IPOC Spaces Will Be at Fierce Fest!

This is an open invitation to all Fierce! Indigenous and People of Color!
Indigenous and People of Color(IPOC)-Only spaces will be available during Fierce Fest! This time will be available for folks to mingle, build solidarity between each other, find retreat from the everyday racism we experience, and share art/music/poetry/other forms of badassery free from the white gaze.
There will also be optional facilitated discussion to explore questions such as:
- How can we support each other throughout the festival?
- What do we, as people of color, need to stay safe during Fierce Fest and more generally in majority white queer/feminist punk spaces?

The first IPOC space will occur prior to the festival on Thursday, October 2nd from 4pm to 6pm at WECU Education Center (511 East Holly Street, Bellingham). Parking is available on the street or the Shangri-La building at 611 East Holly.
The second IPOC space will be held in the Old Foundry on Sunday, October 5th from 12:30 to 2 in one of the back workshop rooms (TBA). Contact Ro for any questions: ro.sigle7@gmail.com

We ask that no fragrances be worn to these events and that all people attend sober.
There will be no identity policing at this event. If you are white, please hold yourself accountable and do not enter these spaces. If you would like resources on why these spaces are necessary, please consult the following resources:

A Vigil for Naverone Woods

Remembering Nav: Honouring his Life, Questioning his Death

Saturday, Feb 28, 4:30-6-00pm
Surrey Central Sky Train Station

With Nav’s family members, community and you.

Naverone Christian Landon Woods was a young 23 year old Gitxsan man who was fatally shot by transit police on Dec 28, 2014. His family describes him as “truly a gentle spirit” who “was respectful to all he came into contact with.” Nav had a special bond with his family and “brought happiness and laughter wherever he went.”

His death at the hands of police was profoundly tragic. It was also incredibly troubling; raising many questions about the use of deadly force by police, the role of armed transit police on our public transit system, and the broader dynamics of racism and colonial violence.

At this vigil for Nav, we are honouring his life as we hear from his family and friends who knew him. All of us are disturbed by his fatal shooting and want to raise important questions about justice, dignity and equality that his killing by Transit police forces us to consider.


hey guys hey guys~ guess who is doing a new doujinshi /o/!!!! and this is the new logooooo askdshjdasjdsdashldhaskdjasdklajlsdasj

ok ok, it’ll be a south park doujin, I’ll do it because a college friend encouraged me to do it /o/ it is the WHOLE story of the ‘nerd’ group from the Sp Rpg Spanish and the characters were roleplayed by:

  • Kenny McCormic, Emily Kendrik and William Koiv - KevillPandah (me :U)
  • Craig Tucker and Kevin Stoley - Chocobollo (choco <3)
  • Stan Marsh and Clyde Donovan - MelodyMusicGirl (Anii)
  • Kyle Broflovski - Steffanny (steff)
  • Mark Cotswolds - orugosa (Oru)
  • Rebecca Cotswolds and Tweek Tweak - ilsezam (Ilse)

and yep… I think these are the main… we didn’t have Cartman so I’ll integrate him to the story or at least try it xD! because I have some ideas for him~~

except some drawings related to this doujinshi soon!!! and I’ll tag it as… ahm… ipoc (?)