the hospital. Robbie eventually finds out about Sportacus’ hidden grief over the incident, and tries to comfort him. The first time Robbie ever ignored his hatred for Sport and they get used to each other and interact without any ‘i’ll make you move out of town!!’ business. They become more open and then Robbie makes the very awkward move to become boyfriends and Sport says yes. Robbo is very happy about that and he’s a little bit more cheerful and less miserable around everyone.

I didn’t say it was all going to be Depression™ did I? ;)


‘Everything numbed for a moment, one long moment, before there was an audible snap
Robbie screamed, the snapped bone shifting further out of place as he tumbled onto the ground. The pain was white-hot and agonising, like the inside of his leg had been scraped out and replaced with burning coals.’

‘"It was a clean break. You’ll be fine,“ Íþró said, "I’m not cruel.”

fanart for @sportsy-elf ‘s amazing fanfic holy shit  
i tried to make a gif as well but it failed

This looked like fun so I wanted to do it too

LazyTown characters as things I’ve done:

Sportacus: Ate an entire watermelon in one sitting and said, “it’s okay to eat it all, it’s healthy”

Robbie: Walked into my own surprise birthday party and sat on the couch the entire time with a plate of cake

Stephanie: Woke up at 3 AM because I heard the Moana soundtrack playing in the other room

Ziggy: Had an entire bag of Funyuns mixed with a bag of Skittles and an entire 2 litre bottle of Fanta for lunch

Stingy: Tried to steal my friend’s mom’s necklace when I was 9

Trixie: Sat on my brother when he called me fat

Pixel: Swung an Xbox controller around when playing a game and unplugged the controller and almost pulled the Xbox off the shelf

Milford: Smiled just by thinking of Sportacus

Bessie: Talked into a cell phone for 20 minutes, thinking my friend was on the other line before I realized the phone had died and I’d been talking to nothing in the dark of night for nearly half an hour

Glanni: Slipped on furniture polish and did a split then cried

Gen 1 Íþróttaálfurinn: Beat a guy in a contest who said that he could use a leg press machine longer than me

Gen 2 Íþróttaálfurinn: Constantly scare my roommates when I walk by them because I’m so quiet when I walk

Jives: Eats green bell peppers like apples

Penny: Stole $20 from my mom and put it under my pillow when I lost my tooth so she’d think my sister put it under there

im so pissed that sportacus’ crystal goes off when the town loses their sports equipment/veg (albeit briefly) and when the kids are sad/in trouble or even for most other minor inconveniences but when robbie’s upset/in trouble it hardly ever goes off. great.

I like to think That Sportacus...

while all kind and etc on the outside
Is actually really possessive on the inside.

Like, with the kids for example; say their parents decided to take them on vacation somewhere. 

And Sportacus, while smiling and telling the Parents he was okay with it and all this other positive stuff
was thinking to himself:
“How fucking dare you take my children they are mine you son of a bitches if I so much as find a hair missing off of them I will slit your throat in your sleep”

And Imagine if Glanni and Íþróttaálfurinn were Robbie and Sportacus’ siblings
and Ipro knew about his brothers possessiveness
and started flirting with Robbie
But hes actually into Glanni and hes just flirting just so his bro would grow some balls and tell Robbie how he really feels
and Glanni is in on it
He knows exactly what his lover is doing and is fucking proud of his little sly bitch move

and the moment Ipro starts flirting
Sportacus is still smiling
but inside is going
“"What the fuck you think you doing that bitch is mine you see that ass that ass is mine and if you fucking touch it I will- YOU FUCKING TOUCHED IT. YOU FUCKING TOUCHED IT AND I AM GOING TO MURDER YOU”


anonymous asked:

Dear Dewey, how do I beg for more of your Camp Lazy au??? Like, please? I'm thirsty for it...

OH WOW someone did some digging in my old ass posts, but thanks! I’ll try to do some stuff for it, I’m working on a lot of drawings rn, so maybe next week I’ll do some stuff!

Legit question here: what is the deal with the timeline of the LazyTown Icelandic plays and the TV show?  Are the Icelandic plays supposed to happen before the TV show, and then Sportacus in the show is just the next hero after Iprottaalfurinn?  Or are Ipro and Sportacus the same person, and LazyTown is just a retelling of Afram Latibaer and Glanni Glaepur i latabae? 

Because the show kind of plays out like it’s supposed to be a retelling of the original plays, but I’ve seen a lot of people with headcanons about Ipro being Sport’s dad, or his brother, or whatever; the main point is, I’ve seen quite a few headcanons and fics implying that they’re not supposed to be the same person?

I personally like the idea that Ipro is related to Sportacus in some way, but they’re not the same person.  But the show and the plays seem to suggest that they are the same person, so idk

(also, sorry that I didn’t write the proper Icelandic spelling of the plays and of Ipro’s name, my laptop is acting up at the moment)

Trans Glanni

-never takes off his binder, even though he knows its hurting his body
-ipro finds out and immediately gets softer with him, urging him to take it off from time to time
-because he loves ithro, he complies so he won’t worry him
-the first time they had together, ithro forgot protection and Glanni was paranoid for a week that he was pregnant
-after a few weeks he figured he was wrong, but nope
-Glanni is having a little mini criminal, and is name is Flobbie.
-after having the child he immediately goes into surgery to build himself a dick, as he can’t stand the thought of another kid


i made a sportarobbie edit with my shitty wmm
hope you all enjoy it :’’)