ipod generation


opening credits: different colors walk the moon
meeting for the first time: boom clap charlie xcx
hey, i kinda like you: shut up and dance with me walk the moon
i’m going to kiss you now: parachute matthew koma
falling in love: spectrum zedd
your place or mine: dangerous animals arctic monkeys
naked in bed: sweater weather the neighbourhood
first fight: i knew you were trouble taylor swift
maybe we should take a break: boats & birds gregory & the hawk
i want you back: sad song we the king
will you marry me: never let me go lana del rey
first child: to build a home the cinematic orchestra
we’re getting older: rather be clean bandit
if you die i’ll go with you: maps maroon 5
end credits: fire meet gasoline sia

vignette #2

[MADONNA sits STEFANI down for a talk, after finding “All the Things She Said” on STEFANI’S second generation iPod]

MADONNA: stef, you can be a dyke. you can be a queer. you can even be a disgusting carpet muncher. 

STEFANI: mom i dont fucking-

MADONNA: that’s okay now, and it’s all because of me. 

Wow apparently the setting of Free! is before 2008. According to the Free! Creation Notebook vol.4, that’s the reason why the characters don’t use smartphones and the animators took special care to avoid electronics such as computers and tv that could date the story. And it’s because long jammers are banned in tournaments since 2009 and men’s swimsuits can only maximally cover the area from the navel to the knee, so Rin and Makoto and Sousuke couldn’t have been wearing them in the anime.

We can still kind of date the series by the phones they use though. Mobile phones became ubiquitous in Japan since the 90s, much earlier than the west. But 1999 is when they first have internet access and color screens.

This is Nagisa’s phone from season 1 episode 9, with color screen and internet access, so I’d say it’ll at least have to be 2000 or later for a high school student to casually own one of these models.

Can we talk about how dreadful Rei’s phone looks lol.

Makoto also uses a generic slide phone that dominated the Japanese market along with flip phones (which peaked at 2007 before smartphones took over).

Haruka has a similar phone too but in a different color.

In the next screencap you can clearly see there’s an ipod-looking music device:

The first generation ipod, first design of its kind, was released in 2001. And that model looks like it’s an ipod nano from 2005.

So I think we can conclude that Free! and Free!ES took place some time during 2005-2007 (or 2001-2007 if you assume that ipod is first gen). UPDATE: Apparently the tournament Rin and Haruka competed in was the 2009 World Aquatics Championship at Foro Italico in Rome, where long jammers were last used in an official tournament. Here’s a comparison post of the venue by @matsuoka-lin (thank you!). So there’s a good chance that they graduated in 2007 (since the notebook specifically noted that the show is “before 2008″) and competed as pros in 2009. :)

So if they were 17-18 in 2007, the youngest possible age they can be, they’d be 26-27 by now. :)

Also honorable mention of these playstation wired dualshock controllers from 1997 (Makoto probably never updated his console lol):

And the fact that Makoto DOES own a smartphone! The first iphone was released in 2007 so it’s entirely possible :)

Chasing Buses.

SYNOPSIS: After one day, you and Jungkook create a routine, you would see each other every morning and every afternoon on the bus, you would laugh, you would cry, joke and tell all. You too quickly became great friends and quickly felt that there was something between you, but when you suddenly stop getting the bus, what else can Jungkook do but chase buses in the hopes of finding you again.



WORDS: 2865

Setting your bag under your seat, you left the space open for the array of new passengers to come and sit down. Really you had expected one of the elderly people to take it, but none of the came down as far as you were sitting and found seats elsewhere until yours was the only seat left. You watched as the bus was ready to drive off, the wind shield wipers hitting in rhythm to which you tapped your foot before planning to put your ear phones back in, but you hear someones palm bang against the door of the bus through the pelting rain. 

The doors opened and a drenched school boy stepped onto the bus, flicking the droplets from his hair before flashing his bus pass and searching for any free seat near the front of the bus. He keeps his gaze down and shyly decides to take the seat next to you. Dropping his bag from his shoulder and dragging his earphones out from his blazer. His eyes move to you and you offer him a smile, not out of politeness just because that’s how you were. And of course; because he was soaking wet. His cheeks tinted another shade as he pulled his phone from his pocket and tried turning it on.

You watched as the battery screen faltered, you watched as he shook it and drops of water dripped from the surfaces and you watched as he sighed and slumped in the chair slightly, holding the phone in his hands.

Holding your tongue you looked to his phone and then back to his face, his hair was dripping; soaked by the down pour which was flowing at the street sides and hitting off the bus windows, droplets were falling from his eye lashes and the tip of his nose. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, you were smart enough to bring an umbrella to school that morning but obviously he was not as fortunate in his thinking as you were.

Big Bang was blasting in your ears, but not enough for the melody to anger anyone else on the bus, and as the boy beside you fell further and further into his damp misery, you took out one of your earphones and offered it to him. You’re not surprised by the odd look he gives you. But you give a shrug and a half smile.

“Everybody loves Big Bang, right?” You say, leaving your offer of a free earphone open, and to your delight, he takes it; the odd look softening on his face to a smile of gratitude.

“Yeah.” The way he said it was almost bashful, almost like you had caught him with a secret. Maybe not everyone did like Big Bang, but anyone with taste did.

The two of you sat in silence for a while, your foot tapping to the one sided rhythm of the music, and the boy with his eyes closed as he leaned back in his seat. It was only twenty minutes into the journey did you decide to ask him something else.

“Can you help me with something?”

“–Yeah, I guess.” He agreed sitting forward

With that, you turned on your ipod screen and pulled up a video, it was something small under a sheet, shuffling toward a door, only to run face first into it; the scene makes you laugh through your nose, only because you had seen it about a thousand times now, but as the boy beside you watches he lets out a loud laugh, before covering his mouth; which only forces you into laughing also. 

“Okay okay! But is it a dog or a kid.” You say. And that’s where the argument ensues. 

“It’s got to be a dog!” He says, “Look that’s the tail.”

“Dogs aren’t that tall!” You argue.

“Can be.”

“Can’t be.”

Your arguement goes on like this for a while, every time you watch the video you end up in hysteria and this guy follows suit. You spent that bus journey arguing mostly, before he showed you other videos on Youtube that almost made you pee yourself on the bus because your stomach was in so much pain from laughing, and so was his.

“What’s your name?” You ask, wiping tears of laughter from your face.

“Jungkook. And yours?” He lets out a sigh and a hiccup of laughter as people on the bus turn their heads and shake them at the both of you.

“I’m Y/N.” You say, standing up because this was your stop, and your surprised to see that he stands up too.

On the way home it’s non- stop talking. How had you two never sat beside each other on the bus before, you didn’t know and neither did he. How you had never caught each other walking home was also a shared mystery but you didn’t dwell on it. Instead you were laughing, cracking jokes and nudging each other until he nudged too hard and you fell into a puddle, soaking your uniform and when he reached a hand to help you up, you dragged him down with you, and you both sat in the puddle laughing at each others now soaked blazers.

Half asleep, you leaned against the bus stop, music blasting in your ears as you eye lids felt heavy. That’s the main reason you didn’t see Jungkook, you didn’t see him at the corner of his street smiling, you didn’t seem him waving or the way he quickened his step to see you. At least not until he woke you up.

“AH!” You shriek, as he laughs at you, his chipper smile almost annoying in the grey morning light, but you say nothing as you reach into your pocket.

“Here.” You say, taking out an old generation ipod. “I thought since your phone’s dead you could borrow this, I put Big Bang on it for you.” You were kind like that, and  you don’t get enough credit for it, but the way he looked at you when you handed him the music player felt like everyone had thanked you for everything you had ever done. It was sweet and bashful and overly warming for someone you had only known for a day.

“I won’t need it now I have you to talk to though.” He said, smoothing his finger of the screen.

A smile breaks on your face as you step onto the arriving bus, making your way to the seats you had sat together in yesterday.

“How about these are our seats from now on then?” You say, and he agrees.

Not many friendships are built through bus rides, but some our. Yours and Jungkooks for example. Every morning you would meet at the bus stop, in the gusty wind or pouring rain, at least you were soaked together this time. Every day you would tell each other all the news, and more often than not end up in stitches on the bus, Everyday he would run after school to catch the bus you were on, and everyday you would put your bag on the seat beside you to make sure nobody took his place. He set the ipod background you had given him to a picture of himself and you that you had taken one day, where you were in your p.e uniform and had cut your lip, and he was in the foreground, pouting in a mocking manner while you shoved him laughing. He loved that picture. And over the months and months of bus journeys, he was beginning to realise he loved you.

Stepping on the bus to find that someone was in your seats made him frown, and you witnessed it; the way his shoulders sunk, and lips formed together as he began to sulk toward another empty seat, thinking that you hadn’t gotten the bus that afternoon, but you call him over and you proceed to give the other people in your seats fake dirty looks and stupid faces until he’s holding his stomach from laughter and can’t join in anymore. 

When you walked home together, he would nudge into your side, or his hand would brush lightly against yours, and while you failed to really notice, his cheeks would burn red, and he would look away for a moment before deciding whether it would be better to grab your hand or not.

“Why’s he not sitting with us?” Jimin said, leaning over Yoongi to get a better look. “I mean, he’s meeting us in town so why not sit with us on the bus?”

“He’s siting with a girl?” Yoongi answered still questioning if what he saw was right.

It wasn’t planned but you and Jungkook got the same bus that weekend too, and like every morning and every afternoon you were talking, bickering or laughing about something, he was ruffling your hair, and you lightly shoved him away, but in doing so; noticed you were being watched.

You waved then to Yoongi before pointing Jungkook to his hyung.

“Go sit with your friends.” You say, wondering why he had sat beside you when they were here.

“Make me.” He joked.

“Why don’t you, they’re waiting.” You laughed, half confused.

“Because I like sitting with you, that’s why.” 

You narrow your eyes at him, mischievous smile brightening your features.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You prod, jokingly of course, but you notice his cheeks start to go red. He ruffles your hair again.

“It means I think you’re cool, dummy.”

He stands then and leaves with Yoongi and Jimin, you wave from the window at them, and as you do Jimin makes a heart sign with his hands and Yoongi points at Jungkook and then at the heart sign, and Jungkooks face turns pink as he tries to dismantle Jimin’s hand shape, but you laugh and give Yoongi a thumbs up to which he celebrates with Jungkook.

It is again you find Jungkook on the way home, neither of you bring up what may have happened earlier, but you both feel it; the warmth you emit of each other, you notice how his hand is so close to yours, or how when he talks, he’s always looking at you; even if your looking at something else and even when neither of your are talking and just simply enjoying each others silences, his eyes would shift to you and sometimes yours to his, but you were good at pretending you had something to say, so if he did catch you, you filled the void with something funny or awkward and either way he would snicker at you.

“See you tomorrow!” You say, turning the corner.

“Hey uh–” He had something he had wanted to ask you. Well, he had lots of things he wanted to ask you. Why did he want to hold your hand? Why did he think all of your jokes were funny? Why did he want to rest his chin on your head when it was cold? Why did he put himself in front of you when that truck nearly splashed both of you at the bus stop? Why did he want to press his lips against yours and why hadn’t he asked already. But he decided against it. He had a better idea, one that he could go through with tomorrow.

“Bright and early.” He says, waving and laughing as he knows that there’s no way either of you would get the early bus.

The next morning, he stood there with his hands in his pockets, looking left and right for you to appear. But you didn’t. He put the headphones in and played the ipod you had given him on the first morning you had met, in attempt to drown out his loneliness but all he could think about when he heard the music was you. And how you hadn’t turned up to the bus stop that morning, how he got on the bus on his own and looked at every seat, and you weren’t there. He even ventured up stairs but you weren’t on the bus. Sighing he sat down, looking out the window and wishing you were beside him.

Jungkook got the bus home alone that day too. Every day he ran for the bus you were on and suddenly, you just weren’t there anymore. Some days he walked slower, to catch a later bus in the hopes you would be there, but you weren’t. The days got more solemn and more lonely, when snow started to fall he would watch it hit the window, he would look at his gloves and his scarf and wonder how you looked in your winter clothes. He would reach into his pocket and pull out the small wrapped box which was your Christmas present. And he brought it with him every day just in case he could catch your bus again.

But, as the snow fell, he would walk onto the bus to see your two seats empty, in the morning he would listen to music and wander why you just stopped appearing. He would wait for buses that he would never usually get, but you were never there. He would run for the bus you used to catch and see someone who looked like you, his face would brighten, he would grin and get ready to talk to you, but that wasn’t you and he just sat down disappointed. Sometimes, he would begin to walk up to the second floor with out even checking to see if you were there, but something always pulled him back to check because he would kick himself if he missed you.

Even after the holidays, he still ran for your bus, but now Jungkook was doubting that he would ever catch your bus. Whichever bus it was. He walked home in the rain, no umberella; just as it had been the day he first met you, hands in his pockets as he reached the bus stop and stepped on the bus, puddles forming around his feet and frown clear as he saw that you really weren’t on the bus again, and even now he wasn’t surprised anymore. Maybe, after this he should just give up, he should have just told you how he felt when he had the chance.

The bus started to drive off as he sat down, pondering on his thoughts as the rain hits the window, But the bus jolts to a stop sending him forward and back, he shuts his eyes, and rubs at the back of his head as he had hit it off the head rest of his seat. Grumbling he tries to take his thoughts of the pain and back to thoughts about you, but when he opens his eyes and looks a head, his heart falters in his chest.

You shiver as you thank the bus driver and make your way to the seats, rain dripping from your hair and from your nose and eyelashes, just like he had been when Jungkook had first ran into you. It was an odd twist but this time Jungkook stood up from his seat, maybe he was imagining it; maybe he was still looking out the window and just dreaming all of this up. But it was clear he wasn’t when he threw his arms around you in the middle of the half empty bus, it sent you back a step, just how heavy his hug was, how tight and longing. But you pull him closer, laughing into the dampness of his blazer, and he reaches a hand up to hold the bar so the two of you don’t fall over while the bus drives.

“Missed me, huh?” You sigh, drying your face onto his shirt as he rests his chin on your head.

“I’ve been chasing buses for you every day.”

Looking up from his hug, you smile, you didn’t want to say it, but you had missed him just as much. And you’d went chasing after buses every day too, and you tell him that with the way you look up at him and he gets it by the way he looks adoringly at you.

“By the way, the thing under the sheet was a dog.” He says, referring to the video you had first shown him the day you had first gotten the bus together, and that makes you laugh before you begin to argue with him once again.

“No, it’s a k–” You begin, but your stopped as he brings his face closer to yours, tilting his head to the right and pressing his lips against yours. You let your eyes close, laughter filling your chest as you kiss him before forcing yourself to stop so you could laugh and look at the grin on his face.

“You chased all those buses just for a kiss?” You say, trying to restrain the pink pigment from your cheeks as you smile, raising your eye brows in response to his cocky smile which quickly softened and washed away into a gentle, smitten, smirk.

“And I’d do it all again for another one.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t have to.”

Marco D. shares his desk.

This is my writing/blogging workstation. My iPad is my main home computer, and I use it for everything, from surfing the net, to photo and video editing.

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  • Apple Wireless Keyboard 2011 Model & Apple Remote

Introducing, The dodocool 2-in-1 cable.

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