ipod texts

  • Pureblood: HA! I have invented this device that will hold a focused light better than a candle without having to use Lumos all the time!
  • Muggleborn: Flashlight
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: See I can send a quick note across class without an Owl
  • Halfblood: *pulls out cell, and pushes a few buttons*
  • Muggleborn: *takes out cell and looks up* Cell Phones
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: Lets go for a country ride
  • Halfblood: Sure
  • Pureblood: Good, I'll get the carriage set up should take only 10 minutes
  • Muggleborn: *drives up* Car is ready
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: *pokes head through the floo* Hey guys!
  • Muggleborn: *sits back revealing computer screen* Hey, I was just going to add you to the Skype conversation.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: Hey i just found out this cool spell that plays music!
  • Halfblood: Ipod
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: My mom has this clock that tells her where we are
  • Muggleborn: GPS Phone Tracker

here is the procedure i used to get music onto a minidisc in 2002:

  1. make a playlist in itunes that was <80 minutes long and didn’t have any songs with long (3+ seconds) periods of silence or you’ll have a track break in the middle of a song
  2. put a special track that was three seconds of silence between each song or when you record it won’t make track breaks in the right spots
  3. check the time again to make sure it’s still under 80 mins or you’ll have to drop or swap out a song
  4. hook the m-m stereo audio cable to the headphone jack on the imac and adjust the volume to 60% because the output tends to run low
  5. hook the the md recorder up to the other end of the cable and put the volume to 50%
  6. hit record on the md recorder and then press play in itunes after more than one but less than 3 seconds or you’ll have a phantom track
  7. do not do anything on the imac for 80 mins that might make sound or it will be all over the recording you’re trying to make
  8. let the the playlist run
  9. wait did you remember to turn off shuffle in itunes?
  10. fuck, okay, i guess we have to start over with shuffle turned off
  11. let the playlist run (again)
  12. great! now you can listen to your mix on the 90 minute bus ride to school tomorrow
  13. you forgot to put new batteries in the player you keep in your bag so you only get 15 minutes of music

О вечере розового заката

Небо подёрнуто лёгким предзакатным светом, будто к солнцу приложили розовое стёклышко и весь город осветился розовыми оттенками, растекающимся розовым сиянием, лёгкой дымкой, туманом. Будто разлитая вода из лепестков роз, лёгкая, слегка спиртованная и быстро испаряющаяся, оставляя невидимые следы. Промокнешь небо салфеткой и останется только светящийся серо-голубой, но стоит ли - пусть льётся, пусть заливает весь город, крыши домов, верхние этажи, сползая с них розовыми тюлями, отражается от стёкол, играет искрами на свежевыпавшем снеге, преломляется в стёклах очков прохожих и теряется среди чьих-то распущенных пшеничных волос, не боящихся холода.

В такие бы вечера идти провожать закат к реке или кого-то в долгий путь; прощаться или ждать встречи. Быть там, где здания не мешают смотреть на небо во всю высоту, чтобы оно могучим парусом поднималось над городом, тонущем в розовом сиянии зимнего заката. Смотреть как за несколько минут розовые пятна небесного румянца выгорают и переходят в сумерки, покрывая только что светившийся город тенью, знаменующей наступление вечера. Ещё через несколько минут стемнеет совсем и зажгутся фонари, окончательно стерев все следы розовых пятен.

А после бы возвращаться домой, в тишине или за разговором ни о чем, с музыкой в наушниках, поделённых на двоих, или за пролистыванием фотографий заканчивающейся недели. Так бы и пошёл этот день, с красивым закатом, кофе, прогулкой, музыкой, разговорами и улыбками. Так бы и прошёл этот день, эта пятница.

Но на розовый закат я смотрю из окна, аромат кофе мерещится, гуляет у реки сейчас кто-то другой, и только новая любимая мелодия играет в голове фоном, рисуя фантазии о том, как должен был пройти сегодняшний вечер, отвлекая меня от исписанных страниц, от напечатанного текста и заставляя смотреть в окно чаще, чем на скопления букв перед собой, унося далеко-далеко каждой своей нотой.

Thank you. Thank you. First, I would like to thank my mom and dad, of course, for raising such an amazing daughter with high goals and standards.

Now, I would like to thank Kim Kardashian for training me to be a beautiful, famous, perfect, and, above all, classy individual.

Next, I would like to thank my boyfriend, Ryan Nelson, for sucking up all my cash by making me pay for all our dates and bribing you to take me back. It’s basically prostitution, but we do crazy things for the ones we love.

And last, I would like to thank Willow Pape for making me feel so much better about myself by comparison.

Thank you so much! And don’t forget to stay classy. *blows kisses*

When my boyfriend & I started dating at the beginning of my junior year in highschool, (August 2011) my friends took bets on how long we would last, since neither one of us were known for having long term relationships. They said we wouldn’t make it past a month, then 3 months, and then 6 months.

Then a week before our six month anniversary, ( February 2011) Cody & I got in trouble with my parents. ( it wasn’t anything terribly bad, they’re just extremely strict) we were banned from seeing each other, and weren’t allowed to have any contact. This lasted for 18 months. We saw each other maybe 4 times during this time period. We kept finding ways to talk to each other; letters through our friends, emailing when I was allowed on the computer, and he was able to give me an iPod to text him on. (No one knew I had it for about 6 months)

Two weeks before my highschool graduation, I wrote my parents a letter (so I could explain everything without crying) apologizing first, and then asking permission for Cody to come to my graduation ceremony. ( I was homeschooled) They let him come. That was the first time in 18 months I was officially allowed to see him. (April 2013)

He graduated a few weeks later, and my parents gave me permission to go to his ceremony, but my mom had to come, too. (May 2013)

Cody made the decision to join the U.S. Marines, and was scheduled to leave the first week of June. I was allowed to go to his going away party. (With my mom, of course)

During his 3 months of boot camp, we had no contact except for letters. Getting those were the highlights of my week.

He graduated in September, and I made all the arrangements to go see him graduate, but our car nearly broke down about an hour into the trip, and barely made it back home. We were both devastated, because I couldn’t be there to share one of the most important events of his life.

I turned 18 while he was away at boot camp, which meant (according to family rules) I was officially allowed to have a boyfriend. So he spoke to my dad and asked for his permission to officially start dating me, and my dad said yes. ( how could you say no to a marine in uniform? ;) )

Cody & I went from being the couple that no one thought would last longer than a month, to being together almost 3 years, having an extremely strong relationship, and are now planning on being engaged within the next six months.

Anyways, I’ve said all this to say, young love is still alive, and is real. Sure, some people won’t marry the same person they dated at 16. But some people will. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too young to know what real love is. ( unless you’re thirteen) Cody & I overcame every single obstacle that life has thrown our way, (trust me, there’s been a lot of them) but we don’t give up. Getting through hard times together only makes our love that much stronger.

He is my soul mate, my best friend, and my other half. I love my Marine more than anything else in this world.