ippon seoi nage


…when all the drilling, tweaks, adjustments, lessons, and years come together, not for the perfect throw, but to pass on the knowledge gained to the next team students who now wish to be great.

That’s a moment to be experienced.

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#throwbackthursday to my clinic at Portland Judo. Showing the kiddos my #ippon-seoi-nage !
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BJJ Question

For all the BJJ practitioners and grapplers what is your takedown like? In my gym we mainly start from a kneeling position if we are rolling and we don’t do a lot of takedowns. I was just wondering who has tips to practice throws? I only know basic osoto-gari, o-goshi and ippon seoi nage. Not that I can do these well, these are just the basic takedowns I learned in TKD, which I know I can implement into my grappling. 

Any tips?