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Sit, Heel, Attack: The Sport of Schutzhund

A short interview with Taunya Ruffin on Schutzhund (IPO) by a local news station (KLST Channel 8 San Angelo, TX). The piece is very basic and is focused on informing the general public that Schutzhund dogs are well-trained and safe to be around. It’s perplexing to me how much debate on Facebook this ~two minute clip has generated (eg. see the IPO Training group post from 28 Oct. 2014). Perhaps I have very poor critical thinking skills but I didn’t view the video as being detrimental to the sport.

GSDs in the clip:

V Italo zet Eurosportu SVV2, IPO3, SchH 1, Kkl 1
V1 CAC, CACIB, P1 Samer z Kurimskeho haje ZVV2

anonymous asked:

Do you maybe have a few tips in regards to competition heeling? Not how to start teaching it but things that are good to know or whatever, hope you understand :p thanks~

Hmmm… Here’s a (rather exhaustive) bulletpoint list of a few things I like to keep in mind with my dog, bear in mind he already knows the behaviour by now and this is mostly polishing technique.

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In IPO, each  grip  should  be  full  and calm, because this type of grip is  the most controlling, and reflects the temperament and strong nerves  of the dog. The purpose of the grip is to control and subdue the “bad guy”, not to ‘attack’, injure, or maim  him. Additionally, the calm  grip  indicates confidence and  strong  nerves, and is tested during the  stick hits. Here, a weaker dog will lose its composure under  stress,  and  may shift, weaken, or even release its grip. A strong dog is unfazed.
—  “IPO Protection Work“. United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USCA) (May 2015).

It’s Alibaba IPO day, and the crowds are already gathering outside the New York Stock Exchange for what will be the largest IPO ever in the U.S. 

Founder Jack Ma made an appearance with Alibaba executives before heading inside for the big day.

All day, follow our Alibaba LIVE BLOG for all the latest news from the NYSE. 

Fitbit Winning New Fans; Stock Doubles Following June IPO

Fitbit Winning New Fans; Stock Doubles Following June IPO

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) – Fitbit’s (FIT) bandwagon is continuing to grow.

A research note from Baird says sales estimates could be on the conservative side, and the analyst expects strong momentum to continue to lift the stock higher, which has already doubled since its IPO was priced at $20 in June.

Baird gives the San Francisco startup an Outperform rating, and a price target well above the…

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Not only have we failed to promote the test of Schutzhund, but we haven’t even managed to preserve it. The fundamentals of the past, courage and hardness, are rarely considered in IPO today. The focus is all on procedure and points – everyone wants to win a big event, even if that means sacrificing those fundamentals to create a competitive dog. Because of this, to me the average IPO III title doesn’t carry the weight it used to. Twenty years ago, if a dog achieved Schutzhund III, you could trust that it was a quality dog. At that time, the helpers had a real stick and a real sense of testing the dogs. As competitors, we hoped for judges and helpers that would separate the strong from the weak. The goal was to have a dog that was obviously tough and full of fight. The points were little more than an afterthought.
—  Brian Harvey. “Preserving the Fundamentals of Schutzhund”, PronouncedK9 (11 December 2014).

Empire Enterprises Files For IPO.

Stock debuts at $17 a share

When Lucious Lyon started Empire as a record label, he never dreamed it would grow to be as prosperous as it has. Under his guidance – and with the care and commitment of the entire Lyon family – Empire Enterprises has become a diverse and multifaceted corporation.

Now this family business is opening its doors and offering everyone the opportunity to share in Mr. Lyon’s dream. Starting today, the corporation is a publicly traded entity on the New York Stock Exchange. Mr. Lyon, accompanied by sons, Andre, Hakeem, and newly appointed Vice Chairman Jamal, was on hand this morning to ring the opening bell on the trading floor.

Empire Enterprises debuted at $17 a share, 5 points (41.26%) higher than the initial 12 dollar projection. As Cookie Lyon promised investors, “Empire is more than one man’s dream. It’s a dream come true.”

Alibaba IPO: Here are all the US companies it takes to make Alibaba

China-based e-commerce giant Alibaba is preparing for an IPO. The company is expected to raise more than $15 billion in its initial offering, and it could even top the $16 billion Facebook racked up back in 2012, making it the largest technology sector IPO of all time. Alibaba is often referred to as “the Amazon of China” but the truth is that Alibaba’s reach stretches much, much further than Amazon’s. In fact you might be shocked at how many huge well-known Western companies it would take to cover all of the industries Alibaba spans.

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