• Lance: What's up with you?
  • Keith: I spent three and a half hours arguing with my iPod shuffle.
  • Lance: You...you have an iPod shuffle?
  • Keith: What? Got a problem with that?
  • Lance: No I just thought you had a tape recorder or a record player, this is actually a bit relieving.

As promised, I was gonna work on Vanguard versions of the Destiny iPod posters. I’ll probably even re-do the vex one digitally too, since a lot of people seem to like it.
But it’ll be a bit before I get started on the rest. For now, I just wanted to see the result of how they’d turn out. Inktober and the comic take priority.
Top one is for phones, bottom one is 1920x1200 Widescreen.

215. After the war was over muggleborns felt that they could express themselves more at Hogwarts and in the wizarding world in general, before long purebloods were seen carrying around mobile phones because “I guess it’s kinda easier than using an owl” and wizarding kids would be standing around humming the latest muggle tunes, while parents saved up to buy them an IPod for their birthday.

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