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Want to make it sad? Imagine Dean listening to the playlist by himself while he's worried about Cas.


Actually yes totally. This is what Dean is doing right now. He’s lying on his bed, headphones on. Pink ipod out and that stupid sappy playlist that Cas made him selected. Its not like Cas knows any better. Just said in his stupid sexy angel voice “I found some songs that I think you might like Dean.” with his stupid handsome face all serious and grouchy giving nothing away and like an idiot Dean was just like “yeah cool man I’ll give it a listen”. SERIOUSLY? Everyone knows Dean Winchester ONLY listens to Classic Rock (well and maybe that one Taylor Swift song). But THIS list? It was all sappy pop songs about love and longing and love… what the hell was Cas thinking? 

Except here he is right now lying on his bed listening to the damn thing totally NOT crying because his dumbass angel won’t return his calls and has been AWOL for weeks. Dean is completely helpless, unable to find him and instead having to listen to freaking “Halo” by Beyonce because apparently she is Cas’s “fave” now. Its almost as if Cas anticipated that he was going away and made this playlist specifically to tug on Dean’s heartstrings and make it ever more painful for him… Still, he keeps listening, closes his eyes, and thinks about his angels safe return.

Meanwhile, in heaven, tied to a cold metallic chair, horrifying devices and needles all around him, Cas sits still. He is alone again, though Joshua will be back soon. His memories are hazy, he knows he has done terrible things, but that his brethren have further tasks for him ahead. He feels the power of heaven coursing through him, vibrating through his grace. Somewhere, deep in his memory, lies the image of green eyes, he doesn’t know who they belong to, but the image makes him feel warm, feel safe.

The song starts up in his mind again, along with those green eyes. It is vaguely familiar though he cannot place where from, still he grasps hold of the feeling with his grace, reaches for the tendrils of what he thinks is a form of prayer. Someone longs for him… someone listens to this beautiful song and… loves him.

It all comes back once again, as it always does, every time another familiar song echos in his mind along with green eyes, freckles and a handsome smile. A soul shining far brighter than any other…

They have failed again. They will keep failing. Castiel smiles. Cas smiles.

In his mind, he grasps hold of the thinning threads of prayer coming from the man he loves so dearly. Dean. Of course. 

No matter what they do, they will never take away his love for Dean. 

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I've followed you since 2014 and every year I watch your art get better and better and tbh you've been my idol since I first followed!! your art just gets more and more fluid and creative each year and it's really cool thinking about how my stupid iPod from 2014 has a bunch of traditional appliance alliance art you did saved on it so I could marvel at how cute your AU was and I feel like some weird proud family member cause you improve more and more each time!!! :D sorry if this is weird aaadhdh

AHHHHHHH cmere cmere lemme give ya a smooch



The first tune is “The Glasgow Reel” for (hey, what do you know) theglasgowreel, thanks for being an awesome supporter! The second tune is “ Siobhan O'Donnell's” one of my favorite tunes for all my fantastic followers! The final tune (still untitled) is an original that I wrote for my dad as a late birthday present, for being the coolest dad ever!

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What being Suga’s Childhood Friend would be Like.

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  • Being scolded by Yoongi every 5 minutes, even if you were just standing there
  • Being taller than him when you’re both in elementary school
  • Protecting him if he gets bullied
  • Play dates at his house mostly because he’s too lazy to go to your house
  • Yoongi falling asleep during play dates and you asking his mom if he’s dead
  • You waking up Yoongi by your crying only to be told to shut up
  • Constantly being critiqued for your little 6 year old drawings.
  • Going to middle school together
  • Being the same height as him finally
  • Sharing ear buds while walking to school together
  • Making him change the song 6 times on his stupid iPod that freezes every 4 minutes
  • Always being treated like his younger sister because he only has an older brother
  • Everyone joking around that you’re like an old married couple
  • Always bickering over nothing usually
  • Sharing notes for classes you share
  • Making fun of him when he becomes class president
  • Being the only one Yoongi doesn’t scold in class
  • Helping him tie his tie for his uniform because he sucks at it
  • Not realizing his voice is changing until he directly tells you
  • More making fun of him, but for his puberty
  • Him inviting you over one day only to show you all the song’s hes written
  • Trying to rap some parts but being smacked in the back of the head and told to quiet down or you’ll get in trouble for swearing if his mom hears
  • Getting super mushy when you realize he wants to be a producer
  • Asking if he’s gonna move away when he grows up and getting all teary eyed
  • Him hitting you on the back of the head again and telling you to not cry because he’ll never leave his best friend
  • Hugging him and hearing Yoongi mutter ew at least 5 times
  • Graduating middle school and moving on to high school
  • Having like 0 classes in high school together
  • Going over to Yoongi’s house everyday after school because you never see each other in class
  • Getting scolded by Yoongi even thought he actually really likes the fact you follow him home.
  • Him asking if you’re okay with your classes and if you ate a proper lunch that day
  • Yoongi making you stay for dinner before you go home just so you can talk more about your day
  • Being made to wear his scarf when it gets cold because you forget
  • Making him eat some breakfast on the way to school because he sleeps in
  • Always hearing your name being called by Yoongi in the hallway because he notices you first in the crowd
  • Noticing the height difference one day when you walk to school together
  • Suddenly getting flustered and not talking the rest of the way to school
  • Him noticing and asking why you’re quiet
  • You replying that you forgot you had homework and then ignoring him for the rest of the day
  • Being cornered by him in the hall at the end of the day asking why you’re being so evasive
  • Telling him your busy today and that you can’t hang out
  • Always blushing whenever you see him in the halls and turning around so he doesn’t see you
  • Him thinking your mad at him so he shows up at your house everyday even if he’s locked out of your bedroom
  • One day hearing him screwing around with your door knob before walking in and locking the door again.
  • Telling him you’ll scream if he doesn’t get out
  • Him crawling up your bed anyway, telling you “I dare you to scream.”
  • Being pushed against your bed by him
  • Getting super nervous when he leans down, until you realize he’s just hugging you
  • Him mumbling that he’s super sorry for whatever he did and that he really hates it when you ignore him
  • Being told that he realized how much of an important person you are to him and how he doesn’t think he can’t live without you.
  • You taking too long to answer, only to have him kiss you
On the plane with him

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Liam always tried to catch up on a bit of sleep on the plane, knowing that it was the only place they wouldn’t be bothered and weren’t expected to do anything else. However you were quite the opposite, you willingly admitted that you had a bad case of the travel bug and whenever you sat down on a plane, excitement kicked in and you were so far from sleep that you were practically bouncing in your seat. “Babe what are you doing?” Liam asked only 20 minutes into the flight, having opened his eyes from his unsuccessful nap to see you fidgeting in your seat and mindlessly flicking through a magazine, too fast to actually be reading anything. “I’m sorry Li” you said guiltily “I was trying not to wake you, but I am just so excited.” “Love I haven’t even been close to sleep, I can feel the seat moving underneath me from all of your fidgeting,” Liam told you with a fond smile. “How can you even consider sleep? Aren’t you excited?” you asked incredulously. “Of course I am, but you learn to sleep when you can.” “I wish I could sleep, but I am just so hyped up,” you told Liam with a sigh. “Maybe try to relax and tell me what you’re excited about.” Liam suggested, wrapping an arm around you and pulling you close into his side where you fit perfectly. You nodded and in a quiet voice started to excitedly tell Liam the things you were most excited to see on your travels. After almost an hour of talking with Liam while he ran gentle hands through your hair and down your side you finally felt your eyes beginning to droop. “Sleep love, we still have ages till we land” Liam told you when he saw you fighting against the sleep. You nodded and turned your head further into the warmth of Liam and his soft hoodie, his arms encircled you and held you close as the both of you drifted into a reasonably peaceful sleep.


Harry was one of those people, who when given too much time to think would come up with a series of deep thoughts to ponder. “Y/N are you asleep?” you heard Harry’s whispered voice ask and immediately your eyes flickered open “No Haz what’s the matter?” you whispered back. “I can’t sleep like everyone else, I just keep thinking about everything.” “What’s on your mind?” you asked Harry, quickly taking a glance around to see that all the other boys were fast asleep in their respective chairs so you moved a little closer to Harry, both of you curled under one blanket as you looked at Harry expectantly. “Why do people like us so much, when we go to places we have never even set foot in before, I just don’t understand” Harry started out. You looked at him quickly with furrowed brows, only to see him looking back at you with a very similar expression. You started to giggle quietly, ducking your head into his chest so you wouldn’t wake anyone. “What?” Harry questioned in a deep almost offended voice “why are you laughing at me?”  You looked back at him with bright eyes “I’m sorry babe, but only you could start think such deep thoughts in the middle of a long overseas flight on the way to your sold out tour” you told him with a bright grin. Harry smiled at you almost shyly, his dimples just showing through “I was just on twitter earlier and I saw so many people, from places I’ve never even been, telling me how much they love me” Harry told you incredulously. “Harry it’s because you guys are so talented and amazing to your fans, they love you because it’s so obvious that you love them” you told Harry and he smiled pulling you into his chest and kissing the top of your hair, “thank you for always listening to my thoughts” Harry thanked you, making you smile and reach up to kiss him softly.


You were jolted out of your sleep by a shudder of turbulence running through the plane. Though you had flown many times before, you were still a rather anxious flyer and as a second bump rocked the plane, you bolted upright and glanced around anxiously. You looked hopefully over at your boyfriend, Zayn, only to see that he was still fast asleep. Trying to stay calm you focused on keeping your breathing even, but when the plane continued to shake you looked over at Zayn again, and feeling very guilty, you leant over and shook his shoulder. Zayn stirred slightly and his eyes attempted to open as he mumbled “we there already?” “No Zee I’m sorry, I just…” you started before you cut yourself off with a squeal as yet another bump moved the plane. As soon as you squealed, Zayn’s eyes shot open and he was wide awake. He looked at you and noticed the panicked look in your wide eyes and watched you flinch as the plane rocked. “Oh love” he said in realisation before opening his arms for you to curl into the comfort of his chest, to which you happily complied. “I didn’t know you were afraid of flying” Zayn said softly. “m’ not just don’t like turbulence” you mumbled, sounding much like an offended child. You felt his chest vibrate underneath your ear as he chuckled, but he wrapped his arms tightly around you and ran a soothing hand on a path across your arm, while the plane flew through the rough part.  Once the flight had settled again and you managed to ease the tension in your shoulders you moved to smile at Zayn, “Thank you” you said with a blush. “Anytime, I understand being afraid of something” he told you sincerely and you no longer felt the need to argue that you weren’t afraid.


You and Louis were similar on flights, both choosing music as a reasonable distraction. You sat close to Louis enjoying each other’s company silently as you were both engrossed in your own set of music. You were humming along softly when your ear buds suddenly went silent, confused you looked down to see a black screen with a flashing battery on it. “Arrgggg” you groaned, “are you serious we still have like two hours left” you mumbled to yourself. “Everything alright Y/N” Louis asked, removing one bud to hear your answer, after seeing the frustrated look on your face. “No” you grumbled “I forgot to charge my stupid ipod last night, cause I’d already packed it and now the damn thing has gone flat on me.” Louis grinned, extending his removed ear bud towards you and waggling his brow, “care to share my musical taste for the rest of the ride.” Laughing you nodded, taking the bud from Louis and putting it in, leaning closer to Louis so it could reach. You stayed silent for a few more songs before you spoke again “you know, I think your music taste has improved a bit since the last time I listened to your playlist” you teased Louis. “Oh really?” Louis said with a smirk “thank you so much for your tick of approval, miss QUEEN of music” he finished sarcastically. “You are very welcome, but please call me ‘your majesty’” you replied with a triumphant grin. Louis just rolled his eyes at you “You’re crazy” he told you affectionately and you just smiled and curled back into his side enjoying the music, “you love it” you said quietly. “That’s true” he whispered in your ear, kissing the side of your temple.


“Is there anything else I can get you sir” the air hostess asked in a bored voice, barely glancing at the Niall. “No thank you, I’ve got everything,” Niall said in a gruff voice, his accent coming through strongly. The girls head shot up at the sound of his voice and when she looked at him to see him flashing a rather charming smile, her demeanour quickly changed, she turned her body towards him and flashed him a wicked grin “are you quite sure, I couldn’t make you more comfortable?” She asked flirtatiously. “No I’m quite comfortable thank you” Niall replied never dropping his grin. The girl sighed and nodded deflated as she walked away, continuing down the aisle. As you had watched the exchange you had become increasingly more annoyed, now when Niall turned back to you, you sat turned away from him with your arms crossed over your chest. “Y/N?” Niall questioned with a frown, reaching over to place a hand on your shoulder which you quickly shrugged off. Niall’s frown depended as he asked, “is everything ok, have I done something?” You glanced over at Niall to see that he looked genuinely perplexed as to why you were upset with him. “You really don’t even notice do you?” you questioned softly. “Notice what darling? Please tell me what I’ve done” Niall said. “That girl, she was clearly flirting with you and all you did was smile at her like she was the prettiest girl in the world, while I was sitting next to you.” You rushed out quickly, blushing now at how stupid it sounded. Niall’s brow furrowed and this time when he reached for you, you didn’t protest, “babe it’s part of my job, I’m just so used to having to put on the charm for fans and interviews, that it just comes natural,” he told you. He pulled you close into his chest before he leant down to kiss you softly before moving back enough to tell you quietly, “ and I promise you that you are the prettiest girl that I have seen, please don’t ever think that I am flirting with others, I’m just trying to keep up an image.” Niall continued looking into your eyes to make sure you believed him until you finally nodded and let him pull you into another gentle kiss.

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Gonna Be

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Gonna Be // Dean x Reader 

Words: 1574

Warnings: Headaches and stuff. 

Requests: Reader is really nervous about where life is going with her career is going to be outside of hunting and whether she will be able to accomplish it. She has big dreams like writing and acting and loses confidence and gets anxiety that she will never be good enough for her own expectations. Dean calls her down with everything from ridiculous encouragement, to whispering when it’s going to be okay and *embarrassed*she falls asleep with him next to her talking/singing. 500 miles by asleep at last? ————

———— Oh my gosh I am so horrible. :-) I feel like I ask you something every single night :-) it’s like the stampede from the lion King of asks… Same reader as usual, but let’s say she doesn’t drink very much because she gets busy… Like she literally forgets to keep herself hydrated and she has migraines and Dean thins that might be a reason. And he kind of lectures her a little bit while she is in the dark trying to get rid of it… And can you kind of do it a second time, but with Sammy?

You can listen to the song here!

– – – – –

Another headache and goodness was it bad.

You rubbed your head slightly as you paced your room, heart hammering away in your chest as you suffocated within your own thoughts. You hated when this happened, when an overwhelming panic filled you at the most unexpected times, and it was even worse now that Dean and Sam were away. You were on your own for this one.

Books and even crumpled up writings of your own littered your room carelessly and you sighed to yourself at the mess but didn’t have the energy to do much about it; just looking at it all made you even more anxious and jittery.

Your writings could never compared to the literary art you spent your time reveling over and it was starting to become very clear to you now that you’d had some time to mull over it.

It’s not true, your brain kept trying to tell you. You kept trying to tell yourself that you were a wonderful writer and that you’d make it someday. Maybe even write your own play, a script of any kind, and take part in acting in it as well.

These were your dreams and nobody else was tearing them down except for you.

“My only true talent,” you scoffed, then winced when another shooting pain flamed up in your head.

Your headache was getting stronger to the point where you’d decided to turn all the lights off and huddle up in bed for a while and wait for it to pass.

It only made you think even more about where your life was headed and if it was even headed anywhere at all. To be realistic, hunting was kind of taking up your entire life, even if you didn’t join Sam and Dean on every hunt, and you didn’t, but you still needed to be vigilant. Your life had been changed forever and you were starting to think that there wasn’t any hope to fulfilling those dreams you’d had since you were a child.

Every thought you had about giving it all up made you feel heavier and sadder and it even seemed to fuel your headache until it was nearly a migraine. The pain felt like your head was going to split open and you had to fight against it and concentrate on other things.

You were so caught up in yourself that you didn’t even hear your bedroom door click open to reveal Dean and you didn’t notice him walk into the room. The only time you even peeked an eye open was when you felt your bed dip with a new weight.

“Dean?” you whimpered, voice barely above a whisper to keep your pain at a minimum.

“Another one?” he asked as quietly as he could, his hand coming up to smooth down your hair gently. He’d witnessed more and more of your headaches these days and always looked very worried. If there was one thing that Dean hated, it was having to sit back and watch a loved one be in pain knowing that he couldn’t help, which was exactly what was happening.

You nodded to answer his question and he wordlessly lay down beside you, sighing deeply. You moved closer by instinct and could have sworn that you felt a little bit better just by having him there.

“Have you had anything to drink today?” he asked. It was a new one he’d started asking since your headaches had become more prominent and you gave the same answer every time.

“No,” you whispered.

Dean sighed again but this time he seemed to be at a loss. Slowly and gently, his thumb and forefinger moved to grasp onto your chin, and he lifted your head a little so you could look at him.

In the darkness, it was difficult, but you were just barely able to make out his slightly upset expression, pursed lips and all.

“No wonder you’re getting all these nasty headaches,” he murmured, his hand moving from your chin to smooth out your hair once more. It felt nice and you closed your eyes at the relaxing sensation. Still, his touch left you much too soon and you found yourself opening your eyes once more to look at him, eyes searching his.

“What’s wrong?” you asked him and he just shook his head, moving to sit up.

“I’m getting you some water. Wait here,” he muttered, already halfway to the door.

There was no way you were getting up any time soon so you just settled back into your pillows and tried to empty your mind to see if it would help at all. That, coupled with Dean’s presence, seemed to be very effective.

Your troubled thoughts had subsided some once Dean had returned, a cold water bottle in his hands, and you sat up to take a few gulps of it before cuddling up to him. The water was amazing and your body seemed to sigh in relief from it; you really weren’t all that hydrated and you could see now how this could relate to your headache.

“Now are you going to tell me what’s been bothering you?” Dean prodded, taking the half-empty water bottle from you when you were done ravaging it.

You sighed at the question and blinked a few times to gather your thoughts, eyes trained on Dean’s socked feet as you tried to come up with the words.

“I like to read. I like to write even more. And…acting is like second nature to me,” you whispered, swallowing thickly. “Those are my dreams but what if my dreams aren’t what’s in store for me?”

Dean was quiet a moment and you were afraid that you’d made him angry somehow, but then you heard his voice, low and thoughtful.

“You’re worried that hunting is the only thing you were made for.”

It wasn’t a question; he wasn’t asking. He was merely putting the pieces of the puzzle together. You nodded, made sure he could feel it against his chest, and Dean sighed yet again and tightened his grip on you.

“You want to know what’s stopping you from doing all that stuff?” he asked you, and you looked up at him questioningly, surprised when you saw his determined expression. He continued talking without any response from you. “The only thing stopping you from doing what you love is you, Y/N. Hunting won’t stop you, family won’t stop you, Sam and I won’t stop you. Yeah, there are some priorities and responsibilities we can’t ignore, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give your dreams up. Those are yours to keep and follow through with. Okay?”

“Okay,” you whispered immediately, letting the words sink in. They made more sense the longer they sifted through the air between you and Dean and you were finally starting to feel better about it. He was right. Dean was always right. You were in control and you could hold onto your dreams as long as you wanted.

“Are you feeling better?” Dean asked after a few more minutes of comfortable silence and you nodded slowly, reaching to grasp his hand in yours to give it a squeeze.

“Yeah,” you whispered, smiling a little. “Thank you.”

“Good to hear. I’ll let you rest up for the night,” Dean mumbled, flashing you a tired smile as he pried himself away from you to leave. Your hand held onto his steadfast, however, and your eyes were piercing through his in a silent plea to stay.

Dean didn’t even need you to speak a word aloud; he was back in bed with you seconds later, his arms around your waist to pull you close to him.

“I let Sam use his stupid iPod today,” Dean grumbled, his voice gravelly with exhaustion. The hunt earlier he’d just come home from must have taken a toll on him. You’d have to ask about it tomorrow. “That song you like came on. I liked it. It was a good song for a snowy drive.”

“What song?” you asked sleepily, feeling your headache subside slowly to make way for sleep.

“The cover of that cheesy song,” he tried to explain.

It still wasn’t ringing any bells and both of you were too exhausted to elaborate; so, Dean tried a different route.

“When I wake up,” he half-heartedly sang, “well I know I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the man who wakes up next to you.”

You laughed a little and your eyes snapped open, lighting up at the fact he’d remembered when you’d mentioned the song in passing to him. You managed to pry away from him long enough to grab your own iPod and plug it into the small speakers you had on your nightstand.

At the lowest level you could tolerate, the music drifted out towards you and Dean, soft piano keys grazing over your minds like the snow Dean had talked about.

“I’m gonna dream about the time when I’m with you,” you mumbled out, your singing voice long gone, and Dean chuckled a little, his hands rubbing soothing circles into your lower back to ease you into sleep.

“I would walk 500 miles,” he joined in, the sleepy smile very evident in his voice. “And I would walk 500 more – this song is still hilarious to me, Y/N.”

“You love it,” you argued, already drifting off into a wonderland of your own.

You fell asleep to the thought of a whole other world with Dean and very tangible dreams. 

– – – – 


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Fatima tell a story about your dad

um.. Ok :/ 1 time my sisters n I were in the living room I think this was about 2 years ago maybe 3 but we go to the living room after we wake up n we just watch tv for a lil while n then we start our day and we were watching tv 1 morning n my sister like fatima u kno where mami’s ipod is? I need it it important and I was like I think it in fathers room I’ll go get it but my sister like he asleep n when she said that I heard kill bill sirens cause if he asleep u cannot u can NTO disturb him he like a bear u wake him up he yell at u for 20 min and make u cry so if u sneak around u dead and I WAS STUPID n NAÏVE N I WAS LIKE who care! let him wake up I’ll go get mami’s iPod n so I went to his room n he on the bed n I go on my knees to crawl around the bed 2 get my mami’s iPod where I left it and my father snoring so I think it all good.. I’m crawling n I’m slowly moving to the counter where the iPod is in the DARK it pitch BLACK feel like an insidious movie and I keep crawling and the UGLY floor creeks and I hear KILL BILL SIRENS IM LIKE HE GONNA WAKE UP N YELL AT ME N HIT ME SO IM LIKE ABOR T but then he doesn’t wake up so I’m like ok let me keep going.. I go 2 the counter n grab the iPod n I go back on my knees but when I go back on my knees the iPod screen turn on n I’m like O SHI!!!!!!!! I TRY TURNING THE SCREEN OFF but the lil button on the headphones WAS CLICKED so MUSIC STARTED PLAYING I put pause so quick I saw God n I look over n he still asleep.. I start crawling again n then.. fuking then I hit the bed with my head and HE FIKCIGN WAKES UP IM QUIET THO IM LIKE MAYB IF I STAY LO HE’LL GO TO SLEEP HE SAYS “WHO IS IT” IN SPANISH N IM LIKE HE GONNA PULL THE MACHETE ON ME N THINK IM A MURDERER I HOP UP LIKE “ITS ME!!!!!!” N HE LIKE FATIMA ANDATE YA N IM LIKE FUKC HE START GETTIN OUT OF BED I RUN TO THE BATHROOM MY HEART RACING LIKE I JUST DID A 20K RUN..i almost DIED that morning i almos DIED..