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‘James Delaney has seemingly lost everything but, when he suffers a devastating #betrayal, he realises even his freedom is in jeopardy. Armed with the opportunity they have been longing for, the Crown and Company conspire to bring him down once and for all’. (synopsis via @bbcone)

Written by Steven Knight; directed by Anders Engström.
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Carnage is a mockumentary set in a post-meat Britain, where the whole nation has turned vegan. It is an extremely clever film which is in turns profound, hilarious and disturbing. The film is well acted and Simon Amstell himself narrates it masterfully, managing to make society as it is today sound foreign and pointing out the absurdity of our way of thinking and eating. He isn’t afraid to poke fun at the vegan community at the same time  as helping us all reflect on what carnism is and what a vegan society might look like. The film does contain some short graphic scenes, but I honestly cannot recommend it enough. Simon Amstell: Carnage is currently streaming on iPlayer and Vimeo. 


This guy’s 81 and he takes care of his wife who suffers from dementia. All the other couples on the show talked about moving on and getting divorced, but this guy manned up and proved how deep his love really was and I have so much respect for that. Would you do the same for your wife/gf? Doubt it. 

They showed pictures of them in their younger days, and she seemed like a really cool person; and despite the illness making her lost and confused a lot of the time, she still managed to keep hold of a lot of her personality which was so funny and endearing. I don’t even know, this is real life Notebook shit and the cutest (if saddest) thing I’ve seen in a while. 


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Do the recorded performances the Globe put out tend to be good? I adore Samantha Spiro and saw she was in the Macbeth that was filmed- but I'm reluctant about shipping across the ocean if it's not good.

It really kind of depends on the production and your individual opinion. The video production quality is always good if that’s what you’re asking, but as for the quality of performance, that really varies from play to play and will also vary based on personal preference. I did not get to see this version of Macbeth. Some people loved it, some didn’t. That’s the most I can tell you.

Jesse: *while he clutches his pink pony* I don’t LIKE girls toys, I like BOYS toys
Me: there’s no such thing as boys and girls toys Jesse, all toys are for everyone
Jesse: *indignantly* NO all toys are for ME [he thinks I’m trying to get him to share]
Me: Umm well yeah, I suppose you can play with any type of toy if you like…out of interest, what toys do you think are girls toys?
Jesse: girls like spooky scary toys, I get scared because of the ghosts


Read a review of Carnage right before, and I’m afraind that Martin could appear at a very few scenes in the film. 


the article said ‘ Martin Freeman makes a cameo in Carnage as the star of a hit drama that sparks a discussion on meat ‘ That means, it could be possible that the scene we saw at the introduce video is all. I hope I am wrong.