ipod parody


Deadpool Musical - Gaston Parody


Someone mentioned Walkmans during stream (fucking old cassette players hahahah) and it reminded me of Natsu no Arashi ED
Thus I drew this during stream!

Thank you Everyone who joined! <3


Hello operator, can you connect me to Heart?

Thank you.
Yes, I’m, calling because I’m having trouble with my miHeart.
It’s behaving erratically, and shuffles without warning.
The screen turns red at the most inconvenient times,
And it won’t listen to what I tell it to do.
Yes, I tried to reset it already, and it didn’t respond at all.
It’s like it’s got a mind of it’s own.
I was wondering if you had a solution?
Or a history of this kind of stuff happening before?
Well, I’ve certainly never had this happen.
There’s been a few little quirks once in a while
But nothing of this magnitude.
I’m only barely able to contain it from everyone else
Can you imagine? They’d wonder what on earth was wrong.
What with its skipping beats, and lighting up like a firework,
It’s a nightmare!
I need to get this fixed as soon as possible
Because I don’t know what I can do.