Celebrating Cultural Diversity through Food (Sept Special)  | Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup

Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup was developed by the Cantonese during the 19th century in Ipoh – it’s widely known as a specialty of Ipoh cuisine! Being a fellow Ipoh Mali, I crave for a warm bowl of Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup every now and then, even when I’m only in KL. Personally, it’s my favourite Malaysian food. What I love about Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup is that it’s not a heavy meal and you can control the spiciness of the dish by adding in as much sambal kicap as you’d like! Whenever anyone asks me what Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup is like, I’d say it’s sort-of a Chicken Rice version of a noodle soup. Think about it.

(Photo by Miss Tam Chiak)

Celebrating Cultural Diversity through Food (Sept Special)  | Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun

Ipoh is predominantly a Cantonese-speaking town since the 1920s, which is why Ipoh’s vibrant food scene is dominated by Cantonese-influenced dishes! Growing up in Ipoh when I was much younger, it was difficult to find good Malay food, so my family – like most families living Ipoh – opted for Chinese food most of the time, which is why I’ve always preferred Malaysian Chinese cuisine to Malay food. 

Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun would be my all-time favourite breakfast meal, hands down! Since the dish is traditionally eaten during breakfast, they sell Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun only in the mornings from 9am to 12:30pm in Ipoh. Yep, in Ipoh, you gotta eat certain dishes according to time. 


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