As a professional photographer, I find photographing things with my iPhone to be a great way to take a less serious, but still creative approach to photography. The ability to share a moment with an international audience within moments of taking a photograph is something that couldn’t have been as easily done 10 years ago and it amazes me every day.

I entered a few images that I had shot and uploaded to Instagram in the annual Iphone Photography Awards and was honoured to find that I received honourable mentions for three of them.   What I find interesting is that these three shots were all photographed within 2 weeks of relocating to Melbourne.  It really reinforces my belief that my creative direction in photography is heavily inspired by new places and experiences.  These are the three shots.

You can find me on instagram here: instagram.com/marklobo



A little bit of exciting news! An image of mine shot in Iceland was chosen as the winner of the Travel category in the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards :)

Super happy and really honoured to have won, and also to have 3 honourable mentions in the People and Travel categories. I love shooting with my iPhone and sharing the images on Instagram, so am really bowled over right now :) Thanks you guys for following along, and for constantly inspiring me! <3

Holy shit hacker group anonymous brought down the Department of Justice website and many more

In retaliation of shuting down megaupload.com a group of hackers shut down the DoJ website, Universal Music Group, RIAA, Motion Picture Association of America, and more

This is a list of all the sites shut down so far


//For Munday, have a photo of the mundog, Ippa. This is the terrible beast that keeps attacking me on our daily walks. This is the devil that destroys our flat. This is…my very own sweetheart babbu little cutie ubu.