ipm models


Little #throwbackthursdaypost for you all. I Wanna talk about my judging experience both online and for IPMS. For the past two years we have a done a handful of local contests at Hangar 18. Everything from generic builds to themed contests. We have a wonderful community of experienced builders. One of the those being @artoftimmullins who I have learned so much from when it comes to judging scale models. For my first IPMS event I was invited to judge the Gundam Category and work with a head judge as a mentor. The head judge I worked with normally judged Sci-Fi and other sister categories, so I learned a lot about those categories as well.

It can be IPMS or SCGMC. All scale modeling contests SHOULD have the same first major thing you look at. Basics. Did you do your basics? At the heart of weathering, painting, basing, airbrushing, and scratch-building come the basics. Practice and master the basics before you pick up that paint!

With all that being said I am hoping to make it out to IPMS Nationals this year as I have been invited to be a judge for the Gundam Category! If I can’t make it this year I will be attending next year no questions asked. If you are interested in becoming a judge for your local IPMS chapter shoot me a message or email. Enjoy the hobby for yourself