Thursday, April 28th is IPRO Day on the IIT campus.

IIT’s Interprofessional Projects Program (IPRO) tasks interdisciplinary teams of students—often pairing them with a corporate or community sponsor—with solving real-world problems in engineering research, process improvement, sustainability, service learning and venture development.

This year’s projects range from vertical farming to renovating the old Ramova Theater in Bridgeport to piston pin manufacturing to bringing laptops to kids in Haiti.
Judges are volunteers from Chicago’s professional community.

We’re secretly pulling for our friends in IPRO 333 who helped come up with our favorite coffee, Mies van der Roast.

Thursday’s event will be held in the Hermann Hall Conference Center (the HUB).

i feel like a robot

so i currently have this lovely device hooked up to me, along with my normal dexcom and site.

i had my endo appt today and it actually went pretty well. i really really like my nurse practitioner that i see and i feel like she gets it and actually understands what i go through on a daily basis. probably because she has diabetes. but whatevs

so my blood sugars over this past semester were just bucketfuls of shit, so she decided to try to get a general idea of what my blood sugars do throughout the day. this is the iPro, and i hate it. its the first minimed product i’ve EVER put in my body and it just hurts because the needle used for these is flipping giant. (props to people who use the minimed sensor by the way) this thing is apparently storing everything in the sensor, and then when i go back to the endo next week, they’ll take it out and plug it into the computer. i’m logging everything i eat, every unit of insulin i take, basically writing down EVERYTHING. so they can correspond what happens when i do a and then what happens when i do b.

i’m supposed to be blind to my blood sugars except when i check them. however, my mom is more obsessed with my blood sugars than i will ever be, so she asked if i could keep my dexcom sensor in so she could look at it, especially at night.

well currently my dexcom is downstairs and i can hear it vibrating. my mom is in bed. can you at least make me keeping 3 wires/cannulas in me and the difficulty in sleeping that i’m gonna have with a painful wire in my stomach and cannula in my ass and another wire on my back worth it. 

if anyone says “at least its not cancer” to me in the next few days i will proceed to bitch them out


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iPhone lens help

Does anyone use a temporary lens with their iPhone 5S who can offer an opinion? I want to photograph my Etsy items more beautifully without buying an expensive DSLR.

I like the Photojojo approach, but I’d have to remove my phone case, which sucks because I’m a klutz and would likely find a way to drop and break my phone while photographing. 

I also like iPro, but if I can spend less than $230 that would be awesome! It comes with a case that you can easily attach the lenses to, so that’s great, but my Etsy store is a hobby, not a major source of income, so spending a ton on supplies isn’t ideal.

Tell me your thoughts!!