Backpack tips

I am a commuter student and last year was my first year of college. It was tougher on me than the students who lived on campus. I had to keep all my things with me all day because I couldn’t just hop over to my dorm if I had forgotten something. I wasn’t a commuter who could drive, I don’t even have a license so I took the bus each day. I had a lot less flexibility and I had to be more conscious of what I had to do each day. I learned a lot about what I had to bring and how to organize my bag each day. I don’t want people to get frustrated so here are some tips!

1) Have a sturdy backpack

I suggest you get one with lots of pockets and space. Pockets help! Also get a backpack with two straps. Shoulder bags dig into your shoulder if they’re too heavy (and they will be). With a backpack the weight is more evenly distributed and it saves you a lot of back pain. I have an Eddie Bauer backpack. Large hiking backpacks are great, and this brand actually has a life time guarantee so if anything happens to it I can return it and get a new one for free (though it has to be the same model).

2) Laptop pockets

Most backpacks have them now but if yours doesn’t have a laptop sleeve to protect your baby. And always have your laptop to the back of your backpack (i.e. closer to you). The front is the place where it can be abused easier. It is bumped more, it bends, that’s where you rest your feet during lectures, and where you have your books and notebooks. Closer is safer.

3) Supplies

Fill your bag with your needed books and supplies with your heaviest closer to you. Books and binders closer to you and folders and notebooks towards the front (away from you). you don’t want to topple over.

Know your schedule! You won’t have all your classes everyday so you can lessen your load on some days and save your back! 

4) Outside pockets

Water Bottle! Stay Hydrated! And try to keep containers away from your laptop and papers. Water bottles tend to sweat.

5) Chargers

Since I commuted it was scarier when my phone would die when I was on campus. My chargers would tangle if I left them loose in my bag. I would lose them also. Use some sort of bag to keep them in one place.

Use some sort of bag to keep them in one place like a ziplock bag or a small zipper pencil bag. Anything will do if the cords are contained. Make sure it is big enough for all your cords (phone charger, computer charger, ipod and its charger, earbuds, etc…)

6) Front Pocket

You keep all your pens and pencils in here just like any other grade. Although if you don’t consistently maintain it you’ll lose everything or it will get horribly messy. These pockets are your friends.

Also if you keep it clean you have room for your charger bag. I had enough room to put in that and a small toiletries bag. If you can’t, don’t sweat it. that can go in the main pocket.

Keep small snacks, a pocket umbrella, and your wallet and/or a lanyard in here. Be careful about the wallet though. People can unzip your pocket and take things. Also it could fall out if you leave it unzipped accidentally. I had a lanyard to hold my bus pass for easy access. When I didn’t wear it I had it in here.

In your wallet keep at least ten dollars in cash with you even if you have a credit/debit card. It could help you if your card is declined or if you are stranded somewhere or whatever. 

I also have a small first aid kit. It is the Altoids can and it only has bandaids in it. While on campus it is very unlikely that you’ll be injured badly or at all on a daily basis besides paper cuts. Unless you forget that it is not good to ride your bike/skateboard in the snow. (This does not cover assault wounds. Call an ambulance or campus security immediately.)

7) Toiletry bag

Most girls have this down but I’ll still explain the best things to bring along. You’ll need a small bag, about the size of the charger bag, for this. Below are some general stuff and some specifics but your bag will be tailored to you and your needs.

General stuff:

1) Deodorant

2) tissues

3) perfume/cologne

4) brush/comb

5) chap stick

6 )gum/ breath mints


1) Pads/ tampons

2) makeup for touch ups

3) condoms

4) hand lotion

5) any needed medications (prescription or topical)

Like I said if it doesn’t fit in the front pocket put it in the main pocket with your books.

8) Zipper accessories

This one you can ignore if you want to. I find it aesthetically pleasing and it individualizes your bag to fit you. Also it is easier  to grab your zippers and open them when you need to. You can use anything that can clip on to your zippers.

9) Keys

You will probably have a set of keys by now so you probably have a carabiner. If you don’t you can get them cheap at Walmart. I keep my keys clipped on the outside of my bag so i always know where they are. Clip them to the straps if you have the little plastic D-rings but if your straps are naked you can clip your keys to the handle on the top of your backpack. 

On my carabiner I have my house key, bike key, accessories, and pepper spray. I suggest this for everyone no matter who you are. Knives are good but in a confrontation they can be taken from you. If you have long days away and a long commute like me you’ll probably be getting home in the dark. Better safe than sorry. I got mine from Target.

That’s really all I have to share about how to pack your backpack for commuter students. This can be adapted for anyone and for anything. You can use this same concept for trips, high school, overnight stays, or anything. I hope this helped and I hope you all have the best of luck in school!

Side to Side {Yoongi One Shot}

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A/N: I have returned! And y’all thought I wasn’t gonna write anymore. Well, school is almost done, and I have many ideas reeling in my head. Also…istg this started out as fluff, but I figured I’d take a crack at smut, so I’m really nervous how this turned out. I’d like to add that also kinda has a soundtrack (I was inspired by many songs, so if you want to know them, let me know)

Genre: smut? (idek if it’s that good though) 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2294

Bzzzt. I turned my head towards my bedside table, where the origin of the buzz came from, confused as to who would text me at this time. Granted it is 11 am, but it’s a Wednesday. Most of my friends should be working at this time..or sleeping, considering it was summer break. I reached for my phone, picked it up, and saw that it was Yoongi.

“Well well well…what a surprise” I noted sarcastically. I unlocked my phone to read his message.

Yoongi: Bring your earphones and iPod.

You: What?

Yoongi: I’m outside, hurry up.

What the hell? Surely he isn’t outside.

I didn’t know if he was telling the truth or not, so I decided to get up out of my bed and walk towards my bedroom window. The moment I moved my curtain to the side and peeked out, there he was. Standing on my front lawn, his back to my window.

“Are you serious?” I scoffed. I stood in disbelief not knowing what to do, until he turned around, looked up, and gave me a smug smile. He raised his wrist and tapped it, signaling for me to get a move on. “Shit…I gotta get ready.” I rushed all around my room in my pajama shorts and tank top, figuring out what to wear. I ran to my drawer to grab a random pair of underwear and bra, not caring if they matched, and hurriedly changed into them.

Bzzt. My bedside table vibrated again. I ran over to check my phone.

Yoongi: Love the pair..

You: huh?

Yoongi: Purple and white lace for the top, pink polka dots for the bottom. ;)

I looked down and realized he perfectly described my bra and underwear, and typed angrily into my phone


Yoongi: Hey…you left your curtain wide open for your neighborhood to see. I’m just enjoying the show. Besides, it’s not like that’s the first time I’ve seen that bra and underwear.

I shot my head up and saw that I did leave the curtain open, all because Yoongi decided to show up without a notice. I ran to the window, and yanked the curtains closed.

Curious as to see how hot it was outside, I checked the weather on my phone.

“Great, 100 degrees. Shorts it is then.” I murmured.

I grabbed my favorite pair of shorts, and ran around my room looking for a shirt when I spotted a white oversized tee. “I shouldn’t be too hot wearing this” I said holding the shirt up in the air. I ran to my closet and grabbed the first pair of shoes I saw, scrambled for socks, grabbed my phone and rushed to the restroom to put on my make up.

Bzzt bzzt. I felt the phone vibrate in my hand.  

Yoongi: Aww..what a shame, I was really enjoying the show.

Yoongi: Also, time is money.

“Oh shut the fuck up” I hissed.

I put on my makeup, and bolted down my stairs. I ran around the living room, looking for my iPod, earphones, and charger. Once I spotted them on the coffee table, I grabbed them and made my way to the front door. A blast of hot air welcomed me to the outside world.

“What the hell Yoong!” I walked towards him. “It’s Wednesday morning! Why?”

He looked at me unbothered, “What were you doing?”

What was I doing? Why does that matter? Why did he have to drag me out of bed? “Nothing, bu-” 

“Exactly.” he interrupted. “You were free, so why not?”

“You could have texted.” I eyed him down, hoping he would see my point.

“I did.”


And like the savage he was, Yoongi started roasting me on how I waste my time in bed, have no life, don’t go out.. “Either way, you still would’ve been doing nothing”

I rolled my eyes. “ANYWAYS…why do I need all this?” I gestured to my iPod and earphones. Yoongi shooked his head. “Rule #1: No talking. Not even a sound, a peep..nothing.” I looked at him mysteriously. No talking? What does he have in mind? What are we going to do? Yoongi took my iPod out of my hands, pulled out an earphone splitter from his pocket and plugged the splitter into my iPod, and his and my earphones into the splitter.

“Rule #2: No choosing songs from the playlist. Let them all shuffle.” he added.

“Rule #3: Just go with it. And rule #4: If any of these are violated, unless needed, there will be consequences. Think of this as a friendly competition. A tally will be kept as to who broke the most rules.”

I looked at Yoongi questioningly  “What kind of consequences?”

“The usual.” He smirked and began walking.

The usual typically meant that one person has to do what the other wants for the rest of the day. While some days we don’t go too far, there are days where one is just screaming for the other to stop…or actually, to keep going.

I’ve had this iPod since I was 12. This means Yoongi is going to hear just about everything from then until now. And what can I say, there have been many phases: My kiddy pop phase, my indie phase, oh god…my emo phase. At least the majority of the music is danceable. The moment Yoongi taps the shuffle button, my heart drops.

Wait a minute! Oh shit! I haven’t heard this song in forever. The upbeat electronic feel, this totally came out when I was 13. My heartbeat begins to pick up with the energy and we start walking towards an unknown destination. As the song is playing, I’m really enjoying myself. Popping my shoulders, making flowing movements as we walk. I notice that even Yoongi is hooked on the beat a little. I wouldn’t blame him, this song is just so good.

I continue dancing down the streets and not caring about the looks I’m receiving from other pedestrians. Yoongi however, doesn’t seem to be bothered about my head rolls, arm movements, or even small body rolls.

As we continue walking, one of my favorite uplifting, optimistic song comes on. While it’s not an energetic pop song as the last one, nor does it have heavy electronic uses in it, this song is more acoustic and authentic in sound. No matter what mood I’m in, whenever I listen to this song I’m instantly happy.  

“OH, ANNA SUN, O ANNA SUN” I yelled. The immense happiness I feel hearing this song makes me feel like a young kid again. And while Yoongi isn’t really feeling the song, I think he’s too busy watching me enjoy the song. Trying to hide a smile, but ultimately breaks when I get close in his face and “WE GOT NO MONEY BUT WE GOT HEA AH AH ART!” I sang out of tune and moved my head left to right to left in sync.

“You’ve just broken a rule” Yoongi cocked his eyebrow, and smirked.

“WAIT! You said talking! NOT SINGING!” I refuse to be ordered around by Yoongi. The last time it happened…well, let’s just say I was left unsatisfied 3 times. There is no way in hell that that’s happening again.

Yoongi kept quiet at my protests, and raised his index finger to indicate the first rule, then puts it to his lips. Essentially telling me, to shut up.

By the time the song ends, we reach a bus stop. Why the bus stop, I thought. I mean…he knows how to drive. Until it occurred to me that every Wednesdays, the bus fare is reduced to ten cents. These are days that people typically ditch their cars and take public transportation. We waited no longer than 5 minutes for the bus to arrive. And boy was it packed. When we walked in, Yoongi and I squeezed between the crowd in the bus and settled between two parallel stainless steel bars that were there for support.

Yoongi decided to stand behind me. His arms coming around me to hold onto the bars in front of him, while I held onto the same ones as him. Our hands inches away from each other. It wasn’t until then that I realized the feel of the song that was playing. It was slow, sensual, and heavy. While it did have a feel of weightlessness to it.

I couldn’t breathe. The number of people in the bus…well, it was shocking how we could all fit. One small hand movement and you’d basically be groping someone. Perhaps that’s why Yoongi stood behind me. But still…my back to his front. The proximity between us: tight. The atmosphere: electric. I don’t know if it’s because Yoongi is standing so close to me, or that the two of us are hidden in plain sight that I start to feel daring. I smiled a wicked smile when an idea came to mind; Time to have some fun.

By the next song, just like its predecessor, it was slow, sensual, and heavy. But, instead of weightlessness, this song had a bounce to it. A bounce that I know I could dance to just by moving my lower body, and hips. I took this opportunity to finally tease Yoongi. I slowly backed into him and stuck my ass out for him to feel.

I started slow. Moving my hips from left to right to left, then a smooth and quick roll upwards. I followed the beat, having it instruct me on what to do. Hips swaying, sharply moving back and forth. Out of nowhere, I began moving my hips in a circular motion, making sure that every time I moved, my ass would grind on him. Side to side, left to right, back and forth, up and down. Slow, but steady.

I can feel his breathing hitch a little, especially when I would work my way up. As I backed my ass up into him, I could feel him getting hard. It didn’t help him that I was wearing my shortest shorts either because every time I stuck my ass out even more it felt like he was fucking me in the ass.

By the end of the song, he was more than turned on. I knew that if I continued, there would be no chance in hell that he would last. While other passengers were completely oblivious to what I was doing, Yoongi obviously wasn’t. I could feel him breathing behind me, on me. The soft hot air coming out of his plump lips. The very lips he uses to kiss me. Kiss my neck, my nipples…

His breathing was short and ragged. Yoongi was desperately trying to hide the fact that he was so turned on.

If we weren’t in public, at this time, Yoongi would have already gotten all my clothes off and have me then. Fucking me, hard and fast. He would nip at my neck as he was doing so. Kissing that sweet spot, undoing the tight knot that was starting to build within me. The feel of him kissing me is so realistic. His tongue putting light pressure, while also swirling around. Sucking at my skin that was starting to become sensitive.  Lost in the music and my own thoughts,  I didn’t realize that Yoongi nipping at my neck until I shot my eyes open and remembered where we were.  

Yoongi knew that if he were to continue, I would moan at any moment. “Rule #1: No talking, not even a sound.” Nope. Not again. I will not break this rule. I will not. Two can play this game. Time to up the ante. I decided to slow down even more that what I was originally moving to. Making sure that he felt every single movement.  When I grinded up against him, I made sure that he was able to feel his dick straining against my ass. And rather than hearing a sound from me, it came from Yoongi. YES! I BROKE HIM.

“If you don’t stop this, you’ll regret it.” He muttered in my ear. I leaned my head back onto his shoulder and turned to his ear, “Don’t forget rules #1 and 3” I whispered and continued grinding into him. While it did start off as teasing Yoongi, I couldn’t help but think of all the things Yoongi would do to me.

Fuck me until I was just a mess. Slap my ass and ram into it like there was no tomorrow. Eating me out, or just simply make me cum by sucking my oversensitive nipples. At this point, I could feel my underwear getting soaked. Yoongi pulled me out of my thoughts the moment he let go of one of the steel bars and grabbed me by the waist. He closed any space that there was between us, and pushed himself more into me, and that’s when I let out a small moan.

“Shhh…people will hear” Yoongi responded. Probably happy that he was able to get a sound out of me. At this point, it was the two of us moving along to the music. Both going at it. Slow, gradual, and heavy. My mind was reeling at his intoxicating motions. The moment I was going to push myself into him, Yoongi opened up the space between us and turned to push the button to signal the bus driver to stop.  

We both made our way to the rear exit, got off the bus and continued with the day, praying that no one noticed what happened between us two.

Packing, packing, & more packing!

Hey guys!

Since there’s less than 2 weeks until I leave for my 3rd, yes 3rd, Disney College Program in Disneyland, I figured I should start my planning/packing list. Now being through this twice before, you can pretty much call me a pro at packing and moving across the country. 

When I pack, I make 2 definitive lists: 1 of things I need to bring with me, and one of things I can buy when I get there.

If you’re flying, remember, most airlines allow one free bag (Southwest allows two, so I always fly with them) and you get one small carry on bag and a personal bag (purse, backpack - I use a backpack simply for the fact that it’s a bit bigger and way easier to carry). 

SpaceBags are your absolute best friend. Since I dorm at school, I already have bedding, pillows, blankets, bath towels, ect… So rather than spending a ton of money buying more, I SpaceBag as much as I possibly can, and trust me, it’s so worth the $20 it cost for a box of 12 SpaceBags at your local CostCo/Sam’s Club. Just remember, if you’re planning on flying, make sure none of your bags are over 50lbs, or you will be charged extra, so make sure you weigh your suitcase when you’re finished packing.

Okay now, on to the lists. Remember, you will be wearing your costume 5/6 days a week, so you don’t need to bring a ton of clothes. YOU WON’T WEAR THEM, trust me. It’s not worth all the extra space.

That being said, here’s my master list/rules of thumb for certain things.

List 1: Things to Bring

  • ID
  • Wallet
  • Money (I bring at least $300 to get me through the first few weeks)
  • Medicine/birth control
  • Insurance card
  • Medical paperwork, if needed
  • DORMS paperwork
  • Phone/charger
  • 5 shirts
  • 5 shorts
  • 2 pairs of jeans (nights can get chilly at times)
  • 5/6 camisoles/undershirts (for your costume)
  • Plenty of underwear. I usually bring enough to last me 2 weeks (14 pairs - in case I don’t have time to do laundry)
  • 7/8 pairs of non work socks
  • ½ pairs of dress pants/slacks or a pencil skirt (for Traditions & class)
  • Girls, AT LEAST a weeks worth of bras. If you’re working outside and sweating a lot, you’re gonna want to have enough to change everyday, but if you work indoors (like me) I wear mine 2 days because I’m not getting sweaty/dirty - I wear sports bras to work because they’re much more comfortable, and don’t show under my costume.
  • Bedding, if you have it. Bedspread & sheets (I have twin XL and they fit perfect)
  • Contacts/glasses
  • Retainer
  • ½ hoodies
  • 1 jacket
  • ½ pairs of comfy sneakers for walking around the parks
  • Flip flops
  • Dress shoes (for Traditions & Celebration)
  • Nice dress (for Celebration)
  • Cardigan (to wear over your business casual clothes, the hotel conference rooms where classes are held are always freezing)
  • Bathing suit
  • Pajamas
  • Workout clothes, if needed. Carnegie does have a small gym.
  • Jewelry (simple and small, appropriate for work/class)
  • Makeup (neutrals)
  • Straightener/curling iron
  • Blowdryer

List 2: What to Buy

  • Socks for work (you’ll find out what kind you need at Traditions)
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Lotion
  • Body wash
  • Deodorant
  • Face wash
  • Pads/tampons
  • Condoms 
  • Storage bins
  • Clorox wipes
  • Bathroom/kitchen cleaner
  • Tissues
  • First-aid kit
  • Paper towels
  • Shower curtain
  • Popcorn bowl
  • Bath mat
  • Shower caddy that hangs in the shower
  • Laundry soap
  • Fabric softener
  • Hamper
  • Hangers
  • Napkins
  • Bobby pins/hair ties
  • Trash bags
  • Lunch box
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Razors
  • Tupperware
  • Ziplock bags

Optional things to bring/buy, but make sure you talk to your roommates!

  • TV
  • DVD player
  • Gaming system
  • White board calendar to keep track of everyone’s schedules
  • Laptop/charger
  • iPod dock with alarm clock (I use mine everyday)
  • Oven mitts/pot holders
  • Kitchen towels
  • Camera/charger
  • Batteries

I think that’s all for now, hope this helps you guys! Disney here we come!


Well, have I got quite the tale to tell to you my lovelies.

First, I will start by saying that my cousin’s wedding was beautiful and my family was very happy to gather around relatives that we hadn’t seen in years. That Friday was amazing and we all had an amazing time being with each other.

Saturday was a different story. Around five in the afternoon, in a busy corner street, inside a seven eleven that was literally right across the hotel that we were staying at, my sister, my younger cousin, and myself, were robbed.

Don’t believe it? Well, I’m still having a hard time processing myself.

Not even 3 minutes inside this seven eleven, these two fucking punks with shades on and their hoods up come in yelling in Spanish and demanding we give them our stuff. One man takes his gun out and robs another family that was there and the cash register, while the other comes up directly to my 16 year old cousins face and snatches her cellphone from her hand. He then begins to tell my other cousin who was with us (he’s 11) to not look at his face. My little cousin doesn’t speak Spanish, so he didn’t understand. The guy then brandishes the gun that he has on his hip and my sister very calmly pulls our little cousin back and tells him to put his head down. The guy then goes for my purse and takes it. I actually managed to save my wallet since I had it out of my hand and as I was pulling the strap of my purse off across my shoulders I dropped my wallet and kicked it behind this cardboard chip display thing.

Motherfuckers may have taken a great deal of our stuff but with the little rage that I felt; I was sure as hell not going to let them take everything from us.

Afterwards, the store was locked down while we waited for police and we watched as our entire family narrowly miss traffic as they literally sprinted across the street to us.

What they took was my cousin’s phone, they took my sister’s purse, phone, ID, credit cards, and cash, and they took my purse, phone, ID, credit cards, makeup bag, iPod, and iPod charger. These are all replaceable, and now; all unusable since we called, cancelled and changed everything.

But my God, never in my life was I more terrified and enraged then I was at that moment. Never more have I wanted to hurt someone as I want to hurt these men for putting my sister and my younger cousins through that. It was bad, but I know it could have been a whole lot worse.

I thank God that it wasn’t.

The adrenaline is still pumping cause I haven’t been able to sleep that much since we got back.

Sometimes, I lay there thinking, “what if they had taken someone? One of my cousin’s? My sister? Me? What if they had held us hostage? What if they had shot someone?” Sometimes I even imagine everyone in the store kicking their asses and smacking them with those hard Mexican sandals. People cope in different ways and for us: humor helped us. My sister and I didn’t want our younger cousins (and even the adults in our family) to wonder to dark thoughts, so we made cracked jokes. My sister made fun of the guys height and I joked about how ridiculous the guy looked like carrying her little pink bag. I don’t know if it was a good way to handle it, but the kids and our parents don’t need that stress.

I’m just happy that everyone is ok, and that I am back home with my family. As for the petty, disgusting, and fucking monstrous criminals, I hope they catch them, and if they don’t, then I hope karma bites them really, really, hard in their narrow asses.


It’s that time of year again. I made a list last year of things to take to CSUN for those moving in to the dorms.  I have made some changes but this should help you a lot. If you guys have any questions about anything, don’t be shy to shoot me a message.

Rule of thumb, if you’re rude or demand anything, I won’t help. I’ve gotten enough of those from you kids.

Ok, I was thinking how helpful it will be to make this. This is my first year here, but I moved in during the summer session so I know what we need.

What to bring:


1. A MICROWAVE - I can not tell you how important it is you bring one! CSUN Dorms doesn’t offer microwaves with your kitchen. Message your roommates and see if anyone has one. Kitchen or not, you need one!

2. A toaster - Or suffer with soft, cold bread. Bread = College food essential. Learn to enjoy it, along with noodles and Ramen.

3. All kitchen things if you have one - Food, dishes, forks, spoons, pans and pots, paper towels, cloth towels, dish soap, spatulas, strainer…Oh, and a water bottle! The sink water won’t kill you here.


4. Clothes - You know. Shirts, pants, socks, blah. JUST DON’T FORGET A TOWEL!

5. Fun stuff - TV, gaming stuff, iPods, chargers, cords, books, headphones, speakers, whatever makes you happy. There is room.

6. Bedding - THESE BEDS SUCK! It took me over a week to get over how hard they are. The size is a Twin XL, so go get bedding for that. To save yourself a lot of misery, get a bedding pad or whatever it is called. An $80 investment at Costco will save your soul and sleep.

7. Internet cord - The wifi can get pretty bad here. Get a 6’ cord, you’ll be pumping a beautiful 30 mb/s into your computer/gamig system. Do it.


8. All hygiene things - Conditioner, shampoo, soap, scrubs, toothbrush, face wash, moisturizers, SUN SCREEN (!!!!!!), ear swabs. Things like that. And of course a garbage can. That’s a must have.


9. Pencils, pens, notebooks, LAPTOP AND CHARGER, binders, highlighters, flash cards…


10. Food, laundry, toilet paper money - ALWAYS KEEP THIS TO THE SIDE! Housing doesn’t offer free toilet paper or laundry. $10 per month for laundry, split up toilet paper with roommates, and make sure to always have food money. ALWAYS.


1. All those things you’re debating if you should bring or not. Don’t. You’ll end up screwing yourself and your roommate over. Don’t be that guy…or girl. Keep all your collections at home, don’t bring giant stacks of CDs or DVDs, no mountain of plush toys, no useless toys, no books you’re going to “read because you should.” No. We know that last one won’t happen anyways.

2. All your drama - College. Not high school. I was living with a 47 year old (hell), and this guy still hasn’t grown up. Don’t be my 47 year old roommate.

Aaaannnd…that’s my Dorming guide for you guys. I have been using this list for moving anywhere and it has saved me the hassle of forgetting things behind. I am moving in this Wednesday (July 23rd) so I’ll be there to answer questions if needed. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your summer! 


As a Senior in high school and an art nerd at heart, I tend to carry around the basics for both school and doodles. My recent studyblr post with these photos took off and one of you asked me for a breakdown of what I haul around with me on a daily basis. 

Top photo - The Pencil Case (J)

1. Soft Erasers. Definitely an art nerd thing. Totally unnecessary and useless for most of ya’ll. I use them for detailed portrait rendering because they lift a little bit of the graphite without taking it all off the paper. The Prismacolor ones are $¾ each and can be found at Michael’s or an art supply store. 

2. Post it flags. These are the right size for my Moleskine and bullet journal. Get ALLL the colors! xD If you’re gonna carry them around make sure you have a tin or something. Otherwise the stacks fall apart and they lose the adhesive. 

3. Burt’s Bees lip balm. This is nearly $5 a tube but it will forever be my go to. The colors are gorgeous and they’re very sparkly :) It also has peppermint oil in it so it feels really nice. CVS is the easiest place to find it. Guava is my favorite color by far, but Grapefruit is nice too. 

4. Mechanical pencil leads in various sizes and softnesses. I usually have a lot more than three of these in my bag at a time. Softer/smaller leads can definitely only found at a specialty art store. I keep .7, .5, and .3 mm in HB or B at all times. Again, art nerd thing, and you probably don’t care. 

5. Staedler White rubber eraser. Self explanatory. 

6. PaperMate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick. Beautiful tool for detailed portrait work. Can be sharpened with a razor. I would give up a lot of other rendering supplies for this thing. 

7. iPod Shuffle 6th gen. I prefer my Nano 4th gen to this because the Shuffle has terrible battery longevity but whatever. It was a gift. Also it has twice the storage as my Nano. 

8. Zebra Mildliners. Ya’ll know what these are already :P They’re great but not a must have by any means. I’m a fan but probably won’t buy them again when they run out. 

9. Staedler Pigment Liners. Originally a set of 6 but I lost one :( They’re incredible for note taking and I refuse to take math notes with anything else. Highlighters don’t smear them, they dry instantly, and they last 18hrs if you accidentally leave the cap off. They range in size from .05 to .8 mm. They’re like $20 a set and $6 to replace a missing one so that’s kinda rough. But again, I’d almost sacrifice a grade for these things and I legitimately panicked when I lost one. 

10. Staedler Triplus Fineliners. Again, pretty significant Studyblr staple. I haven’t used them much and I’m not a huge fan of colored pens tbh but they seem pretty nice. They do smear a little if you use highlighters over them. They feel cheaper than my other Staedler supplies, but whatever. Pretty useful overall but I might actually prefer the Pilot V8 pens (though less color variety).

11. Microns. Again, originally a set of 3 but I carry them around to supplement my missing Staedler Pigment Liner. A little cheaper overall than the Staedlers, but not nearly as nice. They tend to bleed too much, especially if you don’t keep the pen moving (for whatever magical reason, the Staedlers don’t bleed if you accidentally let the pen rest in the middle of a line). Also doesn’t dry as fast and can smear with highlighters.

12. Uniball Vision pens. There are better options out there to be honest. As far as rollerballs go, these are nice, but the ink isn’t as color-saturated as some others. It’s a nicely balanced pen tho, if you care about that sort of thing. 

13. Sharpie highlighters. Not much I have to say about these. They’re useful but not pretty. Oh well.

14. Mechanical pencils. .7 mm, .5 mm, and .3 mm. These are expensive to replace so I hang on to them as long as possible. The Pentel .7 can be found anywhere, same for .5 usually, but .3 is only carried at art supply stores. 

Bottom Photo - The Backpack

A. Electronics stuff. Phone charger, iPod charger, and emergency battery (only because I spent most of my time on campus outside on the slackline and I hate having to go inside to charge my music). I usually have a portable speaker in there too but I lost the aux cord for it :P

B. MacBook Air. I got the full map sticker on Etsy and the smaller stickers I printed off my own computer and laquered with fixative. Oh, except for the Stay Positive Bro sticker. I got that from the Stay Positive Bro site and you should totally rep their stuff as much as possible because I love everything they make. Also, Air’s are the bomb.com. Buy one. Infinitely better than Windows.

C. The Bottle. Can be found on Amazon. It smells weird 99% of the time and the Tritan isn’t good for you (apparently). I prefer my Smart Water bottle. It is cute though.

D. TI 30Xa calculator. This is actually a really nice all purpose calculator. Obviously it doesn’t graph, but I like it. Probably because it’s familiar and I’m faster on it than anything else. 

E. Earbud holder made from a tin of Icebreaker sours. Yup. 

F. Embroidered Jansport Backpack. In retrospect, I probably should have chosen a higher quality backpack to spend 8 hours embroidering, but I’ll try to keep it limping along for another semester or two before the straps rip out. 

G. Mead notebook w/ sharpie. I like these notebooks because the pages are 8.5x11 when ripped out, so they usually fit into a looseleaf textbook really nicely. Just nice notebooks overall. 

H. Urban Ears Limited Ed. Plattan Headphones. Love these. Almost broke them the first week I had them by tripping over the cord (literally fell in the middle of the campus center because the cord was wrapped around my Vans and the headphones were around my neck) but somehow they survived. Pretty awesome sound quality for $50. 

I. Molang Diary. Best planner ever <3 Well, besides KiKi planners maybe, but Molang’s are way cheaper, and they come with stickers, and they’re adorable. Definitely recommend. I’m gonna do a separate post on them later. 

J. Pencil Case. I got this from IUPUI’s bookstore so idk where else it’s available. I think it may have been designed by our own design students so… good luck finding it if you want one. 

K. Kindle Paperwhite. I haven’t found this incredibly useful as far as electronic devices go but I do use it for English classes and pleasure reading. It’s a nice Kindle and very reasonably priced. 

L. Nokia Lumia 635. Whoever decided a windows phone and a mac computer was a good idea (me) is an idiot. But it’s a good interim phone if you’re looking for something cheap and relatively indestructible. 

Scott sat on the staircase with his headphones on. He brought an old ipod and a charger with some of his favorite songs on it. Trying to clear his head he leaned back and closed his eyes. After a few minutes and a song change he opened his eyes and sat up to change the song, he saw a group walk by and nodded. “I’m over these songs.” He has listened to them almost a million times.

OLD WORLD TUNES; (while scavenging through some old houses niall finds a cracked up ipod still attached to charger it was sitting on before the whole world went to shit. this is just a selection of the music niall likes that was left on it from the old world.)

1. beyonce - flawless** 2. avicii - wake me up 3. little mix - move 4. aloe blacc - the man 5. bastille - pompeii 6. fitz and the tantrums - out of my league 7. ellie goulding - burn 8. shakira - hips don’t lie 9. fall out boy - save rock and roll 10. meow uk - thats how i won the war 11.naughty boy - la la la 12. kesha - die young 13. paramore - aint it fun


Ahhhhhh I just went on a hike (my dad made me) can I just die…

Also I have no phone or computer the next few Nights, my dad takes them out of my room at night.

Although if I can find my iPod charger I can do that.

Still sad as fuck though.

okay paul i am trying to make some sense of this one… so you sat down on the couch with your blueberry bagel and your strawberry philadelphia cream cheese and you almost finished your bagel, paul, but then fast forward some amount of time and we are left with a bagel impaled in the cream cheese like some kind of fucking bagel excalibur and that cream cheese is just evaporating into the air because our apartment is fucking hot and we are inhaling rotten cheese and you are probably somewhere else with not a worry in your head and what the fuck is that ipod charger adaptor doing out next to the cream cheese paul what the fuck paul IS IT SO FUCKING HARD TO PUT AWAY YOUR DISGUSTING FRUIT FLAVORED CHEESE AND THAT IPOD CHARGER???!??!