ipods are trash

I was tagged by @algodon-blanco fort first ten songs on shuffle or something
1. Future - Paramore
2.look good with trouble - solange
3. Dance slow decades - Angel Olsen
4. Told you so - Paramore
5. Lips - the xx
6. Clearest blue - Chvrches
7. Braid - perfume genius
8. Forrest Gump - frank ocean
9. Biting down - Lorde
10. Child - lights

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EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED by Taylor Swift ( feat. Ed Sheeran ) // LESSONS IN LOVE ( ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT ) by Neon Trees // CRASHED by Chris Daughtry // ARMS by Christina Perri // BEGIN AGAIN by Taylor Swift // CLOSE TO YOU by Neon Trees // NO LIGHT, NO LIGHT by Florence + the Machine // SATELLITE CALL by Sara Bareilles // JUST A KISS by Lady Antebellum // BUY THE STARS by Marina and The Diamonds. // COSMIC LOVE by Florence + the Machine // WHEN CAN I SEE YOU AGAIN by Owl City


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let's be alone together, we could stay young forever,
scream it from the top of your lungs, lungs, lungs.

I started to watch KnB because I found a video of the Generation of miracles singing a song of Uta no princess sama (1000 love) and I got curios of what was about. Later instead of continue the other anime I start to watch KNB

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Darcy finds a dragon's egg, but doesn't know quite what it is - she keeps it next to her ipod speakers.

the edge of the map (on ao3)

The edge of the map is not the end of the world, and dragons live within the borders as well as the edges. At least there were dragons in any map that wasn’t Darcy’s. At the age of six and three quarters, more or less, she scattered pennies across the backyard. Bright shiny pennies she collected from between the sofa cushions and in the parking lot of the corner store. 

Darcy slept in the garden with a butterfly net, but no dragon ever came to visit her, but Mr. Otaku’s roses were eaten by a small swarm of blind wyrms, that spit acid and burrowed under the fence and started the neighborhood dogs barking in the small hours before the sun rose.

Despite the absence of dragons in her own life, Darcy still loves their stories, and she watched David Attenborough’s Living with Dragons documentary, with dragons big as houses and one as long and her elementary school. Reruns of Little House on the Prairie were her absolute favourite, with Laura and her tiny brindle scaled dragonette Jack.

There is a dragon fund hidden amongst the books neatly stacked on a shelf in the tiny apartment she now calls home, and a silver dipped dragon’s scale pendant she wears next to her heart. But Darcy’s favorite possession is a small replica dragon’s egg that she bought for twenty-five cents at an estate sale two days before she went off to college.  

The egg was no larger that a goose egg, slate grey in color with an ancient ‘Made in Wales’ sticker half rubbed off on the bottom. She keeps the egg nestled safe between the speakers of her ipod sitting on Darcy’s cluttered desk in Jane’s haphazard lab space. The lab is not a safe space, accidents happen, and more often than not when you work for a brilliant astrophysicist smitten with a demigod.

Jane doesn’t start the fire, not this time, but the back wall of the lab is incinerated.

“My equipment,” Jane says, frowning as they pick through the charred remains of the lab.

“It’s Stark’s fault he can buy you new toys,” Darcy says, tossing a shattered coffee cup into a trash bag. “Don’t you think SI could afford to have people clean this up for us.”

“Darcy, no,” Jane says, pointing in Darcy’s direction. “I’m not having…”

“Stark’s hands all over your equipment?” Darcy says, tossing a bit of (only slightly) scorched metal in a box marked ‘useful’ in Jane’s near impenetrable scrawl. “You don’t pay me enough for this.”

“I don’t pay you at all, SI does,” Jane says, splashing through a puddle of inky black water. “I think I can fix this.”

“Not likely,” Darcy says, wrinkling her nose at the smell of melted plastic as drops the twisted lump of her ipod into the trash bag. The plastic stand for the dragon egg is melted to the table but the egg looks untouched, until Darcy picks it up. The egg is cracked “Oh, no.” Darcy cries running her gloved thumb over the cracks on the surface of the egg. The egg is warm in the palm of her hand. A fragment of shell splinters off the egg, it wobbles in her hand, and a faint scratching sound can be heard. “Uh, Jane?”

“Not now, Darce.”


“Look you can put a iPod on the requisitions sheet.”



“I’ve waited my whole life to say this… it’s alive.”

“I told you to stop watching those Syfy channel original movies.”

“No, like, it’s really alive,” Darcy says, cradling the egg close to her chest. The egg rocks in her palm and a tiny egg-tooth pushes up through the fractured shell. “Oh my god.”

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Why is Enjolras headcanoned as such a stick in the mud when it comes to anything not pertaining to the revolution? Give me Enjolras who's ipod is filled with hipster trash like Mac Demarco and Sufjan Stevens. Enjolras who binge watches Broad City and is always stealing Grantaire's socks cause the man can't keep track of his own.

Well I think that’s due to his passion in the brick, that’s what is emphasized. But yeah what about :

  • Enjolras watching hours of beauty videos on youtube to learn how to braid because his hair keeps falling in front of his eyes
  • Enjolras making a bubble beard in the shower and laughing to himself cause he’s too goddamn funny
  • Enjolras being a adept of the kinkshame meme and saying “let me kinkshame you there” everytime someone says sandwich bread is superior to baguettes
  • Enjolras who sings “Les Lacs du Connemara” in the most broken and out-of-key way after a single beer
  • Enjolras who sends ugly snapchats to Courfeyrac when he’s bored (Courf, of course, screenshots each and every single one of those)