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  • Spideychelle Headcanon: In Which Peter Finds a Playlist on MJ’s iPod called “Peter”
  • So MJ has it bad for Peter
  • Like real bad
  • She wants to be super chill and emotionless but this boy
  • This sweet, loving, genuine, earnest, sincere, endlessly caring dorky boy with a cute butt just does things to her
  • She wants Peter
  • She wants to be with him
  • As demeaning as it is she wants to be his
  • Well one day they start sharing music and listening to one of their iPods together
  • The first time she took one of his earbuds to listen to his music while studying, Peter was really nervous because he figured she’d hate his taste in music
  • And while MJ was taken by surprise to hear Lebo M’s “NAAAAAAANTS INGONYAAAAAAAMA BAGATHI SI BABA” when she hit shuffle on Peter’s iPod, it was a pleasant surprise bc OF COURSE sweet Peter has a shit ton of Disney in his music
  • It even inspires her to get more Disney on her iPod
  • Anyway they share music when they hang out, study, and sometimes even in the rare class where the teacher lets them listen to music during a test
  • MJ has a daydream where Peter makes her a mixtape of the songs that are important to them
  • Like the song that they danced to at prom
  • The song that they listened to while they made out for the first time
  • Ugh there she goes, she grumbles, thinking too far ahead
  • Well one evening her and Peter are hanging out on the roof of MJ’s apartment looking at the darkening sky, both lounging in some reclining plastic beach chairs. Comfy silence
  • MJ is wondering if she can be brave enough to make a move when Peter says he needs to go tinkle. Ugh of course this dork would need to right now
  • She smirks at him and asks him to bring her iPod from her room back up with him, and pick a playlist for them to listen to on the way back
  • Peter leaves and MJ can’t stop herself from ogling that cute butt
  • MJ passes the time sighing peacefully, gushing about Peter and groaning at how much she cared about him
  • Peter returns and it’s too dim for her to see the confusion on his face at first
  • She jokes about him getting lost before she sees it
  • “Hey, loser? You alright?” MJ asks
  • Peter looks kinda overwhelmed. “I went to pick a playlist,” he holds up her ipod
  • MJ doesn’t realize it until it’s too late
  • “I picked the one named ‘Peter’”
  • And oh shit
  • Oh no no no no no
  • See a few nights back MJ was up all night thanks to an evening nap
  • And Peter had to go to bed just as she woke up in the middle of the night so she was missing him and pining for him and ugh why can’t he be mine she thought as she shed a few tears that night
  • So of course she turned to her iPod for comfort and she made a playlist, calling it “Peter”
  • And this playlist is all about her feelings for this boy or at least close to it since obv not every lyric is going to apply to them
  • Some are more innocent like the seven versions of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (by Elton John, the movie cast, the Broadway cast, Sara Paxton, the Animal Kingdom cast, the instrumental, the Todrick Hall/Shoshana Bean cover) and “Lonely” by Akon
  • Some, there’s no mistaking how she feels about Peter with choices like “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” by Elvin Bishop and “My Eyes Adored You” by Frankie Valli, or “Notice Me Horton” from Seussical and “Helpless” from Hamilton
  • And there are some as explicit as freaking “Red Light Special” by TLC because she has needs and she wants Peter to fulfill those needs
  • She meant to delete the playlist before she shared her iPod with Peter again but forgot
  • Which means Peter just found out she dedicated basically a booty call song to him as well on top of all the pining love songs
  • Jesus help her
  • “You… well… um…”
  • And ugh he’s too shocked to even speak
  • Hell she can barely muster her next words
  • “Yeahsoilikeyoualot”
  • “One more time?!” Peter squeaks, his voice getting so adorably high pitched that MJ realizes he heard her just fine
  • “I like you. A lot, actually.” There’s nothing confident about it. She’s scared bc she wasn’t ready to tell him, at least not yet. And he just found her Red Light Special-infused playlist which probably just freaked him out
  • “MJ… I… whoa..” Peter is so freaking mindblown
  • MJ rubs her eyes, exhausted from this rollercoaster “Yes. I heart you, Peter.”
  • Peter comes over to sit next to her and boy does she wanna squeak when their legs and sides touch as he gets in close
  • “MJ… same.”
  • “What”
  • Because this is insane
  • Ned had been dropping hints but there’s no way is there?
  • “I like you a lot, too, MJ.” And he’s smiling at her looking so hopeful she wants to scream
  • “And hey, I think it’s awesome you were willing to make a playlist about… well, me, sorta”
  • MJ is just looking at him, shook
  • “Peter I really wanna tackle you right now”
  • “You sure you don’t want to give me a red light special?” He wiggles his eyebrows and oh boy does she want to but omg he’s getting cocky already
  • And just for that she hops up and tackles him, pinning him, laughing, on the chair before she does the unthinkable and kisses him
  • It’s far from graceful but it gets the point across
  • They eventually get back to lounging back on the chairs like human beings and actually curl up in some blankets they get from MJ’s room
  • They spend another hour or two up there, listening to MJ’s playlist about looooooove and red light specials as they begin to talk about everything now that they both know at last
  • And Michelle Jones never deletes that playlist from her iPod
Creole Love Call

One of my favorite minor characters appears in Episode 1.3, “The Green Mill Murder.”  In this episode we get to meet the talented Noreen Rodgers (I’ve seen this spelled several ways) – played by the equally talented Deni Hines. I come back to this episode again and again, mostly for the part of the plot that has to do with her.  I have nothing against the Freemans or Bobby Sullivan, but they don’t have lines like “Honey, it was so far up my thigh, I would’ve slugged you if you even tried” and “Girl, you must be half fried, ‘cause, uh, you ain’t makin’ any sense.”  Plus, one of my most-played tracks in my iPod is “Mr. Music Man”.  Sometimes I hear that “angel-child” song as I’m trying to fall asleep.  Her voice is magical – capturing the sultry and flamboyant atmosphere of a Jazz Age speak easy, the soothing feeling of a deep, true love, as well as the devotion of an abiding lover when circumstances become bittersweet.

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I'll decide to be funny and say Michael for the headcanon meme

Ah my favorite Demon Dad™!!

  • * 2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod
    • idk man, Michael seems like a “1000 recordings of people screaming” kinda guy tbh
  • the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to
    • The conference room during Bad Place Architect meetings—look they’re boring and he has better things to do than listen to Paula’s thirtieth request for extra sharp spiked beds
  • the game they’d destroy everyone else at
    • Monopoly because he has no mercy & doesn’t care about anyone else (except Janet!)
  • * the emoticon they’d use most often
    • 👼(1. because it’s creepy, 2. because he likes to make fun of the Good Place people)
  • what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep
    • Mopey and mean!
  • their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.
    • Probably cinnamon-flavored antimatter
  • how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump
    • He bundles up in a hoodie and lays on the floor in misery
  • what they wanted to be when they grew up
    • A Bad Place architect! And he did it!!!! He’s living the dream!
  • their favorite kind of weather
    • Thunderstorms, he likes to watch the little kiddos down on Earth get extra scared :[
  • thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)
    • Surprisingly, Michael has a really nice singing voice, he can belt it out like the best of them!
  • how/what they like to draw or doodle
    • New ways to torture people, funny ways to die, etc. etc.

Character Headcanons!

okay but think about a catch me if you can hartwin au for a second.

like eggsy as the con man who went from a nothing kid to a fake pilot, to a fake doctor, and beyond. cashing forged checks. getting in with all the posh birds who like it a bit rough. 

and then there’s harry. working for whatever the british version of the feds. head of a task force to track down this master con man. chasing him all around the country on a set of very poor leads. and half glances

once eggsy figures it out of course he’s a little shit, leaving little hints behind for harry . calling  him up on christmas just to be like “how you doing?” and slowly falling for each other except not realizing because theyve never really seen each other face to face (not counting that one time harry didn’t know it was him)

and then when they finally run into each other, there’s this moment where it hits harry that this famous con man he’s chasing down is 1. just really a kid 2. really familiar looking 3. winking at him and offering a chance to join the mile high club before harry puts him away “i am a pilot, after all.”

okay just like go listen to “life in living color” and tell me you dont want a catch me if you can au. (i mean, listen to the whole sound track, but at least that song)

me: [minding my business]

my ipod: Ladies Leave Your Man At Home-




Title: Butterfingers
Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin (Side! Jeongguk/Taehyung) 
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Romance, Fluff, Comedy, Semi-Crack, Fairytale/Soulmates
Wordcount: 13.3K+


Park Jimin’s life is no fairytale. 

But if it was, it’d go something like this.

(Or: the AU in which Jimin is cursed to drop whatever he’s holding every time he sees the person he loves.) 

Read at: ao3 or under the cut! 

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