ipkknd fandom

The feelings of a disgruntled IPKKND FAN
  • Pagalia: I wanna just slap everyone OMG! Arnav, Khushi, Fandom, Myself.
  • Titaliya: This is how I would rank it:
  • 1. Slap the fandom... because some of them are being really, really immature
  • 2. Slap myself... because I am actually reading stupid posts
  • 3. Slap Khushi & Arnav... cause they are not sitting down like sensible adults and sorting out their issues LOL
  • Pagalia: They should employ me for thappad marring, I would enjoy my job so much :D
  • Titaliya: Take all your anger out!
My Dear IPKKND Fandom/Followers:

OK I know I am just paranoid 

BUT IF SOMETHING HAPPENS tomorrow and somehow I end up losing all of you….. which would be just really sad D: ..I want ALL of you know that uhmm even though you guys don’t talk to me,  I love each and every one of you, ok? <3 

P.S I really appreciate that you all accpeted the weird/crazy person myself ( Well I hope you did o.o)

OMFG I am really gonna feel helpless tomorrow without tumblr D:

IPKKND is ending. Fine. But what will happen to the fandom?
  • Will it just fall apart? 
  • will the themes and the blogs change? 
  • what about all the IPKKND URLs? 
  • Will we never speak to eachother
  • Will we just see each other on our dashboards and do nothing but smile with sweet memories?

if these things happen, I want you all to know that you are wonderful talented people with lots of taste when it comes to TV ;)

Love forever,

Isha xxxxx

  • Telling a friend about Barun, Sanaya, the IPKKND tumblr fandom, and how awesome IPKKND is in general...
  • Friend: You are seriously crazy, you know that? You are totally obsessed with this show!
  • Me: KOI SHAK? =D
  • Thats right IPKKND will never be forgotten! <3
  • -T
Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali!

Hello all you awesome people, Happy Diwali! And may this new year bring with it lots of joy and happiness in all your lives. 

As for Barun’s interview. Well we have finally got the deceleration that we asked for. He, himself, has come out and told us the reasons for why he is quitting the show.

Gul is not to blame!! Everyone needs to stop calling her a bitch, from the looks of it she is actually a genuinely nice soul.

And to tell you all the truth deep down i have FINALLY come to terms with it. He is right you know, we should all do what our heart tell us to do. He did what his heart told him to do, can we seriously blame him for leaving cause he wanted to spend some time with his wife.. I mean seriously their honeymoon is long over due. And Pashmeen, hats off to you girl, you are very understanding and mature about his work. 

So I take this moment to wish him the best for the future. And also Thank you to the ENTIRE team of IPKKND and the IPKKND fandom for every little bit of happiness that they have brought to me in this past year! 

Don’t get all sad and depressed you guys! He isn’t gone yet, enjoy the last few episodes we have with him. Why let the saddness of the future affect our currently happy present? 

Happy Diwali and a have a wonderful new year everyone!