okay paul i am trying to make some sense of this one… so you sat down on the couch with your blueberry bagel and your strawberry philadelphia cream cheese and you almost finished your bagel, paul, but then fast forward some amount of time and we are left with a bagel impaled in the cream cheese like some kind of fucking bagel excalibur and that cream cheese is just evaporating into the air because our apartment is fucking hot and we are inhaling rotten cheese and you are probably somewhere else with not a worry in your head and what the fuck is that ipod charger adaptor doing out next to the cream cheese paul what the fuck paul IS IT SO FUCKING HARD TO PUT AWAY YOUR DISGUSTING FRUIT FLAVORED CHEESE AND THAT IPOD CHARGER???!??!

Ah. Barn life.

I forgot to mention….
I thought that my iPod charger was bent because it would sit kinda funny in my iPod and it would connect the disconnect then connect then disconnect so I thought I needed a new charger. So turns out that there was a piece of hay in the place you plug a cord on my iPod. I was sitting on the bus and I turned it over to plug in headphones and I was like what is that? And I pulled out a chunk of hay… Sigh.
Valentines day is tomorrow

iKini- charges your ipod while you sunbathe. 

You can buy one of these for $200. It’s made with 40 paper-thin flexible photo-voltaic panels,  which are sewn over your normal bikini using soft-conductive thread. So when you’re in the sun, you can charge your iphone, or maybe even your camera - anything that charges with a USB connection. 

The guy who designed this - Andrew Schneider, is currently working on iDrink. A beer cooler powered by a pair of mens trunks…