ipm models


At our most recent meet up I had the pleasure of speaking with Tim M who is a local scale modeler that does a bit of everything. He brought his 1/24 scale custom car that he did. The weathering on this thing is simply amazing. I was in pure awe when looking at this and just had so many questions about it. 

We had a good hour or so long conversation talking about techniques that are used for car and military scale modeling to even the IPMS competition scene and some of the contests he has been too. Learning so much about weathering and the hobby overall was a pure joy. Most of my current builds have been weathered and while I want to do some nice clean builds, builds like this get me really excited to see and are such an inspiration to start building more. 

We should really look outside the “genre” of Gunpla and take some notes from some of the sci-fi, horror, car and military modelers. There are so many techniques that we can apply to the kits that we make that could really expand our skills and imagination. I hope you all enjoy these images of this insane build and you keep trying new stuff with your builds! 

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This has been my project for the past month. We had a friend over that helped with organizing our living room. So with that came redoing my build/stream/video/thespotidoallmygunplashit area. With my last setup one desk was just being used to hold three things in the corner. Now I have a building desk (desk on the left with the pegboard) and a painting desk (on the right with spray booth). I am super stoked to have more room both for building and painting but also in my living room. Now that this is completed I can finally start working on some kits and streaming more. I am editing THECUTTINGMAT EP 2 right now so that will be uploaded soon! 

Thank you all for the support!